Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Mumbai in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ424
Class First
Seat 1F
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:40
Take-off 01 Aug 19, 19:00
Arrival at 01 Aug 19, 22:10
SQ   #2 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 620 reviews
By 1603
Published on 3rd October 2019

Greetings Flight Report community and welcome to the third installment of the "Great Swiss First Coup" series. Please feel free to visit the LAX-HKG segment for more detail on how our own Rewardflying contributor worked his magic and turned Swiss F from a dream into a reality.

Check in Changi T3

I made my way on the Skytrain from T2 to T3. I've never checked in for SQ F anywhere other than the segregated check in facility on the far end of the terminal that one would use if arriving by taxi or car. I decided to see what the experience was like at the standard fist class check in queue. Spoiler alert, it was very different. There was no wait so I approached the counter and interrupted the agent from providing her cell phone her undivided attention. With no greeting she hald looked up and said, "Where you going?" I told her Mumbai, among other destination. She took my passport and did some computer typing. "Visa?" I pointed out to her that this is a connecting itinerary and that a Indian visa would not be required. More typing. She then got up and mumbled that the duty manager has to sign off and she disappeared for about 8 minutes. Lovely. She returned and said, "Bags?" I informed her that I had hand carry. The boarding passes to ORD were presented. I asked about the sticker to use the SQ F immigration queue. She said those are only available in the First Class Check In Suite at the end of the terminal. LOL. The whole interaction was so very bizarre and unlike SQ.

photo 20190801_131200photo 20190801_131207

photo 20190801_131621

I walked down to the First Class Check In Suite and was greeted in a human way and once they knew I was just in search of the sticker they quickly provided it. The agent also summoned a colleague to bring the invitation to The Private Room. I have to assume that these are pre-written for SIN originating passengers as there is no way she could have filled out the details so quickly. SQ first class service standards were restored with this interaction and I was off to the Silverkris lounge via the private immigration desk with no wait.

photo 20190801_132517photo 20190801_132511

photo 20190801_132523photo 20190801_132802

photo 20190801_133137

Singapore Airlines - The private room

After the always comical entrance past the J lunge, through the F lounge, then shown to the seat of my choosing I was greeted by Jason, serving TPR guests today. He was welcoming and friendly, offering menus and something to drink. I requested the Dom and a glass of water with ice.

photo 20190801_182419

photo 20190801_133607photo 20190801_133636

The TV was clearly mal-functioning but no one on the staff noticed as I assume it common when something is always on as background noise in your workplace. I pointed it out to Jason because I thought it was quite humorous given the posh environment otherwise. He had a funny reaction, "Oh, no, that doesn't look good." He was off to locate another staff who brought out he iPad controller and went about correcting it.

photo 20190801_134953

Consistent with my past experiences the lounge was nearly vacant. I've always found the space to be pleasant and comfortable. That said I appreciate that they are reinventing the TPR concept with a new space and I'm hopeful that I will get to see it someday.

photo 20190801_135000photo 20190801_135005

photo 20190801_135029photo 20190801_135034

photo 20190801_135152photo 20190801_135204

I perused the menu but let Jason know that I'll take a seat in the dining room when I would like to order something.  I mentioned to Jason that I almost never see female staff in TPR. He said there is one but mostly the females can't keep up when it's busy. Such a different culture… Out of curiosity I asked when this "busy" time is and he indicated 6p - 9p and around midnight. I also inquired as to whether they were SQ employees and unsurprisingly they are contracted to SQ via A1 Agency. 

I asked Jason about the renovations and he told met he former Gold Lounge had closed as of yesterday and it will become the new TPR space. The space we are in now will become the new Business Lounge and the area by the entrance that is the J lounge will be the First Class lounge. Hearsay of course.

There was a separate "quick bites" menu. Probably just items from the First Class Lounge buffet.

photo 20190801_135558photo 20190801_135551

The full menu has a wide range of choices. There is another menu for dinner at 18:30, apparently.

photo 20190801_135940photo 20190801_140024

photo 20190801_140041photo 20190801_140049

photo 20190801_140057photo 20190801_140116

photo 20190801_140126photo 20190801_140130

photo 20190801_140138photo 20190801_140143

Eventually I took a seat in the dining room to enjoy some of the food offerings. I don't see any power outlets in the dining room which is something the new lounge should address.

photo 20190801_145202photo 20190801_145208

While getting situated int he dining room I noticed a text message form Swiss stating that due to a malfunction with seat 2K on my BOM-ZRH flight they had moved my seat assignment to 1K. Still a window so no big deal but a little disappointing having selected the seat almost a year ago.

photo 20190801_145304

Onward with the Dom and water duo.

photo 20190801_145819

I requested the roti with fish curry. It was very enjoyable with a warmly spiced curry and flay roti.

photo 20190801_150505photo 20190801_150508

My desire to stay local led to the chicken rice. It wasn't the best example of the dish that I've experienced with dry chicken and overly gingered rice. The chili condiment served with the dish was for real!

photo 20190801_152834photo 20190801_152838

photo 20190801_152843

My wish for the new lounge is a proper nap room. On this visit I used one of the private rooms with a lounge chair and ottoman to nap but it was not the most comfortable arrangement.

I left time for a shower before boarding.  The shower suites are another area where the new lounge has a lot of room for improvement. The current suites are cramped and hot.

photo 20190801_155419photo 20190801_155423

photo 20190801_155427photo 20190801_155433

photo 20190801_155452photo 20190801_155458

SQ424 SIN-bom

For whatever reason I took my time leaving the lounge and making my way to the gate. I arrived just in time.

photo 20190801_183215photo 20190801_183555

I was greeted at the door by a host of smiling faces. Parom, the Chief Steward (IFSM?) and Aziz, one of the FAs in first. I was shown to 1F by Lucy the primary FA serving F today. She was a lovely woman and full of energy. She later told me she is half Indian and half Straits Chinese heritage.

I'm still not used to the single row F cabin on the 777s. It's a lovely space however and the passage behind the seats is a nice feature.

photo 20190801_183820

When I booked this amazing experience this flight was scheduled to be on the A380-800. In fact the switch to A380 was to occur on 8/1, the date of this flight. I was notified by email about a month ago that the aircraft was switched to 777-300ER. A tinge of disappointment, no doubt, but still a fine way to travel. Let's have a look at the 777 seat.

photo 20190801_183938photo 20190801_183942

Okay, still pretty nice.

photo 20190801_183951photo 20190801_184017

Seat controls, reading light (not right where your head would rest) touch screen IFE controller, and headphone hanger.

photo 20190801_184150photo 20190801_184153

Storage on the right side along with USB and serial inputs as well as another reading ight.

photo 20190801_185831photo 20190801_185838

View from the window.

photo 20190801_184235

Aziz was prompt with the refreshment of my choosing served with nuts and cold towel.

photo 20190801_185033photo 20190801_185137

photo 20190801_184552

We pushed back form gate A14 exactly 1 minute early and began the taxi.

photo 20190801_185856photo 20190801_190106

photo 20190801_190123photo 20190801_190932

photo 20190801_191118photo 20190801_191309

photo 20190801_191340photo 20190801_191444

Golden hour departure.

photo 20190801_192001photo 20190801_192038

Slippers on, always after takeoff.

photo 20190801_192115

SQ have switched to B&O along with AA.

photo 20190801_192422photo 20190801_192409

A trip ot eh lav to freshen up and make some room for more Champagne.

photo 20190801_192650photo 20190801_192654

I opted for the Dom Perignon 2009 after takeoff. Aziz asked which I preferred the Krug or Dom. I didn't have a very good answer so he brought a glass of the Krug so that I may ponder the  issue.

photo 20190801_193709photo 20190801_193839

The dinner service starts with the wonderful chicken and lamb satay with peanut sauce.

photo 20190801_194306photo 20190801_194314

The menu is overwhelming and too much to publish here. I opted to "Book the Cook" and pre-ordered a lamb shank curry and selected other courses form the menu.

Lucy laid the table and Aziz passed the bread basket. I opted for a seeded roll.

photo 20190801_201830photo 20190801_201836

For the appetizer I selected the marinated lobster and celeriac apple remoulade. The texture of the lobster was a bit chewy but he dish overall had nice subtle falvors and was light and refreshing.

photo 20190801_202014photo 20190801_202021

I selected the lovely 2017 Domaine Laroche Chablis to enjoy with the first courses.

photo 20190801_202121

I opted for the spicy Indian style carrot soup. The cuisine masters extracting full flavor from vegetarian ingredients.

photo 20190801_203744photo 20190801_203759

A salad was presented next with "Singapore" dressing on the side.

photo 20190801_204603photo 20190801_204607

The lamb shank curry was very flavorful and delightful to enjoy with the 2008 Chateau Rauzan-Segla Margaux.

photo 20190801_205502photo 20190801_205511photo 20190801_205515

After dinner I opted to grab a couple hours of sleep in hopes that I could be more alert to enjoy the Swiss flight later that night. Lucy made up the spacious bed and I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep.

photo 20190801_211613photo 20190801_211629

photo 20190801_211729

I was awakened as the cabin was being prepared for arrival.

photo 20190801_233814photo 20190801_233817

Our arrival was not exactly smooth. Once at the gate there were "administrative" issues (diplomatically stated by the SQ captain) preventing us from having the jet way hooked up, so we waited for about 15 minutes. The arrival was more complicated as there was an airline representative holding a sign with several names on it, mine included. He said he would be my escort thought he transit process. Fine, but we had to wait for most of the airplane to disembark before we could leave and the idle time there was frustrating. In the end it was all completed in a hap-hazard, nonsensical,  and cumbersome manner I've come to expect transiting BOM.

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The Ground Service: Pretty lousy at the regular first class check in station. Only when I relocated to the first/suites check in lounge did I receive kind attentive service that I become accustomed.

The Lounge: Pros and cons to TPR: Pros include very private and exclusive access, the dining and drinks are of good quality, and the seating is comfortable and varied, Cons include lack of nap rooms, cramped shower facilities, and lack of any spa services. Perhaps the new facility will address some of these perceived shortcomings.

The Cabin: An intimate single row cabin with plush finishes is very inviting. The seat itself suffers from limited recline and excessive width. There is a square pillow that can be used to fill some of the space. When converted to a bed the seat is very spacious albeit very firm, which I prefer.

The Crew: The impeccable blend of precision, personality, and generosity that I have come to expect form SQ first/suites. They know how to read a guest and provide a service to match the guest's preferences. The ultimate in service culture.

The Food and Beverage: Wines are excellent in selection and quality. The food was very nice with the satay and the lamb shank standing out as something I would eat any time it's offered.

Overall: A lovely flight with SQ as I have come to expect. It's a distinct pleasure to fly with them and the experience is unique among top tier airlines.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Mumbai (BOM)


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    indianocean SILVER 6976 Comments

    Thank you Christian for sharing

    I like the size of the pictures. It makes the reading even more enjoyable

    About the First Class check-in in the terminal, I understand that not everyone know the right way to the FCT. Even the taxi drivers don't know it.
    So why doesn't SIA leave a representative to guide the passenger to the FCT instead of giving that so-so called service you had?

    I concur that the shower facilities in The Private Room need a serious makeover

    Roti prata and chicken rice look amazing

    Lamb shank is nicely presented

    Two bottles of champagne? Are you serious? (LOL)

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      Thank you for the feedback Indianocean, appreciate your perspectives.

      So why doesn't SIA leave a representative to guide the passenger to the FCT instead of giving that so-so called service you had?

      -It's curious that passengers are not directed there. It's not that much further down the terminal so even with luggage it's not that cumbersome.

      Two bottles of champagne? Are you serious? (LOL)

      -Maybe into a third? ;)

      Happy flying Indianocean.

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