Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Seoul in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 608
Class Economy
Seat 41J
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 05:56
Take-off 05 Jun 19, 00:32
Arrival at 05 Jun 19, 07:28
SQ   #3 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 2748
Published on 17th June 2019
Since my last trip to Seoul 1.5yrs ago in winter, I decided to pay a visit again over the recent holidays, just before the searing heat of summer hits Seoul. Flight up was on SQ economy, and back on TG and SQ Business Classes via Bangkok.

Checked in at Terminal 3 self check-in kiosks and boarding pass printed.

photo 48071461117_b5bf8423c1_b

photo 48071404298_f3404f42f7_b

Paid a visit to the brand new Marhaba Lounge at Terminal 3. The lounge has replaced the old Dnata Lounge (which is currently closed), and is used by some airlines as well as available for Priority Pass and other lounge cards holders.

photo 48071404543_a8352def02_b

As expected, the lounge facilities are very new and clean. It was not busy as well, with plenty of seating available. Toilets, equipped with showers, look beautiful too.

photo 48071460677_498e435df4_b

photo 48071404148_387bfaf818_b

photo 48071460757_2b2fe65a2e_b

photo 48071460947_71c795f697_b

photo 48071354726_72485a95cb_b

There is a rather substantial buffet setup as well, which puts many airline-specific lounges to shame.

photo 48071404383_bf71acd536_b

photo 48071404248_ff7fe7f691_b

photo 48071460797_7ea9e0f29d_b

photo 48071404518_48b8c5be51_b

A couple of the more interesting selection included the Taiwanese Braised Minced Chicken with rice.

photo 48071355066_252ae0f65c_b

And the satays!

photo 48071404473_55edc94d78_b

Some of our late supper from the buffet.

photo 48071354966_30b3bc1e3c_b

photo 48071354981_e6697c9ccc_b

photo 48071354846_7c124b1797_b

Headed to the gate which is at the far-end of the terminal at A17.

photo 48071404073_63ea4f800d_b

Boarding had already commenced and judging by the length of the queue to board, it looked like it was gonna be a full flight.

photo 48071460597_24d42a14a0_b

05 June 2019
Singapore Airlines
SQ 608
Singapore (SIN) - Seoul Incheon (ICN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 5H56M

Boarding the rather new B787-10.

photo 48071403878_e0cd30e52d_b

Will by flying in economy on this red-eye, though I guess I already scored one of the better seats in the house, being a bulkhead at the first row, though in the middles 41J seat. On each seat was a pillow and blanket. Expecting the seat width to be less than other SQ aircraft (this being a 3-3-3 configured 787 afterall), the seat width at the bulkheads were further reduced due to the tray tables and IFE controllers in the armrests. Really felt squeezed in while seated in the seat.

photo 48071460307_4f9d4692be_b

Legroom was no problem of course. J/K seats IFE monitors were on the bulkhead while H seat's was at the armrest (no IFE controller for H seats and normal seats where IFE monitor is within touching distance).

photo 48071403853_32005ee780_b

photo 48071354421_b67ac9dcc7_b

View towards Business Class.

photo 48071403793_09a582674e_b

Rolls-Royce (problematic) engine view from the window. A SkyTeam liveried MU A330 parked beside.

photo 48071354436_7a98f3cb6e_b

Reading materials in the magazine pocket.

photo 48071460272_5f8ea6ebab_b

As boarding was completed, hot towels and menus were offered.

photo 48071403603_987267c630_b

photo 48071460167_16c538cfd2_b

Tuned in to the flight info.

photo 48071403563_9867e20a40_b

Doors closed slightly behind schedule, safety video played and we pushed back.

photo 48071403453_48bd68c900_b

photo 48071403493_5b0c1dba98_b

Taxied to Rwy20C. Passing a TG B773 parked for the night.

photo 48071403408_f3f9e93d2d_b

Took off from Rwy20C, capturing the Singapore night view on climbout.

photo 48071403383_1fc5d5d51c_b

After seatbelt signs were turned off, amenity kits were given out. Kits consisted of a toothbrush set and a pair of socks.

photo 48071459992_478af0e420_b

Visit to the lavatory just ahead, where some cost-cutting is evident. No more extra toothbrushes and combs in the amenity drawer. To confirm my findings, other lavatories did not have the items as well. However, the mouthwash and nice-smelling stuff were still stocked.

photo 48071353921_24b5b1b6fb_b

photo 48071459542_c15a8e6b03_b

A round of peas and crackers, and drinks from trays were offered, then it was lights off for the night. Though there were quite a few passengers requesting for instant noodles upon realising only breakfast would be served before landing.

photo 48071459947_1a29bd713e_b

Got a bit of disturbed sleep over the next 3 hours until cabin lights were turned back on 2.5 hrs before arrival and hot towels offered. Felt that it was a bit early but guess that is the SOP for SQ.

photo 48071353881_fa7f401aab_b

Taking a look at the menu. Breakfast choices were a Vegetable frittata or Korean-style fish with rice.

photo 48071403523_7e4a101946_b

Menu for the return ICN-SIN sector.

photo 48071460087_f860d70967_b

Breakfast tray, which included fruits, warm roll with butter and preserve, coffee and a juice. I went for the fish with rice. More cost-cutting noted. No more salt/pepper/sugar sachets in the cutlery pack. These were only provided on demand from the meal cart, and the crew did not proactively offer them as well, so no sugar with my coffee….Guess SQ crew are still not used to offering sugar with hot beverages in economy….

photo 48071459857_d7a24b16ed_b

photo 48071459822_730c90c545_b

photo 48071459787_e0827503a5_b

To be honest, the fish with rice was bad… Just some tasteless fried fish covered with a hint-of-spice sauce, along with tasteless vegetables nad steamed rice. Only something which I would eat if I am on the verge of starvation. Very poor! Should have went for the frittata instead as it looked better than this.

photo 48071353776_f4bf57e3bd_b

My friend pre-ordered the Hindu meal, which is much more substantial and delicious. It was a pratha bread with minced mutton. At least there was an additional yoghurt as well.

photo 48071459717_d2108b46d0_b

Sun started rising.

photo 48071403078_41f185378d_b

photo 48071353721_a5476a9fc7_b

Caught some IFE.

photo 48071353666_c4f4c3ce34_b

View of the cabin. The aisles were really narrow in economy. Moving down the aisle, one would repeatedly bump into passengers' elbows, arms or shoulders.

photo 48071403013_d7dcfb8915_b

Soon we started our descent into Seoul.

photo 48071353611_828fbaf2bb_b

photo 48071353576_6dc7d1bedb_b

photo 48071402888_4f05b29f4f_b

photo 48071353491_54734825de_b

Clouds were very low, and we were still above the clouds when gears were lowered.

photo 48071402843_ba68989b33_b

photo 48071402788_f6f3f5ff91_b

photo 48071402763_05b1384a7c_b

Broke through the clouds and landed on Rwy33R ahead of schedule.

photo 48071402693_2630a55944_b

Pretty long taxi to the gate, passing the new Terminal 2 and the midfield terminal.

photo 48071353386_7135c6c8f7_b

photo 48071353331_5428ec39db_b

photo 48071353351_081ae74d5f_b

Some plane spotting on the way to the gate, including OZ A333, Jin Air B772 and others.

photo 48071353291_f1d986a5d3_b

photo 48071353266_3dba577197_b

photo 48071459207_c6ea1f3a46_b

A look at the seat before disembarkation.

photo 48071459197_cdc198e7de_b

Disembarking into the terminal.

photo 48071402513_714dab7307_b

photo 48071402418_e7bc6ab2e7_b

photo 48071402403_4c0db23320_b

photo 48071402348_ae27d341bf_b

Caught a sight of an OZ B744 while on the way to immigration.

photo 48071353081_01def12618_b

A bit of wait to clear immigration due to the morning peak arrivals and we were into the arrival hall after baggage was claimed.

photo 48071459062_7056db0424_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Seoul - ICN



I will have to say that I am not a very big fan of the SQ B787-10 economy seats. Even though the seat has all the bells and whistles, it is compromised in seat width due to the narrower cabin with 3-3-3 configuration, though I cannot fault SQ as almost all other airlines have configured their B787s similarly. Did not sit at the normal rows so could not comment. Service was fine as per SQ, but catering was quite woeful, easily one of the worst inflight meals I have had on any full-service carrier. Not only the quantity was lacking, the quality was poor as well, at least for the choice I had. No wonder I noticed there were plenty more orders for instant noodles by other passengers after the breakfast service.

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  • Comment 507535 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 553 Comments

    it is compromised in seat width due to the narrower cabin with 3-3-3 configuration, though I cannot fault SQ as almost all other airlines have configured their B787s similarly. Did not sit at the normal rows so could not comment.

    In terms of passenger comfort, the 3-3-3 configuration on a 787 is absolutely abysmal. Those configurations are simply too tight for such an aircraft. A front row seat may have better legroom indeed, however you will lose an extra few inches in terms of width compared to a standard seat. So I always try to stay clear of those seats when I am booked on a 787 flight.
    thanks for your report.

  • Comment 507919 by
    KL651 TEAM 4512 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Both the cabin and the meals look good, too bad the comfort and taste weren't there.
    The bad meal is surprising as it is a really classic Asian dish, sourced from their own base.
    The seats do look stiff.
    Seems you enjoyed some much better food in Seoul.

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