Review of SWISS flight Mumbai Zurich in First

Airline SWISS
Flight LX155
Class First
Seat 1K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 08:50
Take-off 02 Aug 19, 00:55
Arrival at 02 Aug 19, 06:15
LX   #25 out of 134 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 706 reviews
By GOLD 1934
Published on 28th October 2019

Greetings Flight Report community and welcome to the fifth installment of the "Great Swiss First Coup" series. Please feel free to visit the LAX-HKG segment for more detail on how our own Rewardflying contributor worked his magic and turned Swiss F from a dream into a reality.

BOM Transit Experience

Our arrival in Mumbai and transit were  not exactly smooth. Once at the gate there were "administrative" issues (diplomatically stated by the SQ captain) preventing us from having the jet way hooked up, so we waited for about 15 minutes.

The transit was more complicated than it needed to be. First, there was an airline representative holding a sign with several names on it, mine included. He said he would be my escort though the transit process. That's a kind gesture from SQ but we had to wait for most of the airplane to disembark before we could leave as there were non-F passengers utilizing this service. The idle time there was frustrating. I suppose I could have gone to the transit counter myself but my experiences doing connections here that were offline gave me pause. Previous visits tot eh transit counter have left me with the impression that no one there is quite sure what to do with a transit passenger. In the end it was all completed in the hap-hazard, nonsensical, and cumbersome manner I've come to expect transiting BOM.

GVK Lounge

The silly transit was a distant memory once I made it to this lovely facility.

photo 20190802_005201photo 20190802_005159

I presented my boarding pass and that created a lot of activity. I was asked to wait, radio calls were made, and finally a different contract representative arrived. She welcomed me to the lounge and explained the services. She also discussed my set change with me from 2K to 1K. I never figured out if this was the standard handling of LX F customers or if this was just their way of handling the seat change. I also considered that it was a way for them to know your appearance so when they return to escort you to the aircraft they know who they're looking for.

The lounge is a long rectangular space. The lattice breaks up the open area in to nice compartments consisting of a bar, various seating areas, dining, and a spa.

Looking in the direction of the buffet. The roped off area to the left is the first class a la carte dining area.

photo 20190802_011545

The staffed bar.

photo 20190802_005620photo 20190802_005852

Business center and rest area.

photo 20190802_005845photo 20190802_005834

Spa express.

photo 20190802_013033photo 20190802_005837

I decided to take advantage of the complimentary spa treatment. I 30 minute service is offered and I selected a foot massage. They woman was very good and had strong hands. I left her a gratuity in USD, which I think she appreciated.

photo 20190802_013152

Next stop was the dining room.

photo 20190802_020647

I was presented an extensive menu. A fantastic selection of global flavors that could keep me interested for a long time.

photo 20190802_020958photo 20190802_021004


photo 20190802_021014photo 20190802_021018


photo 20190802_021021photo 20190802_021024


photo 20190802_021027photo 20190802_021040


photo 20190802_021045photo 20190802_021049


photo 20190802_021057photo 20190802_021111


photo 20190802_021114

I requested Champagne and water to start.

photo 20190802_021157photo 20190802_021741

I wasn't exactly hungry, having feasted with SQ about 5 hours ago, but I wanted a taste of India. I requested the Chaat sampler and it was beautiful and scrumptious.

photo 20190802_023918

The mint and coriander water with puffed rice spheres.

photo 20190802_023925

Dahi papdi topped with potatoes.

photo 20190802_023928

Warm samosa with yogurt and tamarind chutney.

photo 20190802_023931

After snacking I retired to the seating area by the windows an observed the torrential rain. Shortly thereafter I was summoned by the LX contract staff that it was time to make the journey to the gate.

Mumbai airport is absolutely beautiful. the Design of the lighting and the high ceilings are very fetching.

photo 20190802_024949

My escort was walking very briskly leading me to believe that boarding was underway or even wrapping up but no. We arrived at the gate well before boarding commenced.

photo 20190802_025313photo 20190802_025317

Eventually boarding started and the F passengers were among the first to board.

photo 20190802_025503photo 20190802_025505

In a final segment of hilarity, upon scanning my boarding pass there was a beep and a red light. Apparently no doc check had been performed even though my passport and boarding pass had been reviewed by no fewer than 20 staff. Oh well, it was sorted out after a few minutes and I was on board with the most excitement I can remember for a flight in some time.


I've gazed affectionately at countless photos of the LX F cabin and now I was here. I could touch it and soak it all in. It's a beautiful display of restrained elegance and clean design. It exudes luxury without shouting.

photo 20190802_031540photo 20190802_032618


photo 20190802_032123

My reassigned seat of 1K was stocked with various amenities upon my arrival including slippers, headphones, and amenities kit.

photo 20190802_030219photo 20190802_030117

The LH F slippers are superior to these.

photo 20190802_030455

A look at the seat controls and storage.

photo 20190802_030712photo 20190802_030737


photo 20190802_030752


photo 20190802_030925photo 20190802_042116

The headphones are rather disappointing when compared to LH.

photo 20190802_035344

I was presented menus and a hot towel by one of the flight attendants who failed to introduce herself. In fact both crew were rather cold and standoffish. I wasn't sure if it was a language barrier issue, a late night departure, or something else.  It took me a while to break through and make a connection but when I did they became two of the most lovely and generous hosts I could imagine. Champagne was not offered on the ground so I enjoyed some water.

photo 20190802_031715photo 20190802_032643

A pre-takeoff amuse was served. A Vegetable samosa in a gloriously spicy spinach puree. A fantastic burst of flavor.

photo 20190802_030846

A look at 2K that was supposedly "broken" but would mysteriously become occupied after takeoff.

photo 20190802_030226

The captain visited with each customer in first, as is apparently the protocol on Swiss.

photo 20190802_032125

The IFSM, Manuela, stopped by to offer a voucher for free wifi. She didn't introduce herself either. Maybe it's a cultural thing?

The video monitor is ample size.

photo 20190802_033343

A pilot recruitment video played, something I can't recall seeing on board any airline before.

photo 20190802_035520

The cabin was secured and our push back into the rainy Mumbai night ensued. Taxi was expedient and we wre number 3 for runway 27 after an LH A350 and an Air India Express 737-800.

photo 20190802_035916photo 20190802_035931

Our route this early morning.

photo 20190802_040214

Unfortunately there was only 1 lav. available to passengers in first, the other reserved for crew, I guess. This is a rather poor ratio of 8:1 when compared with the majority of other similar products.

photo 20190802_041533photo 20190802_041523

La Prairie amenities on offer.

photo 20190802_0415142

Of course many passengers went directly to sleep after takeoff, a sensible approach to a flight at his hour. I had other objectives and sensibility didn't factor into my scheming.

photo 20190802_044749

The menu for this morning was as follows.

photo 20190802_111605


photo 20190802_111640photo 20190802_111649


photo 20190802_111654photo 20190802_111657

The cheese receives a proper page of information and description, reinforcing the significance on the Swiss table. This selection highlights the French speaking canton of Vaud, with proximity to France, would logically carry similar traditions.

photo 20190802_112016photo 20190802_112019


photo 20190802_112021photo 20190802_112025

The wine and beverage selection.

photo 20190802_112051photo 20190802_112055


photo 20190802_112057photo 20190802_112106


photo 20190802_112110photo 20190802_112112


photo 20190802_112331photo 20190802_112346


photo 20190802_112352photo 20190802_112400


photo 20190802_112403photo 20190802_112410


photo 20190802_112412photo 20190802_112415

It was after takeoff that my interactions with Sonia and Mireille, the two spectacular first class flight attendants, turned. I finally asked their names and introduced myself and let them know how elated I was to be on board and had been looking forward this flight, my inaugural Swiss First Class experience, for almost 1 year. They took this information to heart and made sure it was an experience to remember for a long time.

The table was laid precisely and a lovely glass of the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle was delivered. Sonia is providing the majority of service in the aisle with Mireille in the galley.

photo 20190802_042701photo 20190802_042704

A basket of warm bread was positioned on the tray along with some lovely grassy Spanish olive oil. I'm tickled by the tri-color roll for the efficiency and presentation. I guess I'm easily amused.

photo 20190802_043329photo 20190802_043324

The exquisite Balik smoked salmon is served to start. The light smoke and supple texture is a treat for the senses.

photo 20190802_043602photo 20190802_043613

Sure a dollop of caviar would guild the lily but there was no lamenting the absence of anything here.

photo 20190802_044014

Sonia is a tad disappointed that I won't take any more of the unctuous salmon so I share with her my marathon strategy of enjoying as many flavors as humanly possible.

The lobster starter is offered next. Substantial hunks of marinated lobster over a crunchy and flavor salad. I appreciate the inclusion of the namak pare as nod to the Indian Subcontinent.

photo 20190802_044554photo 20190802_044557

THe beet hummus, while visually arresting, was unremarkable with the earthy beet flavor somehow muted.

photo 20190802_044601

Much to Sonia's delight I'm in for the full experience so we move on to the "cold meat specialties." I think it was at this time that Sonia shared how delighted she and Mireille were that someone wanted to stay up with them and experience these delicacies. We made a good team, my penchant for gluttony and experiential yearning and their satisfaction in making a special experience in delighting a guest.

photo 20190802_045731

The creamy pine nuts, sweet watermelon and acidic bite of balsamic made for a refreshing salad.

photo 20190802_045737

Keen on the Swiss products I opted for a glass of the Chasselas.

photo copy-of-20190802_052941

The pumpkin soup was warmly spiced in what could be interpreted as an Indian preparation.

photo 20190802_051804photo 20190802_051808

For the main dish I took Sonia up on her offer of an off menu Swiss Nation Day dish of Saucisson, potato, and lentil. Swiss National Day is 8/1 and our midnight 8/2 departure was catered as such. The decadent sausage, well dotted with rich pork fat, was a delightful experience and keeps with the "Swiss-ness" of flying with the Swiss flag carrier.

photo 20190802_053030photo 20190802_053048

Sonia offered a late harvest wine to pair with the rich meat and it was an exciting match.

photo 20190802_055056

At this point I failed my hosts in that I was unable to continue through dessert and most importantly, the cheese. Sonia pointed out that the cheese will be here in the morning so I can opt to enjoy it then, if I desire. Good plan.

Mireille wasn't' giving up that easy and she arrived with the alluring box of Swiss chocolate as well as a bowl of other Swiss treat she had cobbled together. 

photo 20190802_055233photo 20190802_055314

Those empty spaces are not all of my doing.

photo 20190802_055321photo 20190802_055326

The bed came near the Pakistan / Iran boarder. It's a luxurious arrangement with thick pad and premium duvet and pillows.

photo 20190802_060107photo 20190802_061253

Mireille left water and a snack, Sonia having gone to her rest break by this time.

photo 20190802_061321

I didn't want to impose for a picture, the F/A rest area was unlike any configuration I've seen. A curtain, which you can see stowed here, closed around the space immediately in front of the exit. The jump seat then folded out into what was a terrible looking angled bed. I was quite surprised at the arrangement and Sonia and Mireille indicated in non-verbal queues that it wasn't the best. The noise of the galley and the chill of the exit door are not conducive of good rest.

photo 20190802_103427

It's a rather short overnight flight, unfortunately.

photo 20190802_061921

The ads were rather prominent in both the moving map display and before any video entertainment.

photo 20190802_061939

Night lighting in effect.

photo 20190802_071857

My sleep was limited to a couple of naps as I was too excited for sleep. I awoke to a lovely sunrise over Eastern Europe.

photo 20190802_103523

The galley was being setup for breakfast service.

photo 20190802_103430

I started the morning with a cappuccino, some rich Swiss yoghurt, and small taste of the cheese and cold cuts.

photo 20190802_104545


photo 20190802_104549photo 20190802_104554

The heart on the cappuccino tells you everything you need to know about these two lovely women.

photo 20190802_104553

Sonia kindly subbed the cheese offering from last night as the main breakfast plate. A winsome display of Swiss artisanship. I managed to sample everything on the board, of course.

photo 20190802_104929photo 20190802_104932

After the breakfast was cleared Mireille stopped by with a gift. As yesterday was Swiss National Day the inboud flight from Zurich had a special wood platter for the cheese service that was meant to be taken home as a keepsake. She said there was one leftover and offered it to me.  I was touched by the sentiment.

photo board1photo board

A new day over Europe.

photo 20190802_115318photo 20190802_115844

In another display of generosity both Sonia and Mireille  presented this lovely box of Swiss chocolate to me with a kind note. Rest assured I enjoyed it very much. I asked if they had a feedback card and I left a rather effusive note.

photo 20190802_112431photo 20190802_112438

On the downwind leg for ZUR.

photo 20190802_120552photo 20190802_120933

Always a tinge of sadness for me when a great flight experience draws to a close. This was of course muted by the knowledge that I had nearly 7 hours to enjoy the spectacular Swiss First Class Lounge facility.

photo 20190802_121452photo 20190802_121505
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Cabin crew9.5

GVK Lounge (International)


Mumbai - BOM


Zurich - ZRH



The Ground Service: The transit was mad but that's not likely on Swiss. The escort to the aircraft is a nice offering.

The Lounge: It's by far the most lavish and well appointed contract lounge I've visited. The first class dining is fantastic and offers something to suit a vast array of tastes, all served a la carte.

The Cabin: I'm a fan of the clean reserved aesthetic offered on Swiss. The seats are spacious, semi-private, and make for excellent sleeping platforms.

The Crew: After an understated introduction I really connected with Sonia and Mireille and I felt their warmth, generosity, and pride in the Swiss offering. I feel very fortunate to have been there with them that night. The IFSM Manuela never did express any hospitality. The notion that I was moved to 1K from 2K yet 2K became occupied irritated me. I asked Manuela about the issue and she acknowledged that she received the same information, that 2K had a broken seatbelt, but the crew couldn't discern anything wrong with the seat so they allowed for someone to sit there. There was a language barrier but she assured me that the seat being occupied "wasn't meant to mock you" which I discerned to mean wasn't meant to be disrespectful. Still, I would have preferred to have been given the option to occupy the seat myself if it was determined to be airworthy. It was a minor blemish in an otherwise perfect experience.

The Food and Beverage: I'm enchanted by the Swiss-ness of the experience. It's seems like such a natural way to differentiate your product but it seems few airlines truly exploit this option. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the food and beverage experience. My affection for Sonia and Mireille probably cloud my judgement but so be it.

Overall: One of those rare instances in life where the event matches the anticipation and expectations. The Swiss reputation is exemplary and for very good reason. I am grateful to Mark from and his keen ability to locate the award space to make this experience possible. Thank you for reading and happy flying.

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  • Comment 528318 by
    757Fan 554 Comments

    What an incredible looking flight. I would be sold with the Balik salmon and the lobster appetizer. Swiss F looks amazing! Wow. Thank you for sharing!

  • Comment 528323 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 4333 Comments

    Thanks a lot for your report.
    I have done this exact same flight in J and I was pretty disappointed by the very limited catering for diner service, thanks fully, F passengers can enjoy a full service with the LX specialities.
    Seems like the LX A330s are not fitted with proper crewrest facilities.
    Good idea to put aside the cheeses for the breakfast.
    See You

    • Comment 528412 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 915 Comments

      Thank you for the feedback Leadership, much appreciated.

      I have done this exact same flight in J and I was pretty disappointed by the very limited catering for diner service

      -I have read several LX J reviews expressing the same viewpoint. Unfortunate.

      Seems like the LX A330s are not fitted with proper crew rest facilities.

      -Certainly not for the flight attendants.

      Good idea to put aside the cheeses for the breakfast.

      -I was most appreciative.

      Happy flying, Leadership.

  • Comment 528389 by
    indianocean SILVER 6560 Comments

    No matter how tired or exhausted you are, no one should never ever get away from Balik .
    On the other hand, that also means that you can get more, can't you?

    The other good thing is that you got a very personnalised service.

    Thank you for sharing, Christian

    • Comment 528413 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 915 Comments

      Greetings Indianocean and thank you for the feedback.

      No matter how tired or exhausted you are, no one should never ever get away from Balik .

      -I concur.

      On the other hand, that also means that you can get more, can't you?

      -There is an opportunity cost to many of our decisions, isn't there?

      The other good thing is that you got a very personnalised service.

      -Absolutely personal and generous in every way.

      Happy flying, Indianocean.

  • Comment 528411 by
    PresRDC1 3 Comments

    Excellent report. That sausage dish looks absolutely amazing. What a treat to be flying on Swiss National day (which I assume was a coincidence?).

    Thanks for posting.

    • Comment 528414 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 915 Comments

      Greetings PresRDC1 and thank you for commenting on the report.

      What a treat to be flying on Swiss National day (which I assume was a coincidence?)

      -Indeed a coincidence. Actually our flight departed just past midnight so technically it was August 2nd and no longer Swiss National Day proper. I celebrated anyway ;)

      Happy flying, PresRDC1.

  • Comment 528515 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4938 Comments

    The lounge, much like the BOM airport is beautiful, if a little overly blingy, but somehow it works without crossing the line to tacky. It's too bad International-to-international transits at BOM are so complicated...then again, they're complicated in the US, though much rarer I imagine.

    I love that there was special Swiss catering available on Swiss National day...that certainly made for an even more special experience! So not only were you able to get coveted Swiss F awards space, you got a unique experience. It doesn't get better than that!

    Loving the wide format of the pics. Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 528559 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 915 Comments

      Hi Kevin and thank you for stopping by and leaving feedback.

      The lounge, much like the BOM airport is beautiful, if a little overly blingy, but somehow it works without crossing the line to tacky.

      -Absolutely. My bling tolerance goes up in India too, LOL.

      I love that there was special Swiss catering available on Swiss National day...that certainly made for an even more special experience!

      -They turned up the Swiss-ness which is already well represented. I appreciate this aspect of the product.

      Loving the wide format of the pics.

      -Good to hear. I feel like I might overuse that tool but it adds more to the visual story.

      Thanks again Kevin and happy flying.

  • Comment 528859 by
    airberlin GOLD 479 Comments

    Thanks for sharing what seems to have been a memorable experience!

  • Comment 529037 by
    byromania 37 Comments

    Thank you for actually eating the food. I have been noticing a trend among some trip reporters who either refuse meals or, if they do eat, won't even take a proper photo of their meal. Thank you for this most thorough report!

    • Comment 529093 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 915 Comments

      Greetings Byromania and thank you for stopping by and leaving feedback. For me, one of the greatest joys of travel is eating (and a drink or two), so I can't imagine it any other way. Happy flying.

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