Review of China Southern flight Guangzhou Tokyo in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ 385
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 31 Oct 10, 10:10
Arrival at 31 Oct 10, 15:20
CZ 133 reviews
By 4509
Published on 1st August 2011
Here is the next leg of my trip following the SYX-CAN. The airport of Guangzhou is enormous and domestic flights arrive on one side and international flight depart from the other, so you have to leave the domestic terminal and walk a very long tunnel to get to the International part.
I was a little lost because I couldn't find the CZ check-in counters. I went to request to buy an upgrade to Business class as I was getting tired as I had spent such little time in SYX and I was already on a plane flying home.
After buying my upgrade for 300€ I went to the lounge after going through security and immigration.

The lounge was really disappointing, small, very small and looked more like the lounge of a foreign airline rather than the resident airline. CAN is the CZ hub and you expect a huge and amazing lounge !

When I arrived on board the Boeing 777-200ER registered B-2062, I was greeted by the japanese cabin attendant who was going to look after me on this flight. Business Class was empty, we were only 5 in Business that day.

The japanese cabin attendant serving customers from the bar during boarding.
photo P1010531
photo P1010532

A glass of water as a welcome drink.
photo P1010533

Our cabin attendant welcoming passengers, she will hand a pair of slippers to each of us and will take our food and drink order.
photo P1010534

Row of seats in Business Class.
photo P1010535

Departure towards the runway, we will go by one of China Southern SkyTEAM aircraft.
photo P1010536
photo P1010538

Eva Air in CAN
photo P1010537

A lot of room for my legs !
photo P1010539

The screen with our route.
photo P1010540
photo P1010542
photo P1010543

Each passenger in Business Class will get a portable screen. A small selection of movies with strangely enough a lot of movies in french ! I actually tried to watch Lucky Luke but I fell asleep rapidly after the meal was over.
photo P1010544

For the pre meal drinks I went with a cola, I can't remember if it was a Coke or a Pepsi. My drink was brought to me with mixed salted nuts.
photo P1010545

The meal was served shortly after. I was copious and of good quality.
photo P1010548

The main course was brought to me as soon as my starter was finished and the main was delicious !
photo P1010550

After my tray was cleared I fell asleep and I woke up during the descent to Narita.

Narita Airport.
photo P1010551
photo P1010552

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The thing I will remember from this flight is how kind and available the japanese cabin attendant was. An excellent cabin attendant, Bravo China Southern Airlines !



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  • Comment 3092 by
    marathon BRONZE 9876 Comments
    L\'avant de la cabine donne l\'impression d\'offrir beaucoup d\'espace libre.
    L\'IFE affiche la carte en chinois et en anglais, mais est-ce qu\'elle apparaissait aussi en japonais ? (je suppose que non)
    Les photos d\'IFE en chinois m\'intriguent beaucoup, car il y a un mélange d\'idéogrammes simplifiés (en usage en Chine populaire) et traditionnels (en usage notamment à HK et Taiwan). Comparez par exemple dans la dernière photo l\'idéogramme de droite de chaque ligne : c\'est le même, mais le dernier est traditionnel, les autres sont simplifiés. De même, Philippines et Manille sont en traditionnel, mais Tokyo en simplifié.
    Merci pour ce FR!
  • Comment 3101 by
    Damss974 1810 Comments
    Merci pour ce FR !
  • Comment 3105 by
    stormymen 363 Comments
    Les toilettes juste à côté des sièges ça fait pas très classe !
  • Comment 3108 by
    Hcl75 1542 Comments
    @ouréa : je mise sur 4-5h pour la durée du vol. 300e est relativement raisonnable pour un surclassement je trouve, surtout pour un produit qui a vraiment l\'air d\'une bonne qualité (je suis surpris).

    @Storymen : oui c\'est vrai, mais je trouve que le bar à l\'avant est une excellent chose ! Je ne sais pas trop ce qui se fait à l\'avant des J sur les compagnies sans classe P, mais la décoration et tout l\'ensemble est, je trouve -encore-, pas mal du tout.

    Merci pour le FR !
  • Comment 3111 by
    stormymen 363 Comments
    @Hcl75 : tout à fait d\'accord avec vous, le bar fait vraiment bien et l\'ambiance semble bien agréable ;-)
  • Comment 3112 by
    Grosnavion 574 Comments
    Sympa, un \pitch\ ( comme on dit ici je crois :-) ) énorme mais je rejoins stormymen, l\'accès direct aux toilettes depuis la cabine n\'est vraiment pas sympa ! C\'est à se retenir durant tout le vol LOL
  • Comment 3125 by
    Thomas TEAM 463 Comments
    D\'accord avec l\'effet du bar, on à vraiment l\'impression d\'avoir le personnel à disposition et présent en permanence.
    Le plat de résistance est très copieux en effet !
  • Comment 3126 by
    Thomas TEAM 463 Comments
    Et j'oubliai, merci pour ton fr ! :)
  • Comment 3135 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5391 Comments
    Opup pour 300? seulement, ça semble intéressant vu la distance, catering et service sympa par contre le hard product fait dépassé que cela soit le siège ou l\'IFE, car le lecteur portable ça fait cheap.

    Merci beaucoup pour ce FR.
  • Comment 3239 by
    TheLuc 1622 Comments
    Merci pour ce FR!!!

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