Review of Cathay Dragon flight Siem Reap Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Dragon
Flight KA 241
Class Economy
Seat 41A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 31 Aug 19, 19:50
Arrival at 31 Aug 19, 23:15
KA 68 reviews
By BRONZE 1197
Published on 4th September 2019


Hello FlightReporters
For an aviation geek like me summer means only one thing: flying
At the beginning of June my family and I started to discuss about a big trip in August
We evaluated many places in South East Asia and also India
Finally we find an Italian tour operator offering an interesting 14-day trip of Vietnam and Cambodia
The tour spaced between many places in Northern Vietnam (like Ha Noi and Ha Long bay), Central Vietnam (Hoi An and Hue), South Vietnam (Saigon and Mekong's delta) and Cambodia (Phnom Pehn and Angkor's temples)
To get there from Rome we would have fly with Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong
After some worries about Hong Kong's political situation we left on August 18th
Return planned for September 1st

photo rep-hkg-1

at the airport

After this wonderful vacation it's time to come home
During our last days we visited Cambodia's capital Phnom Pehn and Angkor's temples
The latters are one of the best place I've seen in this travel and also in my lifetime

We spend the day visiting Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm, featured in Tomb Raider's movie
Having a couple of hours before going to the airport we spent a good time relaxing in the hotel's pool
Around 17:20 we left our hotel in Siem Reap
The airport is located just five kilometers from the hotel
At 17:35 we arrived at Siem Reap - Angkor International Airport
Our flight was scheduled to be at 20:05

photo rep-hkg-2

The airport terminal is designed to resemble a Pagoda
I really like these small-medium sized airports
They could be warmer and welcoming than big hubs

photo rep-hkg-3photo rep-hkg-4

Our flight was reported to be on-time

photo rep-hkg-5

Very nice check-in hall

photo rep-hkg-7

There was a big queue at Cathay Dragon desks
Most of the passengers where European (a lot of Spanish), transferring at HKG

photo rep-hkg-6photo rep-hkg-8

My boarding pass and Hong Kong transfer guide

photo rep-hkg-9

After check-in we headed to the boarding area

photo rep-hkg-10

Very nice courtyard with Buddha's statues
It was located on the way to the passport control and security checkpoint

photo rep-hkg-11

Passport control hall was empty
Unfortunately the guy in front of me had some issues (I think) and I waited about 5 minutes
Bye Bye Cambodia

photo rep-hkg-13a

Immediately after there was the security checkpoint, which was done in a breeze
Differently from many airport the area is very nice

photo rep-hkg-12

The checkpoint was followed by a duty free shop

photo rep-hkg-15photo rep-hkg-14

Really like those columns shaped like the ones in Angkor's temples XD

photo rep-hkg-16

The airport is equipped with just 8 bus gates
The departure lounge is full of interesting shops and food

photo rep-hkg-17photo rep-hkg-18

Our gate, number 7
The flight would be the second to board

photo rep-hkg-19photo rep-hkg-20

Time for spotting
Bangkok Airways A320

photo rep-hkg-21

China Southern Airlines A319

photo rep-hkg-22

VASCO (Vietnam Air Services Company) ATR-72

photo rep-hkg-24

Our plane, Cathay Dragon A320

photo rep-hkg-23

Ten minutes before boarding the gate was changed from 7 to 1
Fortunately the Terminal was small and we get there in no time

photo rep-hkg-25photo rep-hkg-26

Gate 1 with people already queuing

photo rep-hkg-27

I've never seen a boarding information screen showing aicraft type

photo rep-hkg-28


Boarding started on time at 19:25
We were bussed to our plane
VASCO ATR72 and Bangkok Airways going towards the runway

photo rep-hkg-29

VietJet Air A320

photo rep-hkg-30

Our bird for tonight's flight:
Cathay Dragon Airbus A320-200, B-HSK, delivered to Dragonair in March 2002 (17.6 years old) and than remained part of Cathay Dragon's fleet
It's equipped with 164 seats (C8-Y156)

photo rep-hkg-31photo rep-hkg-32

Door shot

photo rep-hkg-33

After giving the flight report form to the Purser I walked towards my seat, 41A
8-seat Business Class cabin

photo rep-hkg-34

Economy class cabin
Differently from Cathay Dragon HKG-HAN it wasn't equipped with IFE

photo rep-hkg-35

The view from my seat outside…

photo rep-hkg-38

…and inside the cabin

photo rep-hkg-37

Seat pitch was good

photo rep-hkg-36

Doors were closed on time
I've never seen those overhead baggage bins on a A320

photo rep-hkg-39

We stared taxi to the sole runway at REP
As in HUI the airport has no parallel taxiway

photo rep-hkg-40photo rep-hkg-41photo rep-hkg-42

Goodbye Siem Reap

photo rep-hkg-44photo rep-hkg-45

After take off light were lowered

photo rep-hkg-46

40 minutes into the flight dinner was served

photo rep-hkg-47

I chose beef with potatoes and steamed vegetables
It was accompanied by a fruit salad and Macadamia shortbreads
The beef was quite tasty and potatoes were well cooked

photo rep-hkg-48

After dinner I spent some time relaxing and chatting with my groupmates
Cabin was prepared for landing at HKG

photo rep-hkg-49

Hong Kong in sight

photo rep-hkg-50

Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge, opened in 2018
Like it's made of three bridges, one undersea tunnel and four artificial islands

photo rep-hkg-51photo rep-hkg-52

At 23:35 we touched down at Hong Kong - Chep Lap Kok International Airport
Landing was a bit bumpy and in total darkness
North Satellite Concourse with Dragonair and Cathay Dragon planes

photo rep-hkg-53photo rep-hkg-54

We were parked at a remote stand

photo rep-hkg-55

All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 at the Main Terminal

photo rep-hkg-56

Qatar Airways Boeing 777

photo rep-hkg-57

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)Liner taxiing

photo rep-hkg-58

Desembarking I took the flight report form from the Purser

photo rep-hkg-59

Last view of our plane

photo rep-hkg-60

While getting to the Main Terminal I spotted this A350
It was B-LXL, the plane which brought us to HKG for the inbound flight

photo rep-hkg-61

Having just 1h05m before our flight to Rome we rush to the gate
I'll report the transfer in the next report

To be continued…

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Cathay Dragon

Cabin crew7.0

Siem Reap - REP


Hong Kong - HKG



I really enjoyed my time at Siem Reap Airport
The Terminal is cozy, with nice shops and food, it has a very nice architecture and it's very efficient

Cathay Dragon confirms to be a good airline



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