Review of Shenzhen Airlines flight Wuxi Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Shenzhen Airlines
Flight ZH9095
Class Economy
Seat 13A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 31 Jul 19, 12:50
Arrival at 31 Jul 19, 15:50
ZH 9 reviews
By 627
Published on 3rd August 2019


After a week of work in Wuxi, it was time to go home. Wuxi at this time is incredibly warm and I wouldn't recommend any one visit during these months.

Shenzhen Airlines
Sunan Shuofang International Airport (WUX) - Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) B737-800
Economy Class
Gate 7

ETD: 12:50PM
ATD: 12:46PM (4 minutes early)
ETA: 03:50PM
ATA: 03:57PM (on time)


I arrived by taxi and several guards checked me for bombs materials. I was also asked to take a drink of my water to make sure it was safe. Sunan Shuofang's International Terminal was a small terminal which took about less than half of the whole airport. 

photo img_0216

Since I arrived early, I decided to visit the domestic terminal for a look. The VIP lounge is located between the two terminals.

photo img_0217

The domestic terminal is much larger than the international terminal. I guess it's because of the volume of domestic travel, especially during the festive period.

photo img_0218

After my visit, I went back to check-in my luggage and collect my boarding pass. I was only issued the boarding pass for this flight and would have to get my boarding pass for the second leg in Hong Kong. My bag, however, was checked-in all the way to Singapore.

photo img_0219

I wanted to go airside early but I was informed by the customs guard that I would only be allowed entry an hour before. So I sat at the small waiting area and shot an obligatory boarding pass shot.

photo img_0220


Finally at 11:10, I was allowed to cross customs and immigration to head airside. It's a small airport with two duty-free shops and a noodle shop.

photo img_0222

The flight was originally supposed to depart from Gate 5, however, the plane was parked at Gate 7. So an announcement was made and the flight was now departing from Gate 7.

photo img_0224

The MU flight before us was heading to Macau.

photo img_0225

Soon, boarding began and a queue formed.

photo img_0227-94396


This time, I boarded via aerobridge. I managed to catch a nice shot of the plane in Wuxi.

photo img_0228

ZH's 737-800 economy cabin is arranged in a 3-3 configuration.

photo img_0230

I arrived at my seat which was arranged by the check-in agent and he was kind enough to put me in the exit row seat. First, a picture of my seat.

photo img_0231

And next is the legroom for me on this flight. Reaching those reading materials and table was going to be a stretch.

photo img_0232

Luckily, I have a folding table in my armrest.

photo img_0243

We are parked next to a Sichuan Airlines. Look at how those winglets line up so perfectly.

photo img_0234

At push-back, the screens dropped down to screen the safety video.

photo img_0235

Soon, we took off from Wuxi and into the bright, sunny sky. Hopefully, I will get to visit this city in autumn or winter and as a tourist.

photo img_0237photo img_0238

Next, let's take a look at the seatback material. I managed to grab these once the plane leveled off. I will no longer be using the gallery feature of FR because it doesn't show the full photos.First, we have the emergency row information card.

photo img_0239

Safety card.

photo img_0240

Shenzhen Airlines magazine.

photo img_0241

Airsickness bag.

photo img_0242

Lunch was served 30 minutes after take-off. The main course was rice and several local dishes while the box contained a banana, some pickles, a vanilla muffin, a wet wipe and utensils. A flight attendant went out handing a dollop of chili sauce for those who wanted it.

photo img_0245photo img_0246photo img_0247

After lunch, I decided to visit the lavatory. Same as the incoming flight, the floor was wet and the general cleanliness left much to be desired.

photo img_0249

I spent the rest of the flight resting till descent was announced by the captain. However, the descent took much longer than expected and only after 30 minutes, the captain announced that we had been circling around Hong Kong airspace due to the typhoon.

photo img_0244photo img_0250

Finally, we landed in Hong Kong. The strong winds of the T8 typhoon made this landing very rough.

photo img_0251

During taxiing, I spotted several planes.

photo img_0253photo img_0254


We are soon parked at the apron and the stairs were moved to the door.

photo img_0255

The skies don't looks so friendly here in Hong Kong now.

photo img_0256

We board the bus to the terminal.

photo img_0259

And finally entering HKIA and escaping the wind and rain.

photo img_0261photo img_0262
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Shenzhen Airlines

Cabin crew5.0

Wuxi - WUX


Hong Kong - HKG



An average flight made slightly better by the kind actions of the check-in agent and giving me a seat with enormous leg room. Meal was better than expected but cabin was too warm, like all Chinese carriers.



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