Review of Loganair flight Orkney Islands Edinburgh in Economy

Airline Loganair
Flight LM394
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Saab 340
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 05 Jun 19, 19:20
Arrival at 05 Jun 19, 20:20
LM 23 reviews
Published on 28th July 2019
I have been planning to visit the Shetlands and the Orkneys for a long time, and I also wanted to try the world’s shortest flight between Westray and Papa Westray.

My itinerary was:

Keflavík to Glasgow, Icelandair, business
Edinburgh to Shetland Sumburgh, Loganair
Shetland to Orkney Kirkwall, Logainair
Orkney to Westray, Loganair
Westray to Papa Westray, Loganair
Papa Westray to Orkney, Loganair
Orkney to Edinburgh, Loganair

While most of the UK’s airlines work either on the low-cost model or focus on holiday destinations, Loganair is very different. It’s a regional airline with a focus on the Shetlands, the Orkneys and the Hebrides in Scotland where its services are vital for many smaller communities. It operates a fleet of small aircrafts and regional jets, such as Twin Otters, BN-2’s, Saab 340’s, Embraer 135’s and 145’s.

This was my last flight on my trip to Shetland and Orkney.

The terminal landside

photo 01

There’s a café with a choice of hot meals, snacks and drinks, all at reasonable prices

photo 02photo 03

Check-in at Orkney took only about 15 minutes. Check-in luggage is always included with Loganair.

Security was friendly like everything on the islands.

There’s a small waiting room airside which was enough as there are not many flights and all of them are operated on regional aircrafts

photo 04

There are no shops or cafes here but there’s some interesting art on the walls.

photo 05

Let’s have a closer look

photo 06

This one is a bit stranger

photo 07

Have a look at this “bookshop”. This is what I call a friendly airport

photo 08

Boarding started at 19.05. Our plane today was a Saab 340B, registration numer G-LGND, called Sandaidh. It first flew in 1989.

photo 09

This Saab 340B has 10 rows in a 1+2 configuration plus the last row with four seats. Load was about 30/34 on today’s flight. The seats are in a good condition.

photo 10photo 11photo 12

G-LGNB, another Saab 340B, built in 1990, was standing next to us and was to fly to Shetlands.

photo 13

The pilot announcements after boarding were unusual: “In the cabin you can find [name] the number one Spice Girl fan”

An expected flight time of one hour and five minutes was announced.

Take-off was at 1920 from runway 09 for a scheduled departure time of 1935.

photo 14

The views were immediately beautiful in perfect weather.

photo 15photo 16

More nice views as we were flying over the southern Orkneys

photo 17photo 18

The last view of the Orkneys

photo 19

Some people laughing all the way, everybody seemed to be in a very good mood. The only one cabin crew (the Space Girl fan) was also in a very good mood.

Despite being on a short one-hour regional flight we had a full service including tea or coffee, a soft drink and a snack.

We reached the Scottish Mainland at 19.45

photo 24

The weather around Edinburgh was nowhere as nice as in the Orkneys

photo 25

We landed at 20.20 and we were at our parking position at 20.25 for a scheduled arrival time of 20.45
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Cabin crew10.0

Orkney Islands - KOI


Edinburgh - EDI



I really enjoyed this flight, just as much as I enjoyed everything on the Shetlands and the Orkneys. Loganair is a small and friendly airline and it is a bit as aviation used to be decades ago: you have to pay a relatively high price but you get good service and the entire flight is a good experience.

My notes:
Cabin: very comfortable for a regional aircraft, 10/10
Cabin crew: friendly and laughing yet efficiant at work, 10/10
Entartainment: beautiful views, 10/10
Meal: tea, soft drink and a choice of snacks on a one hour regional flight, 10/10



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