Review of Icelandair flight London Reykjavík in Economy

Airline Icelandair
Flight FI 455
Class Economy
Seat 30F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 06 Aug 19, 21:04
Arrival at 06 Aug 19, 22:34
FI   #64 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 57 reviews
By GOLD 1138
Published on 30th August 2019
Onwards to the 'main course' of the trip, which is Iceland! Headed back to Heathrow Terminal 2 for the evening flight up to Reykjavik. Terminal 2 is the dedicated Star Alliance terminal, with a few other non-alliance airlines using the terminal as well. Luckily, Icelandair is not affiliated with Star Alliance, as the Economy check-in queues for the common Star Alliance self-check-in machines were snaking long! Icelandair has its own dedicated check-in desks at the center of the terminal.

photo 48616553662_0021f4ed08_b

Check in was fast and boarding pass issued. Surprisingly there were no queues even though the flight was totally full. This flight would be on Icelandair's economy class, as my bid-upgrade failed to go through (Saga Class was totally full too!).

photo 48616410826_6c9bb4f1e0_b

Even though the check-in area was crowded with the summer holiday crowds, security was painless and we were through into the departure hall in no time. As expected, it was pretty busy inside.

photo 48616553592_bc8d6608d8_b

photo 48616410981_ec0c122586_b

Headed to the Plaza Premium Lounge to grab a light dinner. Being the only 3rd-party lounge in Terminal 2, it was busy and overcrowded, with most seats taken. At least there were some hot food at the buffet, though it was very average. A far cry from the peace and calm when I visited a couple of years back when it was just opened.

photo 48616410856_d0a5808de5_b

photo 48616553572_193fe89049_b

photo 48616410876_16eb8b36cb_b

Left the lounge early and headed to the gate, which would be at the satellite terminal and requiring a lengthy walk. The usual Star Alliance aircraft and our B757 could be spotted at the satellite terminal.

photo 48616410816_f3cba48b52_b

photo 48616410781_7703e4546f_b

Some plane spotting of the long-haul aircraft of the Star Alliance airlines.

photo 48616059103_f283f43802_b

photo 48616059073_a426d25b9a_b

photo 48616410676_d314cc7289_b

photo 48616410611_af76489805_b

Our B757-200 being prepared for the flight, with a BA Whale taxiing past. It has been a long, long while since I have flown on a B757. Seldom do we see this aircraft type in South-east Asia as well.

photo 48616553257_b3732b7b90_b

06 August 2019
FI 455
London Heathrow (LHR) - Keflavik Reykjavik (KEF)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H31M

Boarding commenced rather early.

photo 48616410561_7eeee2bb30_b

photo 48616553127_de5b50d11e_b

photo 48616553102_eb70fa323c_b

photo 48616058838_da081c010f_b

photo 48616410451_6b185c55a3_b

"Snaefell" is the name of our aircraft.

photo 48616410396_3f25c4daf2_b

Economy on the B757 is in a 3-3 configuration, with the first few rows designated as extra-legroom seats. All of the leather-cladded seats are fitted with individual IFE touchscreen monitors.

photo 48616058803_0b5449a95e_b

photo 48616547902_9ec90a3ed9_b

photo 48616058748_410dda4920_b

Interesting headrest designs explaining different Icelandic terms.

photo 48616410306_402c40162b_b

photo 48616405236_bfaa63d386_b

Boarding in progress. It was a totally full flight.

photo 48616552877_c325ca3c4c_b

Legroom was very decent.

photo 48616058558_250557651b_b

The reading materials.

photo 48616547617_6cd08fab70_b

The airsick bag is certainly a collectible!

photo 48616058588_13690b9bbc_b

Icelandair's network. Reykjavik is the hub between North America and Europe, which Icelandair leveraging on this hub for their network strategy flying pax between both continents.

photo 48616552707_387484d859_b

Pillows and blankets are available upon request. I got myself a wooly and comfortable blanket.

photo 48616552777_329c275862_b

View out the window with the last bags being loaded up.

photo 48616058668_e5dfe12ce4_b

Doors were closed ahead of schedule and safety video was played.

photo 48616409906_d81a841751_b

photo 48616058263_b18ac31f1f_b

The IFE system was activated after the safety video was shown. Icelandair operates as a hybrid-carrier, with certain frills such as blankets, IFE and non-alcoholic drinks offered free-of-charge, but meals, luggage and earphones would have to be paid for separately. So bring your own headphones when flying in economy.

photo 48616058233_71a3e939fa_b


photo 48616409821_2932b90a02_b

Despite it being a short distance from the departure runway, the taxi was lengthy due to the queue of departure aircraft. Nothing unexpected at Heathrow.

photo 48616058168_f11ab63134_b

photo 48616552297_c6ea6401f4_b

Took the time to browse through the IFE system. Though nowhere near the best out there, it was a pretty decent system for the length of flights which FI flies. There was a selection of movies, including a few new releases, short features, music albums, obligatory flight map and more. The screen is of very good resolution as well, with a USB port beside the screen. I believe there are power sockets under the seats as well.

photo 48616552332_8a93c1e74b_b

photo 48616552272_20ee4797e9_b

photo 48616552242_935eeba658_b

photo 48616552187_aa0ec4c9f8_b

Finally we reached the runway and departed from Rwy27R for the 2.5hrs flight to Iceland. Boy, is the B757 noisy compared to the newer generation of aircraft.

photo 48616552157_f0b7714a0a_b

photo 48616409576_19d03cb1d8_b

photo 48616552072_f36b55c35d_b

We would be chasing, and catching up with the sunset for the entire flight.

photo 48616409521_bdd95cebf5_b

Taking a look at the buy-onboard menu.

photo 48616058518_55f33d62b6_b

photo 48616552657_8bf37d5975_b

photo 48616410056_780d224318_b

photo 48616410026_64244ee245_b

photo 48616552557_9f5b7d8d22_b

photo 48616552507_5fd625123f_b

Service started with the delivery of pre-ordered meal boxes (not many that I saw), followed by a round of beverage service and the BOB service.

photo 48616409516_9c67111189_b

Having had a bite at the lounge, I just opted for a cup of hot tea. Non-alcoholic beverages are free-of-charge.

photo 48616409461_80faf26212_b

Taking at a look at our current location. I then while the flight away on some music albums using my own SQ economy earphones (finally put into good use!).

photo 48616057753_6e3c28756a_b

photo 48616551902_4e593bba8e_b

Chasing the sunset

photo 48616057718_29a6db25d2_b

photo 48616057678_43d9410df8_b

Visit to the retro-looking lavatory. Just the basic amenities inside.

photo 48616057543_635c2324b5_b

View of the fully-packed cabin. Water and juices were served again prior to our descent into Iceland. Crew were generally friendly and efficient, no complaints.

photo 48616053353_cf94048320_b

30min to Iceland

photo 48616409191_a62cc25a2d_b

photo 48616057473_7995e3d8df_b

Starting the descent. We had caught up with the sunset and it actually got brighter nearer to Iceland.

photo 48616551557_cebc777d80_b

photo 48616057338_2e0f99b3e5_b

Approach and landing into Keflavik Rwy19 ahead of schedule.

photo 48616409046_4ca375f926_b

photo 48616551417_c70bc6918f_b

photo 48616551347_bd5ca14ccd_b

photo 48616551327_aa995497d7_b

photo 48616408856_51bcded6b5_b

Parked at the gate. I believed the titleless A320 at the gate beside is an Icelandair-leased aircraft to cover for the grounded B737Max.

photo 48616057648_e07db213b1_b


photo 48616551817_5323d14b9e_b

photo 48616551772_3806c6f3b5_b

Got our bags and headed to town via the Flybus airport bus.

photo 48616409126_464177f6e5_b

photo 48616409106_89834401d1_b

After an hour on the road, we reached out hotel. Would be staying at Skuggi Hotel for the next 4 nights. The room, though not too big, was clean, modern and comfortable.

photo 48616408821_a4387496df_b

photo 48616408781_2d8543f299_b

The included buffet breakfast was a great way to start the morning prior to our full-day tours.

photo 48616551227_e0278898fa_b

photo 48616551197_72d44330f9_b

photo 48616057113_7853d11e6d_b

photo 48616057103_c60bfbcab5_b

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Cabin crew8.0

London - LHR


Reykjavík - KEF



It was a very pleasant and comfortable flight experience on Icelandair. Despite the hybrid concept, comfort is not compromised and spacious seats and pillows/blankets provided. A reasonable IFE system and friendly service also made it a very bearable ride for a European economy flight experience.

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