Review of Nok Air flight Bangkok Nan in Economy

Airline Nok Air
Flight DD8826
Class Economy
Seat 35D
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 12 Feb 19, 17:50
Arrival at 12 Feb 19, 18:55
DD 25 reviews
By 609
Published on 17th May 2019

Hi guys. Welcome to my 3rd report on Flight-Report. But first, please check out my trip report with Nok Air from Bangkok to Nan with Bombardier Dash 8 Q400. This video is more detailed and has more exciting things there, so I hope you guys will check out, like the video and support to my channel by subscribe Vinavia on YouTube :D

Here is the script report.

My flight started at Terminal 2, Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok.

photo screenshot_20190517_194912photo screenshot_20190517_194925

I would fly on flight DD8826 to Nan, the lovely province in Northern Thailand with plentiful of interesting places. Speak a bit about this flight. Nok Air had stopped operating flights between Bangkok to Nan since April 18, 2019. This flight was made on February, 2 months before the termination. I was quite sad when I knew that news.

photo screenshot_20190517_194936

Nok Air's check-in area

photo screenshot_20190517_194947

Because I already did online check-in so at the airport, I went to the web check-in counter to get my paper boarding pass.

photo screenshot_20190517_195005

After I got my paper boarding pass, time for me to head to the security check.

photo screenshot_20190517_195018

And I made it to the airside. The security check process was not so long, even though there were many passengers at that area back then.

photo screenshot_20190517_195036

On the way to gate.

photo screenshot_20190517_195112photo screenshot_20190517_195101

The gate for this flight was gate 73, which is the bus gate. That means I would board on the plane by the bus.

photo screenshot_20190517_195125

After sitting and waiting about 15 minutes, boarding was called, and I got on the bus in order to get to the aircraft.

photo screenshot_20190517_195137

The ride was quite far. And finally, 10 minutes later, I arrived the place where the aircraft parked. The registration of this Q400 is HS-DQB, and its name is "Nok Kao Neaw", and it was 4.8 years old. This was my 1st time flying Q400 so I really excited to fly this plane :D

photo img_20190212_171743

My seat on this flight was 35D, which actually located at the 6th row of the cabin. Weird numbering, right?

photo screenshot_20190517_195150

Legroom was actually quite nice and decent for me.


photo screenshot_20190517_195302photo img_20190212_175354

On the seat pocket, we had: a sickness bag, a sefety card, a Nok Air's inflight magazine called JIBjib, and a menu.

photo screenshot_20190517_195357

Shortly after take-off, small bottles of water were distributed.

photo screenshot_20190517_195407

Even though, Nok Air ia a budget airline, they still provide complimentary water on their flights. What a really nice touch :D

photo screenshot_20190517_195416

After small bottles of water were distributed, buy-on-board service was begun.

photo screenshot_20190517_195515

I bought a mango juice pouch, which wasn't on the menu, and it costed me 50 baht (which about $1,5). Quite cheap actually!

photo screenshot_20190517_195529

After buy-on-board service was over, I enjoyed the sunset view from the window.

photo img_20190212_181705photo screenshot_20190517_195604

The sky was getting dark very fast, and 20 minutes later, the plane was descended and ready to land.

photo screenshot_20190517_195616photo img_20190212_185010

After about 1 hour flying, the aircraft finally landed at Nan Nakhon Airport.

photo screenshot_20190517_195802photo screenshot_20190517_195817

Time to disembark, and I made a last look to the aircraft for this flight.

photo screenshot_20190517_195832

And welcome to Nan Nakhon Airport. The airport was amazed me at how gorgeous this small airport is. 

photo screenshot_20190517_195848photo screenshot_20190517_195913photo screenshot_20190517_195943
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Nok Air

Cabin crew9.0

Bangkok - DMK


Nan - NNT



It was an amazing flight. The check-in process was smooth, I had no difficulty at all; the crews were really friendly and helpful; the inflight service was really great for this short domestic flight, especially at providing free water for passengers; and the flight departed on time. Overall, nothing to complain about this flight, and I would love to fly with Nok Air again. But one sad thing is that Nok Air no longer operates flights between Bangkok and Nan.



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