Review of Lufthansa flight Rio De Janeiro Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH501
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 22 May 19, 22:10
Arrival at 23 May 19, 14:30
LH   #49 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1277 reviews
By 1827
Published on 19th August 2019
Welcome to the third part of this flight report series from my trip to Italy.
The whole trip itinerary:

- AEP – IGR on LATAM Argentina A320
- IGU – GIG on LATAM Brazil A320
- GIG – FRA on Lufthansa Boeing 747 YOU ARE HERE
- FRA – LIN on Lufthansa A320
- FLR – ZRH on Swiss A220
- ZRH – EZE on Edelweiss A340

Date: 22/05/19
Origin Rio de Janeiro – Galeao GIG
Destination: Frankfurt – International FRA
Departure: 22.10 (22.30 real)
Arrival: 14.30 (14.15 real)

So, I had arrived in Rio de Janeiro Galeao Airport at 18 hours from Foz de Iguassu. When I deplaned, I started following the path towards Terminal 3 (new one). I had arrived at Terminal 2 (old and renewed one).

photo img_1162

Tonight departures. There was a GOL flight to my hometown, Rosario.

photo img_1164

After some 15-20 minutes of walking on deserted corridors I found myself on the security check line. Immediately after that was migrations area. Both were really quick.
Once on the airside, I got to the Duty-Free area. There were so many shops, food courts, and bars packed together. I thought I was in a mall!

photo img_1167photo img_1171

Later I found out why it the shops were packed. Terminal 3 is like a long empty corridor. So, all the shopping area is on the beginning of it.

photo img_1173photo img_1176

The gate for my flight was the farthest. So again, I had to walk a couple of minutes to get there. I couldn’t stop watching this Boeing 747. It was my first time flying this aircraft and I couldn’t be more exited!

photo img_1183

To kill some time, I made use of some comfortable sofas on the boarding lounge and enjoyed some good free Wi-Fi. Then I saw a LH agent preparing the desk for boarding so I asked him if I could change my seat for the FRA to LIN flight. I wanted a window seat. He checked on the system and said I had an emergency exit seat and asked me If I was sure I preferred window. For just an hour of flight I rather have some views of the Swiss Alps than stretching my legs. So, he changed this for me and printed new boarding pass.

photo img_1192

Waiting areas

photo img_1194photo img_1195

Norwegian Boeing 787 about to leave for LGW

photo img_1196

Almost an hour before departure boarding was started. First passengers flying First Class and Business Cabin. Then the rest. My seat was 36K.

photo img_1208

As I mentioned before, this was my first time on a Boeing 747. My first impression was how tall the celling is and how spacious it feels.

photo img_1210photo img_1211photo img_1212

My seat was in the middle compartment and almost all the seats were taken. There were many different nationalities on this flight, Argentineans, Brazilians, Germans, Russians, Israelis, Asians and others.

photo img_1217

Nice legroom. I’m 1.75 m tall.

photo img_1214

Inflight entertainment system screen.

photo img_1215

At 22 the crew introduced themselves in German and English. They announced we were a little bit delayed because of the high runway traffic (?). The FAs handed some hot towels.
Finally, at 22.30 we took off and headed north. I thought to myself how different the take off feels on this heavy 747 than on other widebody aircraft that I flew. I hope to be on a 747 again soon.

Security card (so dirty!)

photo img_1221

A couple of minutes later the FAs served some drinks and pretzls. It called my attention how young some members of the crew looked and how senior some others looked! All of them were very friendly.

photo img_1230

One hour and a half after take off they served the dinner. The choices were chicken goulash and vegetarian pasta. I took the pasta. It was tasty but the portion was very small. For dessert, rice pudding (yuk! I never thought this coalified as dessert). I expected something better. The goulash seemed good, but the portion looked even smaller.

photo img_1231photo img_1232

After dinner I started a movie and they served more dinks. Later the FAs collected the trash. Minutes after they passed offering hot beverages and some alcoholic drinks. I took a Bailey´s shot.

photo img_1237

After my movie ended, I put the airshow. I was quite amusing. Before leaving the American continent, I started trying to sleep.

Magazine onboard.

photo img_1239

Some hours later I woke up. I saw on the map we were flying over Africa. I tried to open my window shade and a FA came to ask me to close it down. So, I put another movie and approximately 2 hours before landing they served the breakfast. It was an omellete with vegetables. I personally don’t like this kind of breakfast, so I didn’t try it.

photo img_1241

While we were flying over France the captain announced we were descending. After some turnings we crossed Frankfurt city from west to east. Finally, at 14.15 local time we landed. I was planning to run because I had a little more than an hour to pass through security and migrations and find the gate for my next flight.

photo img_1248photo img_1252

Commerzbank Arena

photo img_1255

FRA tarmac

photo img_1262photo img_1266

Once on the ground we headed to Terminal 1, concourse Z. Luckily the gate for my flight to Milan was pretty close to the exit of the checkpoint. I found there is a special lane on the checkpoint for tight connections, but my flight didn’t show on those screens. So, I passed through the regular checkpoint.

photo img_1272

Last view of B747

photo img_1273

The security checkpoint was fast, although it was packed. I heard a lot of Argentinean accent; it seems that LH flight coming from EZE had just arrived too. The agent asked to see something on my backpack. After that I passed through passport control, and after some questions about my trip I was ok to enter Schengen Area.

photo img_1275

As I said, luckily the gate for the LIN flight was very close, so it took me just a few steps to get there.
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Cabin crew9.0

Rio De Janeiro - GIG


Frankfurt - FRA



It was a very nice experience flying a B747. I´ve been dreaming about this for a long time. The LH service was ok. The food on the meals was quite poor. The FAs were very cheerful.



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