Review of Condor Flugdienst flight Calgary Frankfurt in Business

Airline Condor Flugdienst
Flight DE2441
Class Business
Seat 3K
Flight time 09:45
Take-off 02 Jul 19, 21:10
Arrival at 03 Jul 19, 14:55
DE   #44 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 25 reviews
Published on 13th July 2019

Hello and Welcome to this flight-report reviewing Condor's Business Class!
This is the return flight of my trip to Calgary ( You can check out the outbound flight here: DE 2440 FRA-YYC

photo fl32

After spending four days ( Canada Day included ;-) ) at Calgary it was time to get back home again.
I catched the Bus 300 at Centre St/9th Av, and arrived at the Airport around 40 minutes later. First I took a short rest at a pretty quiet corner of the airport, down at the arrivals level. 

photo fl1

About two hours before Boarding I went over to check-in and after going through security checks, I quickly went over to the Aspire Lounge which is located in Concourse D. Only two flights will depart from this Concourse for the remaining evening: First my Condor flight to Frankfurt and one hour later a BA flight to London Heathrow. 

photo fl2

So it was no miracle that the lounge was nearly empty. This would change later on when passengers for the BA flight to London arrived.
The Lounge looked pretty cozy and freshly renovated, however it could have needed a small clean-up ( which is also understandable on this late evening ).
I had an espresso… 

photo fl21photo fl3

 …as well as some crisps. 

photo fl22photo fl20


Boarding started around 25 minutes before Departure time.
I was welcomed with a friendly "good evening" and quickly made my way over to seat 3K.
The seats were equipped with a blanket, pillow, amenity kit (containing the usual things in standard quality) as well as headphones. I searched for a bottle of water without success, however they were handed out during flight then. The menue was already present. 

photo fl4photo fl5-48595

Once again I asked for sparkling wine as welcome drink

photo fl8photo fl7

The boarding was completed more or less on time and pushback started right after that. 

photo fl9photo fl10

Time to take some last views - and the Queen is already waving as well. Of course, it's only the safety video.
Meanwhile the cabin lights perfomed some kind of colourful lightshow… 

photo fl11

…the way to our runway took quite some time and we also got into a short queue, but finally some time later it was our turn.  

Time for dinner

Soon after the seatbelt signs went off, roasted and salted almonds were offered and the orders for the main dishes were taken. This time I've chosen the seafood option. Let's have a look at the menue:  

photo fl6

Soooo much room for your legs…the amenity kit socks fitted well.

photo fl13

Soon after I've chosen a movie for this flight ( "The Green Book" - which I really enjoyed ), the starter was served. All of it was really delicious!

Roast beef and smocked duck breast with Waldorf salad

photo fl27

Smoked salmon and marinated King Prawns with mango salsa.
The cheese was also arranged with the starters:  Goat cheese, Cambozola and olive cheese with Amarena cherry sauce and grapes.

photo fl28

Fresh iceberg lettuce with cucumber, bell pepper and corn kernels & Balsamic oil dressing

photo fl29

Soon after finishing, the main dish was served:
Salmon filet with sauce Creole, Leaf spinach and Mississippi-rice. 
The salmon could have been cooked maybe a bit less, but alltogether it was very tasty! 

photo fl14

The dessert: Fruit mousse tartlet with chocolate sauce. Yummy!

photo fl15

After finishing this voluminous meal and the movie, I decided to take a nap. It took more than three hours which was pretty long compared to my previous night flights in lower classes.


Two hours before arrival, the cabin lights were slowly turned on again. Hot towels were offered. TIme to open the sun shades!

photo fl17

And a couple of minutes later breakfast was served.
-Frittata with tomato sauce
-Granola with cranberries and yoghurt
-Genoa salami, smoked turkey breast, roast beef and camenbert

The frittata - pretty hefty for breakfast, not my favourite. The rest was really good!  

I asked for orange juice to drink which was also good. 

photo fl16

The landing in Frankfurt was pretty soft and just on time.

photo fl30photo fl18

This time we deboarded on the tarmac which resulted in a short bus trip to Terminal 1.

photo fl19photo fl31

Well, thats it for this time. Thanks for reading!

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Condor Flugdienst

Cabin crew9.0

Aspire Lounge - Concourse D


Calgary - YYC


Frankfurt - FRA



I was very happy with this flight, as I already was a couple of days before with the outbound flight.
- Calgary Airport seemed quite spacious this evening, everything was smooth.
- The Condor Crew was once again great!
- The quite old aircraft made a very well-cared impression and the Business Class cabin was pretty good if you consider the quite low prices.
- The dinner was great all around, the breakfast really good if you like it hearty.



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