Review of Turkish Airlines flight Paris Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1822
Class Business
Seat 4J
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 22 Jun 19, 11:20
Arrival at 22 Jun 19, 15:50
TK   #12 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 779 reviews
By 2687
Published on 6th July 2019
Hi everyone

As a matter of fact the flight reported here is just a pretext for a report on New Istanbul Airport which I was very impatient to discover and I hope you will share my pleasure.

I could have travelled thru NIA a bit earlier, but it was just on opening days and I was a bit worried there might be some mess, so flying from Paris to Izmir, I chose to fly with LH, connecting in Munich; which already did last year; but out of summer season, the Munich-Izmir leg is not flown by LH itself but by its co-subsiduary Sunexpress, with low cost (but acceptable) service, for which however LH charges same fare as when both legs are on LH business class (which is yet not especially very good value for price).

Moreover my checked luggage was left in Munich; main tag had been torn off, but though my personal tag, and airline sticker with flights info and barcode were still on it, nobody cared for it for 8 days, and it's only when connecting in Munich again on my way back that they really searched and found it; I was short of time and could not collect it, so they sent it home which took four more days ! A whole week in Turkey without my luggage … so no more LH for me.

And this time I chose TK which offered an interesting combination of C fares for CDG-IST-ADB and back to LGW

My report will deal a little with first leg of itinerary, and mostly IST airport.

You wished airborne? Sorry You will have mostly ground report.

I was amazed by IST airport, and it is a pleasure to share my experience with you.

But first things first, I take off from CDG on june 22nd.

photo img_7939
I get to CDG by TGV from Brussels and Lille

I've known T1 since it opened in 1974, still futuristic, but a bit gloomy with its low ceilings and dark areas.

photo img_7951
However, I'm still fascinated by long tunnels and treadmills to satellites.

photo img_7941
Let's go that way

photo img_7945
For a visit to Star Alliance lounge

photo img_7946
I won't do pictures of buffet, not fantastic, here is my selection

photo img_7953
Our bird today is B777-300

photo img_7958
You all know cabin and seats, I guess

photo img_7959
Enjoying …

photo img_7957
While the chef is getting busy

I never found real gastronomy on board any airline, not appropriate conditions I think, but it's nice and served with elegance and smile.

photo img_8292
Menu is elegant too, but I forgot to take pictures of the inside

photo img_7962
First the tray comes with all cold dishes

photo img_7961
Chef is doing alright, but let me check captain is doing his job; seems OK

photo img_7969
Let's get back to meal; the main course; aubergine stuffed with beef was delicious..

photo img_7968
Congratulations to the chef

photo img_7970
Even if I'm not much into jelly desserts which remind me of 1960's British food… you know what I mean.

photo img_7973
We are getting closer.

Sorry I need a break
photo img_7972photo img_7971
Clean and tidy

Aircraft gets linked up to main building; staff helps passengers to choose their way: international transit, domestic transfer, exit Istanbul
photo img_7974photo img_7975
So let us get upstairs

photo img_8065
Please follow the guide

photo img_7977photo img_7979
An endless vista, I counted 10 treadmills, they had good reasons to put magic flying carpets… but they have not

photo img_7980
At the very end of the very end, you are requested to turn right and take escalator down
New vista, long long long.

photo img_7981
Used to rush hour at immigration at this time, I ask for fast track, but staff invites me to use first entrance to immigration, because, there is hardly anyone and fast track is much further.
Quickly set

photo img_7986
Even quicker at customs

photo img_7987photo img_7985
And we get at once into Domestic area, which is a big plus compared to Ataturk airport.

photo img_7988
Trafic jam … but actually I get thru in some 5 minutes

But there, am I tired or just too impressed by volumes …I don't know where to go; fortunately, there are everywhere in the airport, young people wearing purple T shirts; they are here to help passengers; they very quickly tell me the way to the Domestic business lounge.

Get escalator up, turn right, get escalator down and then walk to Gate 6 which is opposite lounge entrance.

photo img_7989photo img_7992photo img_7995
Let's go . Are you still with me folks? good.

photo img_7991photo img_7994
While on escalator I enjoy the architecture
photo img_7993
Watch it, getting off soon.

photo img_7997
More hundred meters and treadmills

photo img_7998
Here I am, soon in the holy shrine; did you count the up and downs? Do you know which levels we are now? You do? I don't !

30 minutes from my seat on the international incoming flight to the Domestic lounge entrance: not bad I think

photo img_7999
Access by scanning bar code; some problems but staff is efficient and am quickly in.

Here I am, a bit further than the flight officially reported. I now invite ou to follow me into NIA discovery.
I propose visit of the Domestic lounge, check in areas, TK international lounge, International boarding area.

DOMESTIC LOUNGE: larger than in Ataturk and ground floor as boarding is by special bus here too.

photo img_8002
Comfy seats

photo img_8003
internet desk

photo img_8004
Some tables, easier for meals

photo img_8005
Lets go to the loo, but what's this sign at entrance?

photo img_8007
Oh dear, don't take the wrong door

photo img_8008 2
This device will deliver a ticket with wifi access code once you have scanned your BP.

Some more views

photo img_8013 2
I did not like the small case used for screens; I could not read from any seat; but departing flights are screened on the right hand side with information in large case which makes things easier; sorry, picture is blurred but you'll guess what i mean , I hope

photo img_8019
Some pictures from the van on the way to aircraft

Same type of 777-300 as on international flight from paris

INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURES: on way back from Izmir, I stopped 2 days in Istanbul; hence flying to LGW; each way I used bus transfer to and from downtown Istanbul; 40/45 minutes from Taksim square, on comfortable coach, is a good experience if you consider heavy trafic in the city and 40km distance from airport; very cheap too, about 3€, and assistance for luggage.

photo img_8053
Getting to airport is sort of arriving "right in the middle of nowhere"

photo img_8053-29
Which you may also see from air

photo img_8053-1photo img_8053-29
As a matter of fact, everything outside main terminal building, runways, taxiing and parking areas is still under construction

photo img_8064
But Main terminal building is wonderful (airside view)

photo img_8130photo img_8133
And very impressive when arriving by road (no other way to arrive at the moment, by the way)

It's big, but difficult to evaluate surface and volume as there is nothing nearby to provide scale.

photo img_8143photo img_8137
However when getting closer, you can make out height, or depth as you like.

photo img_8138photo img_8132
I like pure lines and light and airy structure.

photo img_8134photo img_8135

Two entrances for domestic flights and 4 or 5 (I can't remember) for international

photo img_8140photo img_8136
One of the many times I looked up

There is one entrance for business class passengers, but in fact, once inside everyone gets to the same one hall,

photo img_8145
and has got to go thru security, before checking in, as everywhere in Turkey

photo img_8144
Very fluid as there are many many security gates

photo img_8141photo img_8142
Yes it's big

photo img_8146
Everything is clearly signed and check-in areas seem very large

photo img_8148
They look almost empty, probably because there are many of them, 17 or 18, one for Business, but also because the very heigh ceiling gives such a feeling of huge volume that you do not feel being in a crowded area

There come signs for Miles & Smiles check in, and Business class check-in; though I have my BP and carry on luggage only, let's go and have a look.
photo img_8149photo img_8150
I should say elegant and sober

photo img_8153photo img_8152
Some seating areas, with bottles of fresh water on tables

photo img_8156photo img_8154photo img_8157
I just go thru and after a last look back …
photo img_8161
I go thru Fast track for emigration; hardly anybody there

photo img_8163
then thru security Fast track, very quick too

photo img_8164
And here I am, among what I call the "merchants of the temple"

Une employée m'indique que le salon Business est face aux portes E,
TK staff tells me way to the lounge, opposite E gates

photo img_8167photo img_8169
Later on I wait for sign to take up his mind

photo img_8178
Then I follow business.

Sorry I did not visit M&S Lounge or check in; I will next time


photo img_8179
I pass gates E but can't see any lounge entrance; as I get to a space decorated with plants, I can imagine I'm getting close to the "holy shrine", but NO !
photo img_8181
So I move on round and come back to gates E; in fact I looked right and should have looked left where entrance to upstairs Business lounge is.

Here too, sober and elegant. I like
photo img_8246photo img_8243photo img_8221
Lounge is on a mezzanine overlooking shopping area on the one side, and huge windows and tarmac on the other side.

photo img_8253photo img_8183
Access thru automatic gates, scanning barcode of BP

photo img_8239
175 lockers for luggage

photo img_8198
Lounge is divided into small rest areas.

photo img_8192photo img_8191
Like this

photo img_8187
Or like that

Contemporary, vintage or would be period; choose your style

photo img_8242photo img_8241photo img_8240
That one is very contemporary and seems very cosy.

photo img_8205photo img_8204photo img_8200
I make up my mind and will sit in this tea area
Looks like a decor for an Agatha Christie's novel, don't you think?

Seating areas are all over the lounge, separated by various food corners and buffets

Everyone's taste seems to be cared for.

photo img_8227photo img_8225
Alcoholic drinks are on TV side, seems limited but did not bother as I have no interest for that

I go round and come back to my chair with…

photo img_8199
my selection !!

Yes I was so thirsty and lemonade is absolutely delicious

photo img_8215
Later I will go on salads, very fresh and tasty.

photo img_8208
And to finish with, some sweet things with tea

Turkish pastry, with pistachios, was delicious, but a bit sticky, so I need a hand wash now.

photo img_8229photo img_8228
Let's go there with music

photo img_8231
No ironing for me, but it's an interesting service; I did not see showers but I imagine there must be.

photo img_8233photo img_8232
I like the materials used.

photo img_8234photo img_8235
First picture is blurred but I can assure you, it was very clean

And I leave, having a last look at architecture; I really like it

You may make out, downstairs, behind a row of plants (not very visible) a rest area with sort of beach beds; seen from upstairs it may remind of a refugees camp; but it must be comfortable; you may also see, downstairs, middle of picture, an enclosed space, called Terrace; it's actually the smoking area; maybe a problem of tight gate or fan system, but from the mezzanine I could sense a light smell of smoke and tobacco.

There it was, folks, in the Lounge and a view from the Lounge


photo img_8256
International Gates A,B,D,F are all in long piers (or concourse, I don't know what you call them in english) which count 11 to 18 gates each; gates E and C are very few, and are on the main façade of the terminal

photo img_8257
I walk along what I called the refugees camp.

photo img_8258
My flight is in D area

photo img_8260photo img_8259
So I'm invited to take an escalator down

photo img_8262photo img_8261
to concourse D whose entrance area seems as large as the whole terminal of an average town.

photo img_8263
Then treadmills take you to your gate

photo img_8264
Have a break !

At each gate, there is a boarding area with seats and toilets; all flights to UK have another security control at gate (3 altogether in IST airport, 4 when you arrive by train or underground like in Izmir or former Ataturk); I don't know if all international destinations have this last security check at gate.

photo img_8276photo img_8275

Each gate leads to one of the huge high buildings adjoining the terminal

Why so high? because, when passengers leave plan, as soon as they leave the short gangway to enter this building, they can be separated: international transit, domestic transfer, exit Istanbul; they are separated before entering the main building, so corridors and escalators for different flows are all in this high adjoining building.

Here too, large windows

photo img_8282
All aboard

photo img_8273
A little bonus for fans

photo img_8301photo img_8298photo img_8297
Taxiing, for quite a long time; then take off and almost immediately over Black Sea coast

photo img_8277
Today's bird, but this is another story which I described already on a similar flight (
See more


Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Star Alliance Lounge - 1


Paris - CDG


Istanbul - IST



As you guessed, I used this itinerary CDG-IST-ADB/ADB-IST-LGW to discover NIA, which fulfilled my expectations; it deserves full marks, at least on items which I consider as important (I do not care a fig for duty free for instance); but I would wish a few improvements:
-generally speaking, most information are written in too small case, at least for an old man like me
-the light smell of smoke sneaking out of the so called Terrace
-long time wasted to get to and from runway (but what can we expect in such a large airport).

But on the whole, in spite of size, it's fluid and functional; bus access, as long as rail service is not operating, is fair enough; the whole atmosphere of the terminal is quite airy, light and elegant.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading all the way thru

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.1/10.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6886 Comments
    Hi LTQLGW, thanks for sharing this report to IST New Airport!

    Having flown this route on an AF A320, TK crush the competition with a 77W and long-haul Business class product over AF's empty-middle-seat Business. The catering and chef doing the service is certainly impressive for a 3h flight!

    The new IST airport is beautiful and the TK lounge really nice...though it had to be considering they had one of the world's top lounges at Ataturk.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 510290 by
      LTQLGW AUTHOR 170 Comments
      Thanks for reading and comment; yes Atatürk TK lounge was really top, this one is great too, it will be interesting to discover The Miles and Smiles lounge and first discover who it is for.

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