Review of FlyOne flight Hue Ho Chi Minh City in Economy

Airline FlyOne
Flight VJ 303
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 25 Aug 19, 08:00
Arrival at 25 Aug 19, 09:05
5F 2 reviews
Published on 3rd September 2019


Hello FlightReporters
For an aviation geek like me summer means only one thing: flying
At the beginning of June my family and I started to discuss about a big trip in August
We evaluated many places in South East Asia and also India
Finally we find an Italian tour operator offering an interesting 14-day trip of Vietnam and Cambodia
The tour spaced between many places in Northern Vietnam (like Ha Noi and Ha Long bay), Central Vietnam (Hoi An and Hue), South Vietnam (Saigon and Mekong's delta) and Cambodia (Phnom Pehn and Angkor's temples)
To get there from Rome we would have fly with Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong
After some worries about Hong Kong's political situation we left on August 18th
Return planned for September 1st

photo hui-sgn-1

Some personal stats: 
First time with VietJet Air


We spend few days visiting Central Vientam (Hoi An and Hue), which is very interesting and fascinating
Our tour would continue with South Vietnam
Having the flight at 7:55 we left our hotel in Hue city center around 6
We arrived at Hue - Phu Bai International Airport around 6:30

photo hui-sgn-2

The sole Terminal seems quite small

photo hui-sgn-3photo hui-sgn-4

The departure hall was full of tourists leaving for Ho Chi Minh and other vacation destinations

photo hui-sgn-5

We proceeded to VietJet Air check-in desk

photo hui-sgn-6

My boarding pass

photo hui-sgn-10

There was a bit of queue at the security checkpoint
Most of the passengers were Spanish
Only one lane was available, but fortunately the second one was opened

photo hui-sgn-7-55279

Around 7:10 we got airside
Boarding was scheduled fifteen minutes later
Departure lounge, located upstairs, is equipped with just 3 gates
Towards gate number 1…

photo hui-sgn-8

…and gates 2 and 3

photo hui-sgn-9

Our gate, number 2, ready for boarding

photo hui-sgn-11photo hui-sgn-12

Perfectly on time boarding was called
We proceeded downstairs again to take the apron bus
There were only two planes parked in the whole airport
And this one was ours:
VietJet Air Airbus A320-200, ER-00004 delivered in June '08 (11.3 years old)
The plane is equipped with 180 Y seat
It was leased by many airlines like Kingfisher Airlines, Mandala Airlines, Amentum, Volaris and now FlyOne
FlyOne, a Moldavian airline, wet-lease this plane to VJ

photo hui-sgn-13

It's always strange to see an empty apron

photo hui-sgn-14photo hui-sgn-15

The other plane parked on the apron was a very special one:
Project Orbis McDonnel-Douglas MD-10, N330AU
Also known as "The Flying Eye Hospital", it offers ophthalmic hospital services

photo hui-sgn-16photo hui-sgn-17photo hui-sgn-18

Also our bird was quite nice

photo hui-sgn-19photo hui-sgn-20photo hui-sgn-22

Last view of Orbis plane
I've never seen a MD-10 and I think it's one of the best plane ever made

photo hui-sgn-21

Being in the last rows we boarded from the rear door

photo hui-sgn-23

Fuselage shot

photo hui-sgn-24

the flight

The cabin, equipped with 180 Economy class seats, during boarding
Unfortunately I forgot blank flight report forms at the hotel
I realized it on the way to the airport so it wasn't possible for me to print them again
I'd do it for the next flight

photo hui-sgn-25

The view from my seat, with Orbis MD-10

photo hui-sgn-26

Seat pitch was a bit tight, but ok for a hour flight

photo hui-sgn-27

Doors were closed on time and pushback started

photo hui-sgn-28

Safety instructions delivered by the crew
They were clearly Moldavian

photo hui-sgn-29

Meanwhile two other planes had filled the apron
Vietnam Airlines A321

photo hui-sgn-30

Jetstar Pacific A320

photo hui-sgn-31

Taxi to the unique runway was quite short
The airport is not equipeed with a parallel taxiway to the runway
This means we had to enter the runway mid way, going to the end and than rotate 180° to take off

photo hui-sgn-32photo hui-sgn-33photo hui-sgn-34

And here we go…

photo hui-sgn-35photo hui-sgn-36

Bye bye Hue

photo hui-sgn-37photo hui-sgn-38

Vietnam coastline

photo hui-sgn-39photo hui-sgn-40photo hui-sgn-41

We climbed rapidly and started to fly over a layer of clouds

photo hui-sgn-42photo hui-sgn-43

There was no food or beverage service
Due to the early waking up I felt asleep for a bit
I woke up while starting to descend in SGN

photo hui-sgn-44photo hui-sgn-45

Ho Chi Minh from air
It seems a very different city from Ha Noi capital city

photo hui-sgn-46photo hui-sgn-47photo hui-sgn-48

Ho Chi Minh downtown with Landmark 81, the tallest building in Vietnam

photo hui-sgn-49photo hui-sgn-51

Welcome to Vietnam sign on a warehouse

photo hui-sgn-52

Last moments in air

At 9:10, ten minutes after scheduled, we landed at Ho Chi Minh - Tan Son Nhat International Airport

photo hui-sgn-58

Vacating and crossing RWY07R

photo hui-sgn-60

Air Asia A320 landing

photo hui-sgn-61

Vietnam Airlines A321 landing

photo hui-sgn-62

FlyScoot A319 on the apron

photo hui-sgn-63

We parked at a remote stand next to another VietJet plane

photo hui-sgn-64photo hui-sgn-65

Bye Bye ER-00004

photo hui-sgn-66

Thai Airways Boeing 777 taxiing

photo hui-sgn-67

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dream)Liner pushing back

photo hui-sgn-68

Vietnam Airlines A321 and Jetstar Pacific A320 at remots

photo hui-sgn-69

The apron bus took a lot ot time to get to the Terminal
It drives very sloooowly

photo hui-sgn-70

Belt 6 for our baggages
Despite baggage waiting time was reported to be half a hour, they arrived in about 10 minutes
Later our guide told us that usually it happens to wait a lot of time at SGN

photo hui-sgn-71

We met our local guide and get our to visit Ho Chi Minh and Cu Chi

photo hui-sgn-72

Terminal exterior

photo hui-sgn-73

Our vacation continued with a tour of Ho Chi Minh city and Mekong's delta
Later we would take a ferry to Phnom Pehn to visit Cambodia

To be continued…

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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Hue - HUI


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN



This very short flight was fine
I neither feel the lack of food and beverage service

Information on the route Hue (HUI) Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)


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