Review of SWISS flight Zurich Chicago in First

Airline SWISS
Flight LX8
Class First
Seat 1K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 09:35
Take-off 02 Aug 19, 12:55
Arrival at 02 Aug 19, 15:30
LX   #32 out of 133 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 692 reviews
By GOLD 1546
Published on 4th November 2019

Greetings Flight Report community and welcome to the sixth installment of the "Great Swiss First Coup" series. Please feel free to visit the LAX-HKG segment for more detail on how our own Rewardflying contributor worked his magic and turned Swiss F from a dream into a reality.

Swiss first class lounge e gates - The Dayroom

Flying with Swiss is a very special experience and the time in the air is delightful. They don't let up on the ground with a stunning First Class Lounge complex. Not only did Mark from find the unicorn that is F space on Swiss but the routing had a 7 our layover in ZRH to properly experience the facility.

photo 20190802_124426

I didn't manage much sleep on BOM-ZRH, mostly intentionally, but I wasn't concerned because I knew Swiss offered day rooms to F passengers and it has been a commercial aviation bucket list item for me to enjoy one. I presented at the podium and asked about availability and the agent immediately accommodated me.

photo 20190802_180338

I was escorted to the St. Moritz and much like the alpine resort town it was something to behold.

photo 20190802_161112

The first thing to catch my eye was the exceedingly plush queen size bed with luxurious Hastens bedding.

photo 20190802_124659photo 20190802_134038


photo 20190802_124830

There is a spacious toilet and shower enclosed in glass on one side of the room.

photo 20190802_124749photo 20190802_124813

Amenities are beautifully arranged.

photo 20190802_124801photo 20190802_131445


photo 20190802_131500

Fresh cut flowers, and a reminder that the bath area is visible to those who may peer in from outside.

photo 20190802_131448photo 20190802_125117

Bedside amenities and again a reminder that people can see through windows.

photo 20190802_124843photo 20190802_124909


photo 20190802_124913

Finally the main draw for the avgeek in me, the views.

photo 20190802_124724photo 20190802_124920

Plane spotting from bed. 

photo 20190802_124742photo 20190802_160642


photo 20190802_160611

Swiss first class lounge e gates - The Dining

After a refreshing nap and shower I was ready to enjoy the lounge proper and specifically the restaurant. I was greeted by a very serious host and shown to a table.

photo 20190802_175827photo 20190802_162024

The views continue when dining. The ramp is in full view as is runway 14/32. My standard order of Champagne and water to start.

photo 20190802_162019photo 20190802_161946

The menu consists of the "Taste of Switzerland" experience with wine pairing as well as a la carte selections. Please excuse the poor pictures, I tried every angle to correct but the lighting but paper color and stock made it impossible.

photo 20190802_161756photo 20190802_164018


photo 20190802_161748

My selection, the tasting menu, also highlighting the canton of Vaud, much like the inflight meal.

photo copy-of-20190802_164109-2


photo 20190802_164305photo 20190802_164303


photo 20190802_164310photo 20190802_164312

The trio of butter is to die for.

photo 20190802_162226

The Chef's amuse of the day was salmon and cucumber.

photo 20190802_162318

The first dish on the tasting menu was the confit of crayfish with dill froth, tapioca, fennel, and purslane. Rather striking presentation. A lovely assortment of flavors and textures and perfect tasting portion.  The pairing was a Swiss Chasselas wine.

photo 20190802_163446photo 20190802_163449

The cold nectarine bowl was next paired with a Champagne Blanc de Blancs. Again the plating is so precise.

photo 20190802_164848photo 20190802_164856

Cherry on cherry action here with the sorbet paired with the cherry liqueur. Bright and refreshing.

photo 20190802_165942photo 20190802_165947

Brunch view.

photo 20190802_182438

This tender cut of pork was extraordinary. The potatoes were works of art. A beautiful dish in every way paired with a Swiss Merlot.

photo 20190802_171438photo 20190802_171452

The finale, a vully cake, was outstanding along side a 2016 Pinot Gris Barrique.

photo 20190802_173957photo 20190802_174020

An espresso to complete a most memorable culinary journey. The craftsmanship in the design, cookery, and presentation of this menu was very well received.

photo 20190802_174847

After brunch I strolled around the lounge and was looking forward to the observation deck but my plans were foiled.

photo 20190802_180426

The 365 degree panoramic windows provide great views.

photo 20190802_180529photo 20190802_180544

A trip to the toilet even includes ramp views.

photo 20190802_180305

A look at the central bar.

photo 20190802_180728photo 20190802_180723

Champagne and other chilled wines.

photo 20190802_180613

Swiss business class lounge e gates - whiskey club and terrace

I left the lounge well before boarding time to stroll around the terminal. I encountered the Swiss Business Class lounge along the route and decided to pop in and have a look. When I encountered this sign, I made a left.

photo 20190802_183136

Wow! A beautiful display a la LH F lounges.

photo 20190802_183148photo 20190802_183210

The master list.

photo 20190802_183757photo 20190802_183754

A friendly young woman was staffing the bar and was very eager to pour some samples.

photo 20190802_183612photo 20190802_183702

The terrace accessed from the J lounge was open!

photo 20190802_183230photo 20190802_183233

A thoughtful inclusion.

photo 20190802_183236photo 20190802_183242

LX8 ZRH-ord

I lost track of time plane gazing so I had to walk a brisk pace to the departure gate. they didn't leave without me although the 1L jet bridge was retracted. I don't know if It was attached at some point.

photo 20190802_184834

My pulse rate jumped a little at the excitement of my circumstances. I walked through the small J cabin and into the 8 seat F cabin and took my position at 2A.

photo 20190802_185309

As gorgeous as the A330 was the 777 is even more so. The additional space is immediately noticeable as is the additional privacy of the seat.

photo 20190802_185302photo 20190802_185252

Reading light and privacy door controls.

photo 20190802_185357

The IFE monitor is striking in size and resolution.

photo 20190802_185631

The Matterhorn decorates the forward bulkhead. Michelle was somehow surprised, feigned or not, that I knew what the image was.

photo 20190802_191628photo 20190802_191635

The crew on this flight were immediately approachable and friendly. Simon and Michelle both welcomed me aboard. The LPGS was already flowing when I arrived so I joined the party.

photo 20190802_191925photo 20190802_185626

Amenities were at the seat upon arrival and pajamas were passed out.

photo 20190802_185743

I opted to get changed before takeoff as we encountered a slight delay. Taking a peek on the way to the lav.

photo 20190802_185905photo 20190802_185938


photo 20190802_185945

Comfortable lounge wear.

photo 20190802_190103photo 20190802_190109

Simple design but luxurious feel.

photo 20190802_190111

La Prairie among the lavatory amenities.

photo 5photo 6


photo 7

The closed is also the suite door.

photo 20190802_190636

Back at 2A the Champagne was topped up regularly as to make our tardy departure a most welcome development. Two bottles of the LPGS were evaporated before push back, my kind of crowd. Nuts and a towel were also passed.

photo 20190802_190547photo 20190802_190552

There was only one detail that was regrettable. My seatmate and her pet. I am guilty of stereotyping in this instance but the couple and the dog left a poor taste in my mouth immediately.

photo 20190802_190834

I didn't bother noting our departure time as I was in a Champagne fueled bliss that time couldn't intrude upon. We did push back, taxi, and depart from runway 16.

photo 20190802_192821photo 20190802_193053

After takeoff The IFMS Lara came by to welcome the F passengers aboard and offer a wifi voucher. She was full of energy and very pleasant. I mentioned to her that 1K was open and shot a glance at the dog and she immediately understood and asked if she could help carry anything. Up in the galley before making the turn to 1K she mentioned that this is only on flights to the US and they are legally bound to US law regarding support animals. "this doesn't happen on other flights."

My new mountain view from 1K.

photo 20190802_193914

Our climb featured, what I can only assume was a noise abatement procedure, a corkscrew type pattern where we gained altitude directly above the airfield.

photo 20190802_193217

The electric window shade in dimmed position.

photo 20190802_194016

Much better company in 1K.

photo 20190802_194120

The basic seat controls were in the armrest with more specific controls revealed when opening the storage compartment.

photo 20190802_200156photo 20190802_200200

A touch screen IFE controller was also under the armrest.

photo 20190802_200211

A higher quality headset when compared to the A330.

photo 20190802_200249

Storage and closet in 1K.

photo 3photo 4

The meal service started with an amuse of salmon and burrata along side some breadsticks. The LPGS was also reintroduced. I heard the 3rd bottle pop shortly thereafter. It felt like a competition.

photo 20190802_200027photo 20190802_200038

The three headed bread monster made an appearance.

photo 20190802_200524

Over France.

photo 20190802_200555

I lowered the darker shade in an effort to combat glare.

photo 20190802_200620

Not totally successful.

photo 20190802_200625

The meal service started from the trolley where the first courses were beautifully laid out for review. The Balik with a lobster, yuzu gelee and citrus salad. Sublime flavors from land and sea.

photo 20190802_202323photo 20190802_202434

The charcuterie is always a highlight for me. Again the selection is fromt eh canton of Vaud and included Edelweiss and Fete des Vignerons sausage, Limousin dried meat, chateau smoked ham. The fats of the saucisson sec melt effortlessly in your mouth. The Quinoa and egg mimosa on rye bread with courgetti and olive oil drops a beautiful canapé and exciting bite.

photo 20190802_202621photo 20190802_202624

I opted to pass on the salad Nicoise as it was simply too much already. I also had my eye on the courgette vichyssoise with Forel goat's cheese and croutons.

photo 20190802_204639photo 20190802_204644

Simon was providing most of the service in the aisle and Michelle in the kitchen. They were a great team with impeccable pacing and attention to the passenger and the plating. Having requested the veal tenderloin for a main course Simon checked in on wine preferences. Sensing my indecision, and in true LX/LH grand fashion, he brought them all to sample and enjoy. To my surprise my preferred wine in this group, at this time was the Australian.

photo 20190802_205526photo 20190802_205532


photo 20190802_205535photo 20190802_205539

The veal is presented with truffle sauce, fava beans, chanterelles, and carrot puree with brown butter. The Roasted vegetable is passed from a  tray and the diner may select their preferences. I thought that was a nice touch.

photo 20190802_205548photo 20190802_205555

The veal is sensually tender and cooked to a very gentle medium. The rich truffle sauce and brown butter carrots had a decadent note to the otherwise lean and tender protein. It's a very pleasing experience.

photo 20190802_210210

The show must go on with the parade of cheese from Vaud.

photo 20190802_211307

I ask Simon for a taste of each as well as the chutney and pear bread.

photo 20190802_211811photo 20190802_211605

The Sauternes to accompany.

photo 20190802_211801

It's all rather lovely.

photo 20190802_211614photo 20190802_211620

Lingering on the cheese and enjoying an interesting documentary on Rhone wines. I do eventually gather the inertia to press on to a sweet finish. The Mirliton, an apricot and almond tart with peach and apricot sorbet is superb.

photo 20190802_213553photo 20190802_213544

An encore of praline and espresso finishes the grand feast. The Sauternes, LPGS, and Shriaz all give a standing ovation.

photo 20190802_214812photo 20190802_220149

Simon and Michelle made the entire journey fun and memorable. Personal pacing, generous wine presentation, and precise service all flowed seemingly effortlessly. Of course the effort was all theirs.  Unfortunately the long travel day and feasting with wine throughout the day caught up with me and I was going to have to rest. Michelle setup a comfortable bed.

photo 20190802_232645photo 20190802_232650

Over Ontario.

photo 10

Simon presented a menu for anytime dining.

photo 14photo 13


photo 12photo 11

The potato and leek quiche with L'Etivaz cheese and a glass of Swiss white wine.

photo 8photo 9

An Americano to finish.

photo 2

It was a bright clear day at ORD and despite the late departure we touched down more or less on time. The taxi was interminable, easily 20+ minutes to the stand.

photo 20190802_151804photo 20190802_152725

Parked next to a 74M Combi.

photo 20190802_152756

Parting is such sweet sorrow, hopefully there will be a next time to be sweet on.

photo 20190802_151330
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Cabin crew8.5

SWISS Lounge - First (Gate E)


Zurich - ZRH


Chicago - ORD



The Ground Service: My arrival in ZRH was greeted by a sign with my name on it, as were the other F passengers, however we docked at E and I was departing from E so the representative just informed me how to reach the lounge. On departure I buggered out of the lounge well before boarding so I don't know if there was someone to collect me a la LH at the FCT.

The Lounge: It is my all around favorite lounge among those I have had the privilege to visit. The nap room, the fine dining, the panoramic ramp and runway views, outside terrace and well stocked bar all make for a fantastic and lavish layover. The service was fine other than a frumpy initial contact in the dining room.

The Cabin: The minimalist aesthetics and clean lines appeal to me. The seats have ample storage, suite privacy, and a fantastic IFE monitor. I found the seat very comfortable in a variety of sitting and lounging positions as well as a spacious and perfectly rectangular bed. The bedding was also plush and luxurious.

The Crew: Simon and Michelle were professional and generous in their service with an air of playfulness that suited me fine. 5 of 8 seats in the cabin were occupied so perhaps that allowed for more time with each individual guest. Truth be told sitting in 1K I felt like the only person on the airplane.

The Food and Beverage: Blending innovation with Swiss traditions is a fantastic approach tot he food and beverage program.

Overall: I am very fortunate to have experienced the Swiss First Class tradition. This trip is likely a once in a lifetime experience so that makes the conclusion bittersweet. Thank you for reading and happy flying.



  • Comment 529096 by
    PresRDC1 3 Comments

    Great report. Glad you enjoyed the experience. Was the dog yappy during the flight? What made the people in Row 2 so disagreeable? No, they're not my cousins. ;)

    • Comment 529130 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 924 Comments

      Greetings PresRDC1 and thanks for reading and leaving a note.

      Was the dog yappy during the flight?

      Not that I noticed. Noise canceling headphones and earplugs have a way of correcting for cabin noise.

      What made the people in Row 2 so disagreeable?

      -I'm not a fan of large pets on airplanes or the people who feel entitled to bring them.

      Happy flying.

  • Comment 529184 by
    JW19 117 Comments

    Can we have more of such reviews, the anticipation of a report from one of the seasoned guys is always painstaking. This makes so much sense for an FR compared to those thousand words and little picture budget carrier reviews.

  • Comment 529242 by
    indianocean SILVER 6585 Comments

    Wow Christian,

    After reading your report, I really feel like flying Swiss First again.
    Catering in F Lounge looks better and marvelous

    "Comfortable lounge wear."=> I personnaly prefer Lufthansa's one.

    "There was only one detail that was regrettable."=> these passengers can afford to fly First Class. Even if I find this as regrettable as you do, I don't think the airline can go against that
    Does the dog get mileage too?

    Balik and lobster. What a fantastic appetizer....
    The dessert looks amazing as well.

    Well, I really have to book a new LX First ticket soon ;-)

    Thank you Christian

    • Comment 529251 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 924 Comments

      Greetings Indianocean and thanks for reading and leaving your feedback.

      Catering in F Lounge looks better and marvelous

      -It's worth leaving time to enjoy the tasting menu experience in my opinion. It's a very refined dining experience with a great view!

      I personally prefer Lufthansa's one.

      -LH has a scarf so, naturally, they win.

      these passengers can afford to fly First Class. Even if I find this as regrettable as you do, I don't think the airline can go against that

      -Alas yes, people of great means and the US laws are in their favor.

      Does the dog get mileage too?

      -I haven't read the terms and conditions closely enough... ;)

      Well, I really have to book a new LX First ticket soon ;-)

      -This is a fortuitous position to find yourself. I look forward to reading about it.

      Thanks again and happy flying.

  • Comment 529297 by
    atco SILVER 127 Comments

    Christian my dear chap!

    Hello again. What an absolute treat this report is. Yet another brilliant and comprehensive report that hits on every single thing we want to know about.

    The Swiss F lounge in ZRH is absolutely on my hit list at some point. Although I suspect it may come as part of an LH F itinerary given the difficulty in booking LX F with miles. I've seen so many reports of it over the years its taken on a mythical place in my heart.

    Interestingly almost every review I've read of that lounge the outdoor terrace on the F side has been closed but the J side open. I'd be pretty hopping mad if it was closed while I was there. Those views and photography opportunities are avgeek heaven.

    Got to admit I'm a dog lover (Have a 5 year old Golden Retriever), so the dog if it was well behaved would not have bothered me. I generally find dogs behaviour to be far better than most humans these days! Although I don't really get the whole emotional support animal concept to be honest, seems to be a very North American kind of thing.

    I sense that if one were to do LX F then the 77W presents a better overall experience than the A333?

    I've always had the thought that Swiss were a bit of an arrogant airline, so its nice to read that the crew were not in that mould.

    As one would expect from a well regarded F product the food and drinks look top notch.

    How do you regard the seat both upright and bed position compared say to LH F?

    Thanks once more for yet another fabulous review. The Swiss F lounge looks like one of those aviation bucket list items similar to the LH FCT in FRA. Its well and truly on my list now.

    All the best, going to get stuck in to the rest of this adventure tomorrow!

    • Comment 530137 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 924 Comments

      Greetings Atco and thank you for leaving feedback on this report. It's great to see your name come up on the comments.

      Although I suspect it may come as part of an LH F itinerary given the difficulty in booking LX F with miles.

      -My first visit to this esteemed facility was achieved in this manner and it's a great way to experience two of Europe's best F lounges in one go.

      Interestingly almost every review I've read of that lounge the outdoor terrace on the F side has been closed but the J side open.

      -That's an interesting observation? Maybe the F side being on the end is less protected from the wind and they think it less comfortable to be out if there's inclement weather? I'm reaching here...

      I don't really get the whole emotional support animal concept to be honest, seems to be a very North American kind of thing.

      -I don't know if the practice is helping those who it was intended to help. Hey, you're one of us now, a North American!

      I sense that if one were to do LX F then the 77W presents a better overall experience than the A333?

      -That's a fair statement. The additional space and more private seat on the 777 are preferred.

      How do you regard the seat both upright and bed position compared say to LH F?

      I would rate the LH seat above the LX seat. I find LH to be slightly more plush and cushioned in both lounging and bed configurations. Both are top notch.

      The Swiss F lounge looks like one of those aviation bucket list items similar to the LH FCT in FRA. Its well and truly on my list now.

      -I look forward to reading about your impressions of the products.

      Thank you again for the feedback and happy flying.

  • Comment 529306 by
    757Fan 559 Comments

    Wow. Just Wow. Swiss F looks incredible - I would have been stuffed with all that amazing looking food! Thank you for sharing.

    • Comment 530138 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 924 Comments

      Thank you for leaving a note 757Fan, it's always nice to receive your feedback.

      I would have been stuffed with all that amazing looking food!

      -There's no going hungry with Swiss First Class.

      Happy flying.

  • Comment 529530 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4952 Comments

    The Swiss First class lounge just continues to impress me. What fantastic day rooms and those views! Also, I would be in heaven if I ever got to try that Whiskey bar.

    On board, Swiss offer a very solid First class product and the catering looks appetising.

    Very glad that you've enjoyed this once in a lifetime type of experience and thanks so much for sharing it with us in such an eloquent and visually beautiful way!

    • Comment 530141 by
      socalnow GOLD AUTHOR 924 Comments

      Hello Kevin and thank you for leaving feedback.

      Very glad that you've enjoyed this once in a lifetime type of experience and thanks so much for sharing it with us in such an eloquent and visually beautiful way!

      -Thank you for the kind words. Not sure if I need to be reminded that it was, in fact, a once in a lifetime experience. :) :)

      Happy flying Kevin.

  • Comment 529575 by
    Andyw 30 Comments

    Great review !

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