Review of Singapore Airlines flight Hong Kong Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ871
Class Economy
Seat 74H
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 31 Jul 19, 19:55
Arrival at 31 Jul 19, 23:55
SQ   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 619 reviews
By 4720
Published on 4th August 2019


I arrived at HKIA and into a T8 typhoon. I wonder if I would have avoided this storm if my trip wasn't delayed from the original departure day of the previous Sunday.

Singapore Airlines
Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) - Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)
Economy Class
Gate 6

ETD: 07:55PM
ATD: 10:46PM (2 hours 51 minutes late)
ETA: 11:55PM
ATA: 03:16AM (3 hours 21 minutes late)


I immediately went to the transfer desk to get the boarding pass for my next leg as it wasn't issued at WUX. Was assigned to seat 74H which was the aisle seat of the 2nd last row.

photo img_0264

Crossed through the security screening to access the departure hall.

photo img_0266

Once at the departure hall, I went plane spotting and seat hunting. The terminal was crowded with passengers whose flights were delayed or cancelled.

photo img_0267

Spotted the flight which brought me to Hong Kong the previous week. Probably not the same plane.

photo img_0268

HKIA is great for taking symmetrical architecture shots.

photo img_0269photo img_0275

Passengers were sat all over the place as they waited for their flights or updates on the typhoon.

photo img_0270

I went to the FIDS to look for my gate but it wasn't announced yet.

photo img_0273

As you can see many flights were being re-timed due to the typhoon. My flight was re-timed till 9:25PM as the incoming flight was delayed.

photo img_0276

At around 8:00PM, my gate was announced and I headed towards it. Spotted what I believe is SQ1/2 which flies the SIN-HKG-SFO route.

photo img_0277

The gate assigned to my flight was Gate 6. I took a seat next to a power socket to charge my phone. 

photo img_0278

At approx. 9:15pm, my plane rolled into the gate. It was clear another delay was inevitable.

photo img_0279

I'm pretty excited for this flight as it's my first time on a B787 and I'm glad it's on a SQ B787-10. It's a beautiful plane.

photo img_0282

The waiting area wasn't as full as I expected. Probably as many transiting passengers were not here due to the delays.

photo img_0283

The flight is further delayed for another 30min.

photo img_0285

30min before departure, boarding begins with the priority passengers and those at the back (me).

photo img_0286


Crossing the airbridge to the plane.

photo img_0287photo img_0288

Earpieces and newspapers were located at the door.

photo img_0289

The economy cabin is lit in a lovely blue shade and the seats were the lastest ones in the fleet.

photo img_0292

My seat for today. Looks like a nice space to be in for this 4-hour flight.

photo img_0293_1

The HD screen is sharp and crisp. You can log in to the IFE system with your KrisFlyer account. This allows you to save movie bookmarks or other information so you can continue on your next SQ flight with the new IFE.

photo img_0294

Passengers are coming on-board slowly.

photo img_0295

The seat controls. USB charging port and headset socket. I'm disappointed that SQ has not updated their new seat to use a single 3.5mm headphone jack. I believe a single jack is the way forwards. Having to use an adapter is not ideal as it's one more thing to carry and lose.

photo img_0296

Here is the flight information for tonight's flight. I like the new look of this flight map.

photo img_0297photo img_0298photo img_0299

A large group of noisy passengers boarded.

photo img_0302

Taking a look at the seat-back material now. Starting with the airsickness bag.

photo img_0303

Safety information card.

photo img_0304

In-flight WiFi information

photo img_0305

KrisWorld In-Flight Entertainment magazine.

photo img_0307

SilverKris magazine.

photo img_0308

KrisShop Duty-Free magazine.

photo img_0309

After the doors were closed, menu cards and a hot oshinbori was handed out to the passengers.

photo img_0311

Western selection.

photo img_0312

Asian selection.

photo img_0313

Drinks menu.

photo img_0314

I took the time to visit the lavatory now as the captain had announced a further hour of delays due to congested airspace and the backlog of planes waiting to take-off.

photo img_0315photo img_0316

The wind and rain is heavy tonight.

photo img_0317

Since the row behind me was empty and the doors were already closed, I went to take the entire row 75. Here's a view from the final row of the SQ B787-10. Maybe I should take one from the middle seat next time.

photo img_0318

The safety video was screened during this time.

photo img_0319

Our flight route being shown on repeat on my neighboring seat's screen.

photo img_0320

Passengers watching movies while waiting for departure.

photo img_0321

Finally at 11:00PM, we were pushed back and we made our way to the runway. Spotted an Air Canada and a United plane sitting at remote stands.

photo img_0323photo img_0325

At approx. 11:20PM, we finally take off. The plane takes a southerly route which I presume was to avoid the typhoon.

photo img_0327photo img_0328

Dinner, or rather supper, was served. I picked the western option as I wasn't keen on more Asian food after a week in China. Dinner was served with a warm roll.

photo img_0337

The meal was passable but the fish was a bit too dry and hard for my taste. The roasted vegetables and dill potatoes were good though.

photo img_0334

I enjoyed the coleslaw and smoked chicken breast. It was simple yet very tasty.

photo img_0335

After the trays were collected, Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream was served.

photo img_0343

The meal was completed with 2½ hours to go.

photo img_0338

Still flying southwards.

photo img_0339

A HUD view of the flight. No cameras on SQ flights though.

photo img_0341

I like this shot as it shows how high the ceilings are on the B787-10.

photo img_0347

I fell asleep and woke up just as we were about to land. Having two seats to lie down was great.

photo img_0348


Finally landed in Singapore. I realized there isn't any external shots this flight but since it was a night flight, I didn't expect to see much anyway plus I didn't get to use the electronic window shade.

photo img_0350

Waiting for the priority passengers to disembark first.

photo img_0351

Parked at T3 Gate A11.

photo img_0352

Several staff were waiting for connecting passengers who had missed their flights with hotel and meal vouchers.

photo img_0353_1

baggage claim

Collected my bag at Belt 42. This ends my trip to Wuxi, China.

photo img_0354
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Singapore - SIN



A great flight with SQ and a wonderful way to end the trip getting to experience the new B787-10. The crew was excellent and really give SQ a good image. Only thing which could improve is it's catering. I hope SQ can improve their catering to showcase Singapore as a foodie haven. Also, the new seats are slightly too hard for my liking but that could just be down to personal preference.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Singapore (SIN)


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    jish.b SILVER 285 Comments

    Your first flight on a 787, and it was SQ's -10! A great way to get started. Unfortunate about the delay but it looked like everyone was in the same boat. Great descriptions & pictures too, thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 516754 by
      FiamaArin AUTHOR 66 Comments

      Hi Jish.B,

      Thanks for reading my report! I hoped you enjoyed the report. The plane was certainly a great experience. The delay was unfortunate but it's better than the current situation in HK. I hope they resolve the issues there soon.


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