Review of American Airlines flight Miami Dallas/Fort Worth in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2685
Class Economy
Seat 28F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 23 Mar 18, 05:45
Arrival at 23 Mar 18, 08:00
AA   #40 out of 75 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 532 reviews
Published on 30th November 2019
Welcome to my spring break 2018 serie from Pointe-à-Pitre (guadeloupe FWI) to Breckenridge (CO).
We have a first part of travel on Air France (From PTP to MIA) then on American (From MIA to DEN)

This report is for the first part of the American trip between Miami and Denver via Dallas.

then let me apologize about my english level, trying my best

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  • 03/21 - AF 606 PAP-MIA available in english/french
  • 03/23 - AA 2586 MIA-DFW French (english: you're here)
  • 03/23 - AA 2356 DFW-DEN French
  • 04/06- AA 2342 DEN-MIA Published
  • 04/06 - AF 606 MIA-PAP Published
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Going to snow sports in the USA is a better alternative than French Alps because of the flight time between Guadeloupe and Paris, the jetlag etc… Moreover, Breck is a beautiful ski area with many difficults spots.

After a day in Miami, we go back to the airport, via the MIAMOVER.

train station
photo img_1329

photo img_1331
photo img_1332

our skis
photo img_1333

Then we go to North Terminal (concourse D) to find AA's counters.
photo img_1337
photo img_1338

Some color in Miami : surprising
photo img_1339

a map of the 3 terminals
photo img_1343

All counters are not open, we have to walk few minutes.
photo img_1344photo img_1348

it's not my destination
photo img_1345

MIA is a big airport and walking between concourses can be long
photo img_1346

It's 9:30pm, landside part of the airport is quiet, most of passengers are airside. the agent is surprised that we register so early and offers us to rebook on AA flight 2049 to DFW, but the flight leave in 30minutes so we won't have the time to pass the police.

We wanted to go through customs but we couldn't because we had to wait midnight.

Then I decided to search a power outlet to wait the 2 hours left (it's 10pm).
photo img_1354photo img_1355

cleaning staff
photo img_1352

photo img_1353

The wi-fi worked well but we only have 30m/day so I have to finish with At&t 4G. For an airport like Miami i don't find that good.

When midnight comes, we're going to the police which was crossed really quickly. At 00:05am we're airside. All is close and the airport seems very cold and hostile.
photo img_1356
photo img_1357
photo img_1361

there isn't a lot of people.
photo img_1358

Departures fids.
photo img_1360

SkyTrain is closed ! We have to go our gate by foot. No matter but i wanted to take some pics …
photo img_1362

Rocking chairs place.
photo img_1363photo img_1364

Finally arrived at our D49 gate. I can't take our plane in picture because of the wall.
photo img_1373

At 3h45 am i wake-up. It's just super cold here, outside 55F and they continue to put A/C ..!!! Maybe a little problem here at Miami, from comfort point of view (too cold) and ecological.. I decided to wandering in direction of E concourse.

empty in D50
photo img_1374
photo img_1366

photo img_1378

it feels like a hospital
photo img_1376

I can hardly spot our plane
photo img_1367

Heading to E concourse.
photo img_1379
photo img_1380
photo img_1381

There were'nt many planes (all from AA which is normal in this part of the airport).
I never found the SkyTrain to go to the satellite, maybe I was just too sleepy.

At 5am when the shops start to open, I looked for a coffee (which I found in a starbucks of course), I absolutely had to drink something hot.
Our flight to Dallas starts to boarding at 5:15am, and because i was group 8, i boarded in the last. Of course in the US, the finger was blind and covered by HSBC ads.
photo img_1386

the door
photo img_1387

The seats seem more confortable than MIA's ground.
photo img_1388

photo img_1391

travel docs
photo img_1392

photo img_1393

737max8 boarding to Quito
photo img_1398

Push-back at 5:45
photo img_1399

Control tower
photo img_1400

we're moving away from terminal
photo img_1401

safety card
photo img_1396

Take-off to the west, we fly-over Miami suburbs then Everglades
photo img_1404photo img_1405
photo img_1406
photo img_1407
photo img_1408
photo img_1409
Turn on the right, head to west north west

photo img_1412

Still in ascent, we fly over Tampa
photo img_1410
photo img_1411
photo img_1413
photo img_1414
photo img_1415
photo img_1416
photo img_1417

Sun came up when we were above the Florida middle Ground. What a beautiful show, in the cabin it looks like an orange mood lighting
photo img_1420
photo img_1421
photo img_1422
photo img_1423

More and more clearer
photo img_1427
photo img_1428
photo img_1432
photo img_1433
photo img_1436

Mississipi river with the city of Natchez. I went here during Xmas vacations in Louisiana, where we had snow in New Orleans. Natchez and Natchitoches offer beautiful colonial architectures.
photo img_1429

American Airlines' network
photo img_1442

and the fleet
photo img_1444
photo img_1445

We're starting our descent on Dallas at 7:15am local time, it's overcast.
photo img_1446
photo img_1447

We just turn above the clouds during 20minutes.
photo img_1448
photo img_1449
photo img_1450

And then, at 7:35amwe dive on the cloud. It's an approach from the North, being on the right, i won't have view on the CBD.
photo img_1451
photo img_1452
photo img_1453
photo img_1454
photo img_1455
photo img_1456
photo img_1457

Regeant Mega Hall
photo img_1462

photo img_1459
photo img_1460
photo img_1461

Highway114, where Delta's 191 flight crashed 30years ago…
photo img_1463
photo img_1464
photo img_1465

Touchdwon at 7:45am
photo img_1466
photo img_1467
photo img_1468

photo img_1469

Welcome to american's kingdom. I read somewhere that American operated 80% of the traffic to/from DallasFW.

Control tower
photo img_1471

It's cloudy but hotter than in Miami (21°C instead of 14°!).
gated at 7:55
photo img_1473

772 from Honolulu
photo img_1474photo img_1475

We deboarded at 8, and we have to catch our second flight to Denver which leaves in 50minutes, hopefully the AA2356's gate is really close to our.
photo img_1478
photo img_1479
photo img_1480

photo img_1481

Then we head to the gate A14 where our A321 to Denver is already waiting us.
photo img_1484
photo img_1486

photo img_1497

boarding room
photo img_1494

wc are clean
photo img_1490

Thank u for reading my report, I'll try to translate the following to Denver (32B AA). Sorry for the mistakes I made, i'm trying to improve my english;)

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Miami - MIA


Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW



AA: Comfy cabin, smiling crew. Wi-fi is avalaible, but not free (unlike JB or Alaska). Still not convinced about the BoB on all flights in North America, sadly, few years ago it was not like this... classical

MIA: Fluid at this hour. I transit very regularly by MIA and I don't really like this cold airport (cold in all senses of the word).

DFW: Very crowded, morning rush, but fluid and still pleasant, with carpet!!

Information on the route Miami (MIA) Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)


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