Review of Hainan Airlines flight Chongqing Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Hainan Airlines
Flight HU467
Class Economy
Seat 59E
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 11:19
Take-off 05 Jan 19, 22:33
Arrival at 06 Jan 19, 17:52
HU 25 reviews
By SILVER 1618
Published on 21st July 2019

First of all, I would like to apologize for the rather bad quality of the pictures. I was very stressed and even enraged by Hainan's snobbish service. All I wanted to do was to get onboard and sleep…

tight connection

photo img_4419

After a long sprint from the other side of the terminal, I finally arrived at the check-in counter. Luckily they were still opened…

photo img_4422

Even though I arrived there mere 60 minutes before the departure time, there were still plenty of people… My mom then engaged in a conversation with the check-in agent; apparently, this flight was full of Chinese students studying abroad in the United States visiting their family in China during christmas break on their way back. That would explain the rather late arrivals to the airport since college kids aren't known for their ability to be on time…

photo img_4423

We were the last passengers to check-in except for a Chinese college student. The agent told us that there were only 4 seats left, and he did his best to put us together. I am in the middle seat of the second to last middle row, and my mom is one seat in front of me…

photo img_4424

Security and departure immigration was very fast since literally no more passengers were there. After that, my mom realized that the gate was closing in 30 minutes, which leaves us plenty of time to grab some food at the lounge. 

international first/BUSINESS lounge ckg terminal 3c

photo img_4425

The agent checked us in very quickly after swiping our priority pass card and verifying our identities. This is the main food area of the lounge.

photo img_4428

The noodle bar was closed due to the fact that it was 2100.

There were plenty of spaces to sit and relax. And surprisingly there were even massage chairs!
Comfort 9.5/10 

photo img_4430

Work area

photo img_4429

Shower room

photo img_4433

FIDS. As you can see, except for our flight to LAX and another HNA flight to Melbourne, there were also a few disgustingly early/late flights. Wanna take off at 2AM and land in 5AM on a 4 hour flight? 

photo img_4431

The lounge dispersed 3 fridges across the main hall, so it was really convenient to grab a bottle (or two) before the flight. I chose the blackcurrant juice and the non-sweetened black tea. 

There were also other choices available including alcohol and 5100, one of my favourite Tibetan spring water.

photo img_4445

Interesting presentation…

photo img_4446

Of course, if you're feeling brave enough, there was also an espresso machine available!

photo img_4440

I could have also got some Chinese snacks, but none of them really seemed that good…
Last year, I tried one of the Southern Chinese snack (I am from Manchuria), and I got diarrhea… 

photo img_4438

Fresh fruits and yogurt were kept in a fridge.

hainan airlines boeing b787-9 economy class review

photo hu469

After a short 15 minute stay at the lounge, we arrived at our gate. Chongqing Airport is quite unfriendly for plane spotting given that the glass curved outward, and there will always be 2 layers of glass between the terminal and the tarmac. 

photo img_4449

They delayed boarding for 10 minutes due to unknown reasons, which worked out great for me.

photo img_4451


photo img_4453

The jet bridge was pretty nice, though.

photo img_4457

So, there is always one white European female cabin crew on Hainan Airlines seeing from the other trip reports that I have read, and this was indeed the case on my flight. Instead of making the CHINESE cabin crew welcoming 300 CHINESE passengers at a CHINESE airport on a CHINESE flight operated by a CHINESE airline, Hainan usually puts the ONLY European Caucasian female cabin crew at the front door welcoming passengers speaking English to 300 CHINESE people…


Does Hainan think that Europeans are Superior to their fellow CHINESE?

This is not a coincident, if you're wondering. I have read many Hainan report on CARNOC.COM, and they seem to always do that on international flights… On the CARNOC and BAIDU forum, people have complained about that, too.

I was extremely upset by it, but I stayed optimistic about the service.

photo img_4458

Boraded through L2

photo img_4460

Yeah, like the agent said, this flight was filled with Chinese college students returning to the states.

photo img_4462

Look at that MASSIVE window! This was my 4th time on a 787, and it still impressed me.

photo img_4464

Here is my seat, the middle seat of the second to last middle row…

photo img_4463

The cabin looks pretty neat in general.

photo img_4468

Good legroom for this short 11 hour flight.

photo img_4466

Seats on the 787 are narrow, and the fact that I was in the middle seat didn't help.

photo img_4482

Nice and thick blanket and comfy pillow

photo img_4477

Literature pocket content

photo img_4479

Nice! Amenity kit in Economy class!

photo img_4480

Great content for such a short flight!

photo img_4471

Power outlet was present in addition to the USB charger.

photo img_4484

Headphones were distributed.

photo img_4467

Seat 59E rip

photo img_4487photo img_4488photo img_4489

Safety video

photo img_4491

How did I take this picture from 59E?
The young lady who was sitting in the last row (2 seats) had an open seat next to her. She offered me the window seat during take-off and landing so that I can take pictures! Thanks! 

photo img_4493

Long time no see!

photo img_4494

Took off only a few minutes behind schedule 

photo img_4508

Returned to my dreadful middle seat after the take-off.

photo mh0001-37533

It was very nice to get menus while flying in Economy class. Good job Hainan!

photo mh-27331

We had two services on this flight: dinner at 1AM, and lunch at 4PM

photo img_4509

Hot towel.

photo img_4510-79633


photo img_4511-58656

Main Course: Chicken in Zurich style?
It was quite bland, but it was still edible. 

photo img_4514-67122

Salmon potato salad. The salmon was perfectly smoked, which matched well with the potato.

photo img_4515

Matcha mousse cake 
Dinner service finally ended nearly 3 and a half hours into the flight! Normally I wouldn't mind this on a day time flight, but we really need sleep on this short 11 hour overnight flight. 

Beautiful AirShow system

photo img_4529

Dang we're really fast!!!

The IFE has a variety of movies. However, the plane wasn't equipped with wifi even though Hainan advertises that on their website…

The IFE has many TV shows, too.

photo img_4554-89542

The lights were turned on THREE HOURS before landing on this mere 11 hour flight, which means that I was only asleep for 4 and a half hour at most…I could tell that most people just wanted to sleep…Anyways here is the lunch.

photo img_4555-34397

Appetizer: Marinated shrimp salad. It was okay at best.

photo img_4557-50863


photo img_4559-39703

The main course was good. Nothing spectacular, though, unlike my China Southern flight's catering last week. 
During the service, the cabin crew asks the white couple (possibly visiting China?) very politely "Sir, what would you like to have?" Then she went on and listed each food option. After that, she came to our row "Wut d'ya want" was all she said (in Chinese)… 

photo img_4560

 Lunch and One movie later

photo img_4561

Almost there!

photo img_4577

Due to the winter storm, we landed on 06L instead of the usual 24s/25s

Smooth touchdown

photo img_4586

Disembarked on gate 134 of the TBIT. Since I am on I-551, I had to visit the USCIS office…

photo img_4587

2 "pleasant" hours later…

the end

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Hainan Airlines

Cabin crew2.0

International First/Business class Lounge - 3A


Chongqing - CKG


Los Angeles - LAX



I know that Hainan Airlines has a very positive review on flight-report; however, from a Chinese perspective, I think they're utterly terrible. They have a solid hard product compared to China Southern, but their service is very discriminating towards Chinese passengers...
Cabin: 8/10
-1 for narrow seat width and -1 for not being able to reserve seats online despite the fact that I have a HU confirmation code...
Cabin Crew: 2/10
-5 for being rude, biased, get it...
-3 for slow service that prevented passengers from sleeping...
Entertainment/Wifi: 7.5/10
-2 for not having wifi as advertised...-0.5 for too many ads before watching anything...
Meal/Catering: 6/10
-1.5 for the food and -1 for not having "sandwiches" on the menu, -2 for the slow service...The back galley only had beverages available...
Hope you have enjoyed this honest review of Hainan Airlines!!!



  • Comment 512482 by
    Aaro 37 Comments

    No offense but could you possibly be overreacting just a little bit? I'm Chinese too, and I honestly don't care whether there are white or Chinese flight attendants on my flight.

  • Comment 512601 by
    AK SILVER 838 Comments

    Thanks a lot for the report. It is interesting to have the point of view of a Chinese person. I think it is really bad to be so rude to Chinese passengers, especially when the crew is so polite with other nationalities. The worst is, this is a Chinese airline doing this ! As a European, I must say that I am very curious about this airline. I think the livery and the aircrafts and the clothes of the female flight attendents are extremely beautiful. Yet as a person who does not understand Chinese, I could not guess that FA are so rude with the Chinese passengers.
    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 512734 by
      Harry_He SILVER AUTHOR 66 Comments

      The airline does indeed have a wonderful hard product on their 787s, and it is the service that they need to improve. In my opinion, it is not hard to make HU the next Singapore of China. The company needs to change the attitude of their cabin crews. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 512660 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5331 Comments

    Maybe the 5* rating has gone to their heads? Who knows. It's unfortunate to hear HU, as a Chinese carrier, treat Chinese pax less well than others. It's the opposite you hear about other carriers. In my experience, as a Frenchman, I've heard Americans often comment on how rude AF cabin crew are and that they always treat French speaking people better--I don't really believe that's true, but I always have had stellar experience with AF cabin crews...not sure if that's a function of me being French though since I'm pretty Americanized. Who knows!

    Yikes, crazy to turn on the lights and serve the pre-arrival meal 3 hours before arrival...that is way too early and not at all what you'd expect from a 5* carrier. Aside from that the hard product looks great and the catering pretty good.

    Thanks for sharing Harry!

    • Comment 512735 by
      Harry_He SILVER AUTHOR 66 Comments

      Well you know, SkyTrax...I would say that Hainan has an excellent hard product, which for sure deserves a 5* rating. Their service is just horrible...Maybe the judge who rated the flight from SkyTrax wasn't Chinese? What if he was European? Then in that case the crew would do everything they could to serve him/her...
      Thanks for reading!

  • Comment 513222 by
    bgboiflyer 38 Comments

    Middle Seat on our last 787s, NICE! I'm sorry to hear that the cabin crew were not as sincere toward Chinese passengers, which sort of accounts for me? Anyway, I haven't quite seen that discrepancy anywhere else, even flying XiamenAir, which to be honest actually deserves the 5 star rating over HU. On the last flight I flew, they were a bit robotic, but they were not discrepant to a non-Chinese passenger near me, although they do still have a language barrier issue, as I could not understand a single word the spoke on the PA in English. It's also interesting to see that they position a European FA on the flight, maybe they looked at manifest before the flight? Just to prevent that awkward what if. I still think it's odd even if they see it's right in their own mind

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