Review of British Airways flight London Accra in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA81
Class Economy
Seat 31K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 06:47
Take-off 15 Jun 19, 15:09
Arrival at 15 Jun 19, 20:01
BA   #62 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 961 reviews
By 5397
Published on 27th July 2019


The West African Tour

These upcoming reports map my summer 2019 trip to and from the African continent. As this year is the 'Year of Return', Ghana is welcoming all persons of African descent back to the shores of the nation. It is a year long event marking 400 years since the first slave ship left Africa for the Americas. Ghana has been on my list for ages and I could not have chosen a better time to go.

This report covers London Heathrow to Accra route. Ghana is one of BA's cash crop routes on the African continent, the others being CPT, JNB and LOS. These flights operate from T3 and shares gates with AA. 



T3 and the long passage way to get to our gate.

photo img_0148photo img_0140photo img_0141

Aircraft: Boeing 747-436
Age: 21.9 years
Layout:  F14 C52 W36 Y235

photo img_0147photo img_0143

Gate 35 for Accra. The waiting area was absolutely crowded and disorganized. Everyone was rushing to board so I stood back until it got less crowded. 

photo img_0149


Once onboard, the other passengers took almost an hour to get seated. The aircraft had just come from maintenance and was not cooled down. A/C was only available once the aircraft's engines were on so it was quite the experience sitting idly waiting for people to organize themselves. 
Legroom was better than on BA's 789. The IFE were old but I wasn't too worried about that. 

photo img_0152photo img_0150photo img_0151

While sitting at the gate, PK rolled in from Islamabad. 

photo img_0156

After sometime we pushed back and gladly the a/c cooled down. Flaps were set.

photo img_0160

JJ 77W from GRU had just arrived as two BA 747s prepared for JFK and MIA.

photo img_0163photo img_0164photo img_0165

BA's Landor 744 .

photo img_0168

BA A388 to SFO on takeoff. 

photo img_0170

The JFK departure pushed back and preparing for taxi.

photo img_0172

During taxi a few heavies were spotted like ET A350, UA 772 and CA a332. That soon ended as rain showers came and made it impossible to clearly spot any a/c.

photo img_0175photo img_0176photo img_0177

Upwind RWY 27R.

photo img_0178photo img_0181

Banking south toward Accra. 

photo img_0187photo img_0189photo img_0188

Skies cleared up around cruise, but it was difficult to see mainland Europe below.

photo img_0192

The sun beamed through my window as lunch was served. Compared to the catering out of YYZ, this was FAR BETTER. I got the chicken and rice option. It seem as if there were two types of chicken and rice as others got Jollof Rice and chicken as their meal. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

photo img_0195photo img_0196

Passing over Spain 

photo img_0198photo img_0199photo img_0203

Palma de Mallorca 

photo f8f77203-9430-4113-97e9-8aac2144019c


The major highlight of this flight was flying over the Sahara. The views were amazing for the most part. Even as the views disappeared beyond the dust it was still a sight to see. Here are some images from Algeria, Mali and Niger. 

photo acfb6e3d-1e79-4584-b23f-a6ed31d8ef1aphoto imageedit_16_8294792078

The sun began to set and dust settled in

photo imageedit_18_7029653627photo imageedit_7_8429712891

This image does absolutely no justice. 

photo imageedit_4_6309987112

descent & arrival

The old IFE map was pretty interesting. It gave a nostalgic look to our flight. At this point we were right over the Sahara and and hour and some away from ACC.

photo img_0227

Flying over Niamey, Niger before crossing the border into Burkina Faso. 

photo img_0272

The pre-arrival snack was a disappointment compared to lunch. It was fine as I knew I had amazing food waiting when we landed. 

photo img_0273

Below is Niamey, the capital of Niger. 

photo img_0275

Descent in Kokota airport (ACC) was swift. Skies were overcast, limiting the view from the night lights. Our landing was pretty hard however but I reached safety, more than 24 hours later. 

photo img_0276

Arrival. DL's 763 to JFk can be seen at the terminal. 

photo img_8553

The billboard titles of the airport in Accra. 

photo 19143bc6-e4f6-4612-815e-d4988e7e9130
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British Airways

Cabin crew4.5

London - LHR


Accra - ACC



Despite our travel time being almost 90 minutes over, the flight was enjoyable. BA's food on this flight was better than the first. The crew on this flight seemed somewhat stressed as passengers took their time while boarding and even got up before the seatbelt sign was off (I've seen this happen multiple times in the states/Caribbean so this isn't a biased observation).

The views were amazing as we flew over the African Sahel down into the Gold Coast. I hadn't tried out the entertainment as my eyes were either glued to the natural views or the map during the the flight. Arrival in Kokota Airport was a breeze. Customs took about 10 minutes maximum and there was no extensive queue for arrival. The new terminal is impressive and does operate as effectively as expected.



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  • Comment 513458 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Nice report! Great that you were able to get on a 747!
  • Comment 513467 by
    East African 1591 Comments
    Very nice FR!
    Apparently LHR has one of longest jetbridge in the world (B48).
    Pitch looks really decent, how tall are you?
    Choice of chicken or chicken only for lunch?
    With a flight departing at 3 pm, maybe serving the roll first would have been better.
    Does Ghana allow VOA?
    Hope you had a chance to visit Accra's most famous DC10... ?
    Eagerly looking forward to the next parts ?
    Many thanks for sharing.
    • Comment 513470 by
      JAZ350 AUTHOR 80 Comments
      Thanks! Yeah they do, I left using B48 on a later trip. The pitch was pretty good, I'm 5'11" and I didn't have any problems at all. In regards to the meal , there were two types of chicken options as I assumed catering ran out of one of them, along with a vegetarian option and those which would have been preordered before the flight. Ghana does allow VOA for certain countries where others have to apply after booking a flight to Ghana. I did go see it but I did not go inside unfortunately. Hopefully on my next trip I will.
  • Comment 514727 by
    KL651 TEAM 4534 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    BA has reupholstered the seats but didn"t change the screens, that's cheap.
    Catering isn't too bad considering the shorter duration of the flight.
    • Comment 514749 by
      JAZ350 AUTHOR 80 Comments
      You're welcome. Actually these are older seats in comparison to what's on most of the 747 fleet today. I find them far more comforatble than the newer ones despite the old IFE. You're right about the catering, it wasn't too bad but it was for sure far better than the YYZ catering we got on the first leg.

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