Review of British Airways flight Accra London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA78
Class Economy
Seat 43K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 06:06
Take-off 29 Jun 19, 00:05
Arrival at 29 Jun 19, 07:11
BA   #62 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 961 reviews
By 1881
Published on 9th August 2019


The West African Tour - ACCRA to LONDON

 These upcoming reports map my summer 2019 trip to and from the African continent. As this year is the 'Year of Return'.  This report covers Accra to London. Ghana is one of BA's cash crop routes on the African continent, the others being CPT, JNB and LOS. These flights operate from T3 and shares gates with AA.  

Having the opportunity to travel on the 747 once more has been a privilege as these birds are becoming more rare as the months ago by. Our flight, BA78 was delayed about 2.5 hours as the aircraft was down for maintenance in London. BA sent out an email recommending passengers to delay their arrival by about 90 minutes due to the disruption. 


Night time at Kokota Airport is extremely busy as most long haul flights depart. Even with our delay, the airport still operated as maximum efficiency. Other departing flights included, KL to Amsterdam, TP to Lisbon via Lome, DL to JFK, SA to Johannesburg and Washington Dulles, TK to Istanbul and SN to Brussels.

photo img_1209photo img_1215

Customs took a couple minutes as the airport is sure to allocate a great amount of staff based on the hours of flight departures.

photo img_1227

As we had time to relax, I took a stroll and headed to one of the bars in the departure lounge. It was amazing to see my country's rum in Ghana (Mount Gay Rum, Barbados).

photo img_1226photo 6e69ec02-6a03-4261-9693-1ad9b7f21762photo 6e763eec-5bcf-49d7-8902-f70a053ec7b3

Spotted KL's Dutch livery. 

photo img_1218photo img_1221

TP arriving from Lisbon.

photo img_1232

SA loading up for IAD.

photo img_1247

SN departing to BRU.

photo img_1238


Aircraft: Boeing 747-436
Registration: G-CIVX
Age: 20.8 Years
Layout: F14C86W30Y145

Soon enough, 2.5 hours later our aircraft arrived in Accra. 

photo img_1223photo img_1234photo img_1248

These seats and IFE were newer than the last flight report.

photo img_1253photo img_1252

During taxi, SAA overtook us as they backtracked the RWY for an expedited departure. 

photo img_1258photo img_1257photo img_1256

Winds favored the north so we took off headed north bound. 

photo img_1261photo img_1263

Dinner came soon after takeoff as crew tried to serve the passengers as soon as possible as we were late.

photo img_1269

descent & arrival

Again, SOMEHOW, I missed sunrise. Usually i never miss sunrise on my flights but it probably shows how tired I was from my trip. 

photo img_1270photo img_1271photo img_1272

Descending over the channel.

photo img_1274

The coast of England

photo img_1276

Enterring approach in LHR

One of our 4 RR engines

photo img_1291


photo img_1295photo img_1301

We touched down about an hour later than scheduled as time was made in the air. 

We pulled into our gate next to a CX 77W and QA A388. At this point it was time to sprint across to T5 for my connection which was leaving in 40 minutes.

photo img_1309

BA coming in from ORD.

photo img_1315

Our Aircraft.

photo img_1316

Approach and flight map from

photo screen-shot-2019-07-02-at-12741-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-07-02-at-12719-pm
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British Airways

Cabin crew5.5

Accra - ACC


London - LHR



Despite being delayed, the pilots got us to LHR as soon as possible. Service was quick as crew tried to let passengers get as much rest as possible.



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  • Comment 515820 by
    East African 1591 Comments
    Nice FR JAZ350,
    Yeah true, it's time to try the Queen of the Skies now rather than later.
    You got lucky to have the special OW livery!
    What are the main differences between the new seats & Ife VS the old ones?
    Many thanks for sharing.
    • Comment 515842 by
      JAZ350 AUTHOR 80 Comments
      Hey! Thank you. I was hoping for one of the 100 Year liveries actually!
      Two differences are that the older seats are slightly thicker in terms of cushioning and they are also more comfortable. The IFE on this flight are BA's newest editions which can be compared to the older edition on the 777/787s and the even more dated version on the older 747s as seen in my first 747 report between LHR and ACC.
      • Comment 516007 by
        East African 1591 Comments
        So, a better IFE or a more comfortable seat? that's your choices right?
        What would you choose first between these two?
        On which aircraft (old or new) can be seen the 100y livery?

        Personnally, for a late night flight, the plane you've got with a better seat, would have done the job, especially with your delayed departure time from ACC!
        The new IFE - no matter the resolution/contents would have been totally useless... like the sunrise you missed ?
        Too bad you had to run at LHR T5!
        • Comment 516011 by
          JAZ350 AUTHOR 80 Comments
          I prefer the more comfortable seat as I just wanted to sleep for most of the flight. I think the 100Y schemes may have been randomly selected but I have read one of them will be retired pretty soon.
          LOL running to T5 was a marathon, we actually asked the check in crew in Accra to shift us to a later departing flight from LHR and she insisted not to do so. We didn't get our luggage in JFK.
  • Comment 519083 by
    02022001 GOLD 4387 Comments
    Always interesting to see this kind of routes, moreover, with a B747 !
    But is the flight full every day ?
    Thanks to share ;)

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