Review of Cathay Pacific flight Los Angeles Hong Kong in First

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX885
Class First
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 14:40
Take-off 28 Jul 19, 13:15
Arrival at 28 Jul 19, 18:55
CX   #1 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 459 reviews
By 2581
Published on 23rd September 2019

Background and planning

There's a saying in life that goes like this, "Sometimes, it's not what you know. It's who you know." This concept offends my sensibilities as I want to cling to a naïve world view where achievements are based on merit, effort, etc. This series of flights confronts my naivety as it would not have come to fruition if I didn't have the pleasure of knowing the esteemed Flight Report contributor Reward Flying . Not only does Mark contribute detailed, critical, and interesting reports on this site and on his blog but he is also an expert in virtually all worthwhile frequent flyer programs.

Readers who are points nerds like me know that opportunities to book Swiss First Class with Star Alliance partner points are very rare, to say the least. In 2017 Swiss F inventory was released by Aeroplan (and others), ticketed by mileage redeemers, and summarily cancelled with the explanation that it shouldn't have been released at all. This made the email I received from Mark in the Fall of 2018 all the more intriguing. He had located Swiss F inventory by way of Krisflyer (Singapore Airlines) and it appeared bookable. Specifically BOM-ZRH-ORD was coming up in Swiss F on the Singapore Airlines website. With some more tinkering and application of his expertise Mark determined if you add the segment of SIN-BOM in SQ F the redemption price goes down as it is priced on SQ's chart rather than Star Alliance partner chart. So this is what he had done. He was ticketed for travel in July of 2019 flying SQ F SIN-BOM and LX F BOM-ZRH-ORD. Mark was contacting me not to gloat but to point out other dates that this routing was still available, should I wish to book one. Yes, I wish to. The only problem is that I didn't have 140,000 points to afford such a redemption. Mark, in a most generous way, offered to keep this information to himself until I was able to scrounge together the points. Wow.

Suffice it to say that I did accumulate the points, went all in on Krisflyer and booked the redemption. Now the fun challenge of filling in the gaps. I turned to Cathay Pacific first as I had the required amount of Alaska Miles (70k) to redeem for First. There was no availability on the day I wanted, from any gateway. More searching and I found it, from my home airport no less, a couple of days before I wanted to depart. Oh well, I'll make this a longer trip. I booked LAX-HKG-SIN. I'm not excited about staying in Singapore that long so I added a side trip to Kuching, Malaysia, somewhere that Anthony Bourdain made me excited for many years ago. To get back home from Chicago I bought a reasonable AA F ticket form ORD to SNA. So thanks to Jedi Award Master Mark, I'm off!

Qantas First Lounge LAX

I travel on miles quite a bit. As such the trips are usually last minute affairs and the time I have to ruminate and pace about with excitement is limited. This trip, contrary to the norm, was signed, sealed and booked abut 300 days out. I had to wait better part of a year for some highly anticipated flying!

I arrived at LAX just before the counters opened by chance. I was checked in online and in possession of a digital boarding pass. Since check in opening was imminent I stopped by to see if I could move to seat 2A, my favorite. Not to be today, 1A is a nice consolation prize.

photo 20190728_095526photo 20190728_095516photo 20190728_095531

The TSA pre-check line at TBIT was fast and I was on my way upstairs to the Qantas Lounge.

photo 20190728_100829photo 20190728_1008410photo 20190728_110309

I waited for breakfast so I went straight for the dining section. It's a quiet time to visit.

photo 20190728_101335photo 20190728_101331photo 20190728_101344

Polo, a lovely guy who has been working at the lounge seemingly since the inception, was on duty and came quickly with a  menu and beverage offer.

A glass of the Pommery and some water please.

photo 20190728_1013090

The egg white omelet and a side of bacon for breakfast hit the spot.

photo 20190728_101922

Enter text here…

photo 20190728_101913

I virtually had the place to myself but left anyway for my ritual of walking about the terminal and spotting airplanes.

photo 20190728_110216photo 20190728_110236photo 20190728_110202

Enter text here…

photo 20190728_110628

The Tahitians getting ready to depart for Paris.

photo 20190728_111213

BB3 was preparing to depart for Narita. Some day I will catch her.

photo 20190728_112037photo 20190728_112154photo 20190728_112252

JAL inbound form Narita.

photo 20190728_113538photo 20190728_113625

I strolled long enough for the lunch menu to be on offer back at the lounge so I went back upstairs for another bite or two. The "Crimson Muse" (bourbon, pomegranate, and lime) intrigued me.

photo 20190728_121020

For a snack I opted for the "Summer tomato soup with thyme ricotta" and it was a nice example of the dish.

photo 20190728_121723photo 20190728_121726

After snacking I retired to a comfortable chair with a glass of the Nicolas Feuillatte Rose and eagerly anticipated the adventure(s) before me.

photo 20190728_123446

As boarding time approached and espresso and cookie interlude occurred.

photo 20190728_130632


 The gate assignment revealed that we were departing from  a remote stand so I didn't bother heading down right as boarding was beginning, knowing the perk of priority boarding was gone.  An announcement is made in the lounge and I meandered down eventually.

It's not very "First Class" but I do enjoy being on the tarmac with the airplanes.

One jet bridge…

photo 20190728_135349photo 20190728_135554

I was greeted by a very friendly IFSM named Maybel and handed off to another FA to be shown to 1A. Maybel noted my first name and told me she named her son Christian, with a K. I mentioned that I have a niece name Maybel so we have a connection right away.

The refreshed interior is present on this ship, with the higher resolution monitor and touch screen handset.

photo 20190728_140022photo 20190728_140602

The handset in 1A wasn't functioning properly but a seat reset solved the issue.

photo 20190728_140622

Wifi on this aircraft.

photo 20190728_140129

Lani and Ko were the flight attendants looking after the cabin this afternoon. Lani asked about a beverage before departing and I opted for my usual. The Tattinger Comtes De Champagne 2007, superb. Water with ice rides with the Champagne.

photo 20190728_140142photo 20190728_140233

The pajamas and amenity kit are distributed. As I often do I attempted to swap the male kit for a female kit and was simply treated to an additional kit. A generous gesture.

photo 20190728_144050photo 20190728_144100

The menu for CX885. This is my preferred CX departure time from LAX. It's not necessary to wake before dawn and there's plenty of time to enjoy the QF lounge. The meals on board are Lunch / Dinner and not Supper / Breakfast. There is also plenty of flying time to enjoy it all.

Captain Mark, from Australia, announced a 13:25 flying time to HKG. We were off the stand an taxing to 24L for departure.

photo 20190728_141803

Some traffic on taxi.

Shortly after crossing the 10,000' threshold Captain Mark turned off the seatbelt sign. I opted to change at this time.

photo 20190728_144010photo 20190728_145550photo 20190728_145834

Back to the Comtes for the aperitif.

photo 20190728_151429

I opted to take my lunch after takeoff and the table was set.  As was Mark's experience recently there were no orchids placed at the seat initially but on this flight they were brought out and positioned during the meal at some point.

photo 20190728_152215photo 20190728_152224photo 20190728_152525

Champagne and caviar, a perfect match and a distinct signal that I am flying in first class.

photo 20190728_152512photo 20190728_152631photo 20190728_152851

Tracking the flight on the handset.

photo 20190728_154010

Switched over to a lovely Chardonnay with excellent minerality. I was thinking of the lobster but it was perfectly suited to the mushroom soup as well.

photo 20190728_155110

Unctuous and velvety soup.

photo 20190728_155317photo 20190728_155302

The "salad" with a generous portion of Maine lobster.

photo 20190728_160035photo 20190728_160055

It's fantastic.

photo 20190728_161531photo 20190728_161537

I take the beef dish to have a nibble with the excellent wine. It's perfectly fine and not overcooked.

photo 20190728_161609

The port is lovely however the CX cheese offering is uninspired.  Lani and Ko were extremely deft at making a wonderful flow to the service. They made it seem as if I was the only passenger when in fact here were 5 of us. 

photo 20190728_163604photo 20190728_163656photo 20190728_163707

This was going to be one of those trips where I would have to sleep opportunistically if I wanted to do and see everything on my list. So, I took the opportunity to sleep in one of the best beds in the sky. 

photo 20190728_175513photo 20190728_175530

A mid-Pacific routing today rather than flying north and skirting Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. 

photo 20190728_212303

After some satisfying sleep I decided to ask for the bed to be stowed. With perhaps about 3 hours remaining in the flight I opted to have dinner. I asked Lani if it was possible to enjoy the caviar service again, she approved and began to setup the table. Round two with some Comtes to quaff.

photo 20190729_021516photo 20190729_021531

For a main dish I opted for stir fried beef, chive flower and oyster sauce, choy sum and steamed jasmine rice. The Lynch Bages made another appearance as well.

photo 20190729_023009photo 20190729_023014

I had fond memories of this dish having just enjoyed it on JFK-YVR. The ex. JFK dish was superior.

photo 20190729_023021

After dinner the cabin was awake with lights on so I took an opportunity to gaze out the window.

photo 20190729_031947

Cloud gazing and Cognac a brilliant experience.

photo 20190729_032519photo 20190729_032608

Our decent into HKG began in the late evening sky.

photo 20190729_033854

Thankfully the window shades can be up and not interfere with other passengers.

photo 20190729_034848photo 20190729_034855

The remnants of the day are obscured by clouds as we approach the air field.

photo 20190729_040802photo 20190729_041023

Lined up for 7L.

photo 20190729_041529

Aircraft movements as we taxi to our gate. Shanghai Airlines is one of my favorite liveries.

photo 20190729_041827photo 20190729_042025


photo 20190729_042102photo 20190729_042229


photo 20190729_042237
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

Qantas First Class Lounge - TBIT


Los Angeles - LAX


Hong Kong - HKG



The Ground Service: The check in agent was polite. CX joining Pre-Check is fantastic.

The Lounge: I'm a fan of the Qantas LAX First Lounge. Polo is a great host and I enjoyed my time there. The made to order dining is good and at the times of my visit the facility was not very crowded. I know the evening push with QF, BA, and CX can get very busy.

The Cabin: This ship featured the refreshed interior and wifi. I appreciate the higher resolution IFE screen and touch screen handset. The seat and bed are excellent and don't require any changes in my book.

The Crew: Lani and Ko were lovely and efficient. The service was delivered in friendly and gracious manner making a very enjoyable experience.

The Food and Beverage: The wine list overshadows the meals, for me. It's really quite special. Meal stand outs are the caviar, salad and soup.

Overall: An absolutely delightful and decadent way to cross the Pacific and start off a great adventure with new airlines and new destinations. Thank you for stopping by and a sincere thank you to Mark (Rewardflying) for making this trip a reality.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Hong Kong (HKG)


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  • Comment 523728 by
    Rewardflying SILVER 494 Comments

    So thanks to Jedi Award Master Mark, I'm off!

    -Thanks for the very kind words Christian. It’s a 2-way street you know. I’m sure you’ve had an eye roll or two when I constantly pose a “would you” question to you. Your experiences are untouched on this site and I truly value your opinion. And this was a great report as all yours are. (We even had the same CX meals on our LX RTW awesome experience!)

  • Comment 523868 by
    socalnow AUTHOR 979 Comments

    Greetings Mark and thanks for stopping by. I look forward to every "would you" scenario as I can only wish for such decisions of my own.

    We even had the same CX meals on our LX RTW awesome experience!

    -You have great taste ;)

    Happy flying (reward or otherwise).

  • Comment 523891 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5588 Comments

    So thanks to Jedi Award Master Mark, I'm off!

    That's awesome! It takes a special kind of person to navigate all those programs and find the sweet spots + monitor availability.

    In the past I've been more of a FFP status geek than an awards/points geek, but I'm beginning to change my ways...mostly because being loyal to one airline/alliance has become less rewarding over the years.

    That 70K Mileage Plan TPAC F redemption on CX is definitely a good value and I'm glad I've moved my business to Alaska.

    Qantas First lounges are awesome. I believe I read recently they'll be opening one in SIN now...would make sense with the A380s going back through there again,

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 524280 by
    socalnow AUTHOR 979 Comments

    Greetings Kevin and thank you for the note.

    That's awesome!

    -So very awesome to find it and then share it.

    That 70K Mileage Plan TPAC F redemption on CX is definitely a good value and I'm glad I've moved my business to Alaska.

    -I don't imagine you'll be disappointed. AS seems to have the most reasonable and flexible redemptions. Now AA putting CX in their award search engine can put a wrinkle in things...

    I believe I read recently they'll be opening one in SIN now...would make sense with the A380s going back through there again.

    -November is the word now. Don't let that Oneworld Emerald status go just yet...

    Happy flying Kevin.

  • Comment 529222 by
    Harry_He 66 Comments

    Love your report!
    I flew the same flight but in economy class. It wasn’t too bad but not as good as first.
    Looking froward to LX F reviews!

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