Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 409
Class Economy
Seat 59K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 01:52
Take-off 21 May 19, 16:41
Arrival at 21 May 19, 19:33
TG 373 reviews
By 1163
Published on 1st June 2019
On the departure day, took the Airport Rail back to the airport. Spotted SQ's albino A330 landing as SQ974.

photo 47952104201_aaa96eeb8a_b

Checked in at the TG counters with no queues.

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However it was a different story at immigration with a 30min wait at least to clear. Decided to visit the new Turkish Airlines Lounge.

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photo 47952078053_2a31748965_b

The lounge is clean and modern, but very empty as the TK departures were later in the evening.

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Buffet selection includes some hot food, salads, sandwiches and cakes, hot and cold beverages (including Turkish coffee), an a mini live pide station. Selection is good for a priority pass lounge, but pales in comparison to the neighbouring SQ Silver Kris Lounge.

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Heading to the departure gate, which was quite a walk away from the lounge.

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21 May 2019
Thai Airways
TG 409
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H53M

Boarding has already commenced at the gate. TG's 1st A350 aircraft would be operating the flight to SIN.

photo 47952077113_0c0ea458ea_b

photo 47952058432_1ba04e9c36_b

Economy bulkhead

photo 47952102986_6294ff6079_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 47952102926_0497065848_b

Out the window with the Star Alliance queen beside.

photo 47952076983_d20a88d428_b

Boarding completed and safety video played.

photo 47952076893_ac0a09af09_b

Another sister A350 pushed back for Dubai.

photo 47952076838_8e72c40069_b

Firing up the IFE system.

photo 47952058042_6c3491d046_b

photo 47952075533_77e53dcacb_b

Pushed back and taxied to the runway.

photo 47952076683_105e4ebccd_b

photo 47952102576_17e775dfa6_b

photo 47952102416_e9e54d5e37_b

Departure from Rwy19L.

photo 47952076383_e2abb538fd_b

photo 47952102356_f533892b2e_b

photo 47952102321_0830e4f7e9_b

photo 47952057662_ba2b8d2cb6_b

Meal serviced commenced.

photo 47952102151_94dd1d98e7_b

Menu for the flight. There was a choice of Chicken with fried egg and rice, or Snapper with fried rice.

photo 47952057887_6efab93981_b

Meal tray, which came with a tuna salad, warm roll and butter, bottle of water and a dessert.

photo 47952102076_95eee3ce53_b

photo 47952102006_40d816a490_b

Not a fan of the tuna salad as I don't like capsicums.

photo 47952076003_3f3ac890d9_b

Both main courses were very good, though the chicken can be a bit spicy for some.

photo 47952101826_09a412e7f6_b

photo 47952101741_19f4f08a22_b

Enjoying the dessert with movie.

photo 47952101636_59c7029cc6_b

Flight map

photo 47952075713_bdc78d5635_b

photo 47952056957_7b5fe6d3d8_b

Nice cabin ambience

photo 47952056912_e4621dfbd3_b

Descending into Changi

photo 47952101331_1265ed56b4_b

photo 47952075443_7bc3ff1b40_b

photo 47952075368_ed03c56ee4_b

photo 47952101136_cb055feb28_b

photo 47952101036_60a3f49aa4_b

Landing on Rwy20R slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 47952075148_07be036fbf_b

Parked at the gate and disembarked. Took a peek of the Business Class cabin.

photo 47952056442_4c56a2ac8d_b

photo 47952100861_0665963378_b

photo 47952056277_4b8a99d232_b
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



Again, it was a very comfortable short flight on Thai Airways.

Information on the route Bangkok (BKK) Singapore (SIN)


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