Review of Thai Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 404
Class Economy
Seat 56K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:01
Take-off 18 May 19, 12:31
Arrival at 18 May 19, 13:32
TG   #9 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 360 reviews
By GOLD 1238
Published on 29th May 2019

It was time to fly again over the recent long weekend holidays, and it was another 'pilgrimage' trip for great thai food in the Land of Smiles. Flights to and fro were booked on Thai Airways, which offered reasonable fares for the long weekend period. TG operates 5x daily on the SIN-BKK route, and 2 of the flights are flown on their brand new A350 aircraft, which would be the aircraft I am flying on both legs.

TG's check-in counters at Changi opens 2.5hrs before flight, and I was there rather early as I wanted to check out the new Jewel in Changi. Among the first to check-in and received the colourful boarding pass.

photo 47120015394_ef774c29ed_bphoto 47909366891_36d848169b_b

The new Jewel shopping complex is attached to Terminal One, and it was actually my first visit to the new attraction, though I stayed rather near the airport. Amid all the hoohas, it offered an instagrammable setting with lush greenery and world's tallest indoor waterfall. Other than that, it was the usual shopping, eateries and entertainment outlets found in many other shopping complexes, though some are exclusive to Jewel only at the moment. Wonder how long the hype will last.

photo 47909367851_b2c43b1eb8_bphoto 47909367771_6336390545_bphoto 47909367671_b1421f0a94_b

Left Jewel and headed through immigration into the Departure in search of some food. Spotted QR's A350-1000.

photo 47120015034_a1757e6429_b

Decided to head to the Dnata lounge to check it out. The lounge is used by a few airlines, mainly SkyTeam airlines and airlines with no alliances. Entry is also available to membership holders, including Priority Pass. As it was the lull period, the lounge was actually pretty quiet.

photo 47857373142_f19392a441_bphoto 47120014894_dbf9e6db24_bphoto 47857373952_49457c4cf4_b

Coffee/tea and bar area.

photo 47909367201_2ecc40e4f1_bphoto 47909367161_fe1aa5a085_bphoto 47909366271_f38c4ac15c_b

Dining area. The dining options were not too exciting at this time of the day.

Only grabbed a light bite from the buffet.

photo 47909366201_a9cd1d4156_b

Headed to the gate, which was at the far end of the terminal.

photo 47909366071_703abdc62e_b

The gate area is comfortable and cosy.

photo 47909365981_a49b7c8c6a_b

Our A350 being prepped.

photo 47909365821_245bf9c9f5_b

SQ's A350ULR resting on the tarmac.

photo 47909365691_65b45ca4d0_b

Busy taxiway.

photo 47120013754_dff12d2276_b

18 May 2019
Thai Airways
TG 404
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H01M

Boarding was called.

photo 46993283025_6f9873d323_b

Heading to the beautiful A350 aircraft.

photo 47909365491_c092e2cb45_bphoto 47909365431_fb7c7c7999_b

Welcomed by two beautiful Thai cabin crew at the door.

photo 47909365231_70b2a2ccb3_b

Turned left into the economy cabin. Seat designs were modern and beautiful. On each seat was a pillow. Blankets were available upon request as well.

Beautiful A350 swept winglet.

photo 47909364851_2293e9e9d9_b

Each seat had a huge IFE touchscreen monitor with remote control. Under the monitor was a USB port and a headphone jack. The seat was also fitted with a footrest. Power sockets were available under the seat. Legroom was decent.

photo 46993281975_56fa89b11a_b

Pillow, blanket and headphones.

photo 47909364771_4f7805e205_b

Reading materials.

photo 47120012974_d9460c4669_b

Despite the full flight, boarding was completed very efficiently, and doors were closed well ahead of schedule. Safety video was shown, and it was the new TG fantasy-themed safety video.

photo 47120012864_718f138890_bphoto 47120012814_b723c550a4_b

Starting the short taxi to the runway.

photo 47120012594_dacdefc7d1_b

Loved the camera view!

photo 47909364461_f7890b4228_bphoto 47120012474_2145afc1df_b

It was only a short taxi to the runway and after holding for a few departures ahead, we took off from Rwy20C.

For some reason, flight map information was unavailable.

photo 47857370212_0f8fd4f50d_b

Climbing above the clouds.

photo 47857370102_dc46067fae_bphoto 40942748453_a94d6e3e9f_b

The IFE selection were updated with new movies. More than sufficient selection for this short flight. I chose the comedy, Dumplin.

photo 47120011904_5bec76d73e_bphoto 47857369662_071df90272_b

Meal service started shortly after.

photo 47120011714_7a5df81b78_b

Meal and beverages selection were available in the IFE system. The meal selection was similar to what I had a year ago on the same flight. Not sure of how TG rotates their menus.

photo 40942748903_2c73c25c87_bphoto 47909363921_35d37231df_bphoto 46993281295_95f4f63297_b

Meal tray served. They ran out of the Snapper choice, so went for the Curry chicken with Nasi Goreng. The tray came with a side salad with dressing, warm bun with butter, banana crumble dessert, plastic cutlery and a bottle of drinking water.

photo 47857369582_4d99b86fdf_bphoto 47857369542_aef04fdde6_b

Salad was fresh and crunchy. Banana crumble was a tad dry for my liking.

photo 47909362501_710f4c8805_b

The main course was flavourful and very tasty.

photo 40942748233_8318e65b32_b

Continuing with my movie

photo 46993279585_6423f277bf_b

After the meal trays were distributed, the crew came down the aisle with the beverage cart, offering coffee/tea and other beverages. Wines were offered earlier with the meal distribution. Unlike previously flights on TG, it seems that TG has done away with displaying the full bar selection on the cart top, instead they just had the common wines/coffee/tea/juice/coke on display, aka SQ-style. I had a cup of diet coke.

photo 40942747913_3708dd976d_bphoto 47857368722_acf539a716_b

Meals cleared and it was 30min till we started the descent into BKK. An arrival video was shown.

photo 47909361301_a066eec575_b

Descending and flying pass the airport.
Making a turn to finals.

photo 47909361041_02cf6c09f9_bphoto 46993278395_e71e285bfe_b

Gears down.

photo 46993278085_a637e43ed1_bphoto 46993278035_0cd114f793_b

Landing on Rwy19R.

photo 40942747373_3b33fbb736_bphoto 47857367732_abd6f460f1_bphoto 46993277865_c7275ab7e3_b

Taxied to the gate.

photo 46993277775_29ec60cc40_bphoto 46993279245_6b10746b95_bphoto 47857368522_75e8b35f2d_b


photo 46993279085_464f59740d_bphoto 40942747763_a677787801_b

On this trip, I stayed at The Lancaster Bangkok, which is near the Makassan station of the airport rail. The hotel is quite new, with well furnished and very comfortable rooms, as well as modern appliances.

photo 47909360241_96c238e7be_bphoto 46993277445_41b09ff406_bphoto 46993277385_8f9b145d3d_b

There is a rooftop swimming pool.

photo 46993276765_4189930579_b

Makassan train station ahead.

photo 47857366892_19b89b0e24_b

Dinner was at Somboon Seafood at the Centralworld branch.

photo 47909359991_2dcb39be14_bphoto 47857367302_39115d1db7_bphoto 46993277215_2c4478c90f_b

Dessert at After You.

photo 46993277125_9438e9a28a_b

Lancaster Hotel offers a respectable breakfast buffet.

photo 47857367202_a532f39a09_bphoto 46993277025_fffba5e7e2_bphoto 47909359621_79618cd57a_b

Visit to Chatuchak on a cloudless warm day.

photo 47857366682_c1e24a35d5_b

Lunch at OrTorKor Market.

photo 47909359281_cb6dd5f6a5_b

To Erawan Shrine for some prayers on Vesak day.

photo 46993276455_e6a956edf7_bphoto 46993276425_c77110e0b4_b

Some pretty good fusion cuisine at White Flower Factory.

photo 47952061147_2aed5043d2_b

However the café/restaurant is still famous for its wonderful selection of cakes, especially the coconut cake!

photo 47952061252_570c2ff5e5_bphoto 47952105591_faea9efc4e_b

Hotel breakfast

photo 47952079633_065d7d2f3b_b

Visit to the new icon of Bangkok, Icon Siam shopping mall.

photo 47952078758_64d82799b4_bphoto 47952060482_e4d769bfe1_b

At the lower level, there is a 'floating market' offering all sorts of local thai food.

The upper floors are just like any other shopping mall. There is a nice view of the river from the upper floor.

photo 47952105076_b6beabedb3_bphoto 47952104841_c82abc3e54_b

Lunch at a popular roast meat place near Saphat Taksin.

photo 47952104556_2becf1c551_b

And a delicious dinner at Saengchai Phochana restaurant at Thonglor.

photo 47952059942_f818f58ed0_bphoto 47952060087_653aa7e3c6_bphoto 47952078528_bd1ed11000_b

Famous mango sticky rice.

photo 47952104251_5746cd5db0_b
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



It was a full but pleasant and smooth flight on Thai, with efficient service, good catering and a great hard product for this short flight. A very satisfactory flight.

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