Review of Shenzhen Airlines flight Hong Kong Wuxi in Economy

Airline Shenzhen Airlines
Flight ZH9096
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 23 Jul 19, 16:50
Arrival at 23 Jul 19, 19:30
ZH 9 reviews
Published on 2nd August 2019


This is the second leg of the my trip to Wuxi. Pretty tired as I got up early so I'm already excited to head to the hotel but I had a long transfer wait in HKG.

Shenzhen Airlines
Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) -  Sunan Shuofang International Airport (WUX)
Economy Class
Gate 524
ETD: 04:50PM
ATD: 05:30PM (40 minutes late)
ETA: 07:30PM
ATA: 07:55PM (25 minutes late)


After disembarking from my previous flight, I had to go through a security check before heading to the departure hall.

photo img_0099

After the security checks, I am finally allowed to head towards the departure hall.

photo img_0101photo img_0102

I enjoy being in this airport with its high ceilings and large clear windows for plane spotting.

photo img_0104photo img_0116

Went plane spotting with it being nice and bright out in Hong Kong. Please enjoy the gallery of planes below.

Having a look at the FIDS but my gate would not be released till an hour before my flight.

photo img_0119

Finally, the gate is announced and I make my way to the waiting area.

photo img_0122

The waiting area is pretty full from all the low-cost flights waiting to leave.

photo img_0124

I was reissued a new boarding pass for this leg.

photo img_0126

Boarding is announced and a queue forms with ground staff checking boarding passes.

photo img_0127-15869photo img_0128

After scanning my boarding pass, I was shepherded onto a bus along with other passengers.

photo img_0129


We board the plane via steps which was uncomfortable in the summer heat.

photo img_0130-61342photo img_0131photo img_0132

Onboard, the economy cabin is arranged on the standard 3-3 configuration with simple blue seats.

photo img_0133

Seat pitch is average but the middle seat is empty so I get a little more seat space to share with my seatmate.

photo img_0134

Final shot from the ground. I love the TK plane taking off in the background.

photo img_0135

Passengers are still placing baggage in the overhead bins while the cabin crew handed out newspapers.

photo img_0136

Seat-back material is basic with a safety card, Shenzhen Airlines magazine and an airsickness bag.

photo img_0137photo img_0140photo img_0139

The crew served a pre-flight drink while we sat on the tarmac. We were delayed slightly as the incoming flight was late.

photo img_0141

Finally, we started taxiing to the runway. Passing by an Air Canada

photo img_0142

And a Hello Kitty EVA Air which was ahead of us.

photo img_0144

Finally, we took off over Hong Kong. I wish I was there instead.

photo img_0145photo img_0147

Took more photos as there was no IFE to keep me occupied.

photo img_0148

Visited the lavatory for some obligatory photos. I wouldn't rate it highly as the floor was wet and tissues were all over.

photo img_0149photo img_0150

Took a shot of the cabin from the rear of the plane.

photo img_0152

An in-flight meal was served, the options are chicken with rice or pork with noodles. I opted for the noodles. What I got was a very decent meal from ZH. I was expecting something much simpler but a full meal with fruit and dessert was good. The cabin crew also served chili sauce (the dark brown goop on top) for those who wanted it.

photo img_0154

The crew went around offering a second meal for those who wanted it.

photo img_0156

The sun was setting on this side of the globe.

photo img_0157

Our flight landed and after a short taxi, we disembarked.


photo img_0158

Even in this small airport, we got off from the steps.

photo img_0160

Baggage claim

After immigration, I went to collect my bag. The arrival hall is very much a void with no shops and the taxi stand is a distance away.

photo img_0161
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Shenzhen Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Wuxi - WUX



A very basic flight with a decent meal, I'm glad that the flight wasn't too long as the cabin temperature was pretty warm.



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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5845 Comments

    Always enjoy your reports! It's nice to see a report on ZH as there aren't that many out there. Like you said a basic flight by Asian standards, but above average by US/EU standards, haha. Especially the full hot meal on a 2.5 hour flight. I do find your rating a bit harsh, though...3.0 for IFE, for example. Were they showing TV shows on the overhead TVs? I would think that's pretty standard for a short flight, where I wouldn't expect there to be PTVs.

    Beautiful planespotting in HKG and great night shot of your aircraft on arrival in WUX!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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