Review of Thai Airways flight Seoul Bangkok in Business

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 657
Class Business
Seat 14A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 05:03
Take-off 09 Jun 19, 10:45
Arrival at 09 Jun 19, 13:48
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By 1878
Published on 22nd June 2019
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It would be a long day of flying to get home. Arrived in the morning by the airport bus to Incheon Terminal 1 and checked in at TG's counters. TG has 3 morning departures to BKK, each flight within an hour of the other! There were no queues at the Royal Silk counters.

photo 48080292337_2ed6dd223e_b

Boarding passes of both sectors issued.

photo 48080290862_4a8a4f423d_b

Through immigration and security (there were no premium lanes for premium passengers) and into the departure hall.

photo 48080220458_1a5e08b16f_b

Our aircraft could be spotted behind Jin Air's B772.

photo 48080192661_9de3fa8e23_b

TG premium passengers were invited to the newly opened Asiana Business Class Lounge West.

photo 48080292042_8f22ae79d3_b

There was a bar area near the entrance.

photo 48080220508_a63265068c_b

Comfortable ambience with lots of natural lighting.

photo 48080291842_e57c3514c7_b

However, most of the action were at the buffet area.

photo 48080220963_630f2d0104_b

Buffet selection for breakfast was not too elaborate, but this was made up by the quality of the food. Overall a decent lounge experience.

photo 48080194351_88d2221b52_b

photo 48080291292_31de19ff50_b

photo 48080193976_d106d5e94a_b

photo 48080221203_52d1bdd00e_b

Heading the gate after the lounge visit.

photo 48080290237_56423b938b_b

TG's B787-8 will be operating this flight. Noted an earlier TG A359 departing for BKK as well.

photo 48080192166_338b62eb45_b

photo 48080192116_160624ef1b_b

09 June 2019
Thai Airways
TG 657
Seoul Incheon (ICN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Royal Silk Class
Flight Time: 5H04M

Boarding has already commenced at the gate.

photo 48080192011_4b543706d9_b

photo 48080289492_e48492268d_b

photo 48080191456_bd311de351_b

Welcomed at the door and directed to the front cabin. Royal Silk Class is configured in a 2-2-2 layout on the B787-8. It may not be the most private layout, but is more than acceptable for this mid-haul. The same seat model is also used by many airlines, such as United, KLM and a few others. Blanket/pillow and a fresh orchid was already placed on each occupied seat.

photo 48080191411_43a605ffc6_b

photo 48080289027_c64f6677f4_b

Seat pitch is good, an a pair of slippers was already placed at the footwell.

photo 48080190726_d44f685eb7_b

Seat controls and IFE controller.

photo 48080187506_c635833894_b

View out the window.

photo 48080288442_3665d68a88_b

Crew were offering pre-departure drinks, newspapers/magazines and hot towels. The set of crew in Royal Silk was more experienced, but service was very genuine and warm.

photo 48080190606_07a99f6a98_b

Selection of welcome drinks offered and I chose the Iced Tamarind Tea, one of TG's signature drinks. It was very refreshing!

photo 48080218678_5b54b164c9_b

Lacoste-branded amenity kit was also offered. Amenities for the flight. Headphones was noise-cancellation and of the older model, but of slightly inferior quality compared to other premium airlines. I understand TG has also started introducing new and better quality headphones on selected flights.

photo 48080218043_c0ab892124_b

photo 48080284142_731468a5c6_b

Contents of the amenity kit, which included toothbrush set, mouthwash, moisturiser, lip balm and a comb.

photo 48080189966_2374fb0682_b

Business Class was only about half full.

photo 48080285472_d7f32f71a9_b

Safety video played.

photo 48080217548_bd03d27aa7_b

Checking out the contents of the IFE. The touchscreen monitor and handset were easy to navigate.

photo 48080187841_ee71bd79c0_b

photo 48080285937_a168941587_b

The inflight magazines.

photo 48080188511_eefd2869e0_b

Started the pushback.

photo 48080215178_95a050d9c7_b

photo 48080214148_7072a650c3_b

Flight map. No camera views on the B787-8 though.

photo 48080214093_615da1a709_b

Taxied to runway.

photo 48080186831_e498bc6433_b

Departure from Rwy34R.

photo 48080186756_47fa3dfa4f_b

photo 48080214008_b53faf6730_b

photo 48080213963_1c3533b405_b

Taking a look at the food and beverages menus. There were 2 separate menus for food and drinks.

photo 48080217308_89b00acee2_b


photo 48080189201_352dc90b74_b

photo 48080189181_cc1b1e56dd_b

photo 48080216553_5ceb6cd80e_b

photo 48080286222_ba1a5cec2f_b

Food menu. Lunch would be served after departure, and afternoon tea prior to landing.

photo 48080286147_d87ed942cd_b

photo 48080217463_abd762ab37_b

photo 48080216848_8352291b5a_b

Climbing to cruise.

photo 48080284157_f29096d3b7_b

View towards economy before curtains were drawn.

photo 48080213828_327f518489_b

Comfortable Royal Silk cabin.

photo 48080213788_7947a23375_b

photo 48080284002_f28b8b0479_b

Meal preferences were taken before departure, and crew were already preparing for meal service in the galley.

photo 48080186506_9d0e3a8fe3_b

Visit to the lavatory at the front. It was just a standard B787 lavatory, stocked with some lotions and decorated with more orchids.

photo 48080186451_a1029cc4d5_b

photo 48080186426_7a8e8e14e6_b

Starting my inflight entertainment.

photo 48080186611_99f20a3c7b_b

Cruising above Korea.

photo 48080186406_8e3433a2a4_b

An assortment of nuts were offered, along with another drink which I ordered another of TG's signature drink, Violet Bliss. It is a traditional Thai butterfly-pea with lime drink, and is delicious as well! Also had a champagne, which is served in a champagne flute.

photo 48080283837_d8438baaf6_b

photo 48080186326_03abd52fd8_b

photo 48080213583_498b9a7d37_b

Flight map could be shown on the IFE controller as well.

photo 48080283647_777a952252_b

Lunch service commenced shortly after. Maybe due to the low load, all courses were delivered by hand from the galley, with no trolleys used as all. The starter course was presented, along with garlic bread and soft roll. The prawn starter was average, nothing spectacular.

photo 48080213478_583fdc48bb_b

photo 48080186221_840c5b5b51_b

Starter and bread course was cleared and the main courses were delivered on a separate tray. For the main course, my friend selected the Korean option of Chicken thigh in Korean sauce with steamed rice, along with Korean side dishes. Taste was pretty good.

photo 48080283642_246e407752_b

I had the Samrab Thai option of Beef in Pa Neang curry, with a thai soup, egg and rice. This tasted rather authentic and was excellent as well.

photo 48080213363_fd99e90bee_b

photo 48080186101_3fe83d5119_b

photo 48080283527_0036a840d9_b

photo 48080213333_81bcdeefea_b

Next was the cheese and fruit plate, which looked pretty disappointing.

photo 48080283497_3ea4155bfe_b

The desserts, however, were beautifully presented. The mango ice-cream with sticky rice was very good, but the mousse was a bit too sweet.

photo 48080185991_1381822f05_b

Ending the meal with a cappuccino and a chocolate. A satisfying dining experience on TG.

photo 48080283417_c9e8c2c2e4_b

Crew clearing the cabin after meal service.

photo 48080185931_c60a58949b_b

20MB of free internet wifi access was provided to all Royal Silk passengers. Internet worked fine, but 20MB was used up in a flash. A bottle of water was also provided.

photo 48080213183_e78f69e21b_b

Cabin view

photo 48080213058_7704c71562_b

At the southern coast of Taiwan.

photo 48080185751_bd3d40c513_b

The seat can be reclined into a flat bed. Personally, I preferred to adjust the seat to be in a slight cradle, and managed to catch a few winks.

photo 48080282967_94e9b13f50_b

photo 48080283322_4cdfe62ae8_b

About an hour before arrival, I woke up while we were somewhere over Vietnam.

photo 48080283192_cc9936a1c7_b

Afternoon tea was served, which consisted of a cheese and salmon sandwich and a warm fruit scone with butter and jam. The cold sandwich was forgettable, but the warm scone was delicious! And of course, I had another glass of Violet Bliss.

photo 48080185701_a0f1e1f1f2_b

photo 48080185616_60eda76238_b

photo 48080212923_4622089ec7_b

photo 48080212813_12e4c78452_b

photo 48080283112_f59d3c89c2_b

View out the window.

photo 48080185496_d07831a1d4_b

Nearing Bangkok.

photo 48080185411_8cb96fcee8_b

While I started on a second movie.

photo 48080212688_9410c22135_b

Requested for more mixed nuts as it was so good.

photo 48080185296_4ddd54acb5_b

Before arrival, an arrival video was shown.

photo 48080185291_fe1bed8dc3_b

Arrival gate and connecting flight info were also available. To my surprised, TG showed the information of my connecting SQ flight, as I don't recall SQ ever showing connecting flights on other airlines other than SQ/MI (correct me if I am wrong).

photo 48080212498_20cee2992b_b

photo 48080212473_17cb8cf9e2_b

Route flown.

photo 48080282737_e82782a1cb_b

Descending into Bangkok. The crew actually came around and genuinely thanked us for flying with them!

photo 48080212433_f01d3ce474_b

Landing on Rwy19R slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 48080282652_ca251fa614_b

photo 48080212268_110ebe5978_b

photo 48080282602_bbc245ff56_b

photo 48080212248_20e3ee7512_b

Landed an taxied to the gate. We were allocated a remote stand, but luckily it was near the terminal building and taxi was short. Parked beside an El Al B772.

photo 48080282487_135371628c_b

photo 48080212123_9aeb019885_b

photo 48080212028_3c51357340_b

photo 48080211923_4d0061b210_b

photo 48080184631_db20b43a87_b

Last look at the comfortable seat.

photo 48080282247_b0e1ffbc7b_b

Royal Silk passengers were allowed to disembark ahead of Economy, but there was no dedicated transfer bus for Royal Silk passengers. First-world problem, I know.

photo 48080211688_56120fea58_b

photo 48080211463_b90b22b7bb_b

photo 48080211383_5a35e649a4_b

Tarmac tour during the short ride to the terminal for my 1.5hr transit. More Dreamliners spotted during the ride. There was also a lonesome Jet Asia B767 parked on the remote stand for quite some time already (saw it as well on the same stand less than a month ago). Anyone has any idea if it is still flying?

photo 48080281762_34e13f0b45_b

photo 48080211238_1460816871_b

photo 48080211133_efde5e58da_b
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Asiana Airlines Business Lounge


Seoul - ICN


Bangkok - BKK



I am certainly very satisfied with the Thai Airways Royal Silk Class experience on this mid-haul. Service by the TG crew was very genuine and warm. Though they may not be as polished as SQ crew, the personal touch and service 'from the heart' can be definitely be felt, which is lacking on many carriers today. Catering was generous for this mid-haul, and seats, though not the newest, was fine. From this experience. I would definitely choose to fly on TG Royal Silk Class again in the future.

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    ThomasDutch SILVER 518 Comments

    there was also a lonesome Jet Asia B767 parked on the remote stand for quite some time already (saw it as well on the same stand less than a month ago). Anyone has any idea if it is still flying?

    Since Thai aviation was downgraded to a lower level of safety by ICAO and some other organizations, the Thai authority decided to withdraw a lot of aircraft operating certifications including the one from JetAsia. So far among the number of airlines, only K-mile (cargo) and MJet (Private charter) made their come back. I highly doubt that Jetasia would make a comeback by now and I don't think this 767 would find a new owner anytime soon.

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