Review of Icelandair flight Reykjavík Stockholm in Business

Airline Icelandair
Flight FI 308
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 02:46
Take-off 10 Aug 19, 11:08
Arrival at 10 Aug 19, 15:54
FI   #25 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 70 reviews
By 1369
Published on 4th September 2019
On the day of departure, we headed back to Keflavik via the FlyBus again, arriving at the airport slightly less than 2hrs before our 1105am departure. We were flying Saga Class today, which is the Business Class equivalent at Icelandair. There is a dedicated Saga Premium check-in desk.

photo 48651148453_4c3d1cfb95_b

photo 48651148473_95ee918269_b

Baggage were priority tagged and boarding pass issued.

photo 48651506496_f889d536b2_b

photo 48651508401_66c0d4c383_b

Security was a breeze was there was Fast Track line for Saga Class passengers. Apparently not all airlines offer it.

photo 48651508386_c6924145ed_b

Departure hall after security was bright and airy with shops and eateries.

photo 48651148383_7d2a6f2e48_b

photo 48651148328_54506d3543_b


photo 48651148363_196e4f42c9_b

Tarmac views. It was predominantly narrowbodies at KEF. Wonder when will the ME3 airlines send their widebodies here.

photo 48651508341_69ce322ff4_b

photo 48651508331_be6400d55f_b

photo 48651656722_c8dba286e9_b

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It was a bit of trek to Icelandair's lounge for premium pax, Saga Lounge. It was located nearer to the C gates at the satellite building than at the main building A gates which my flight would be departing from. Up the escalator to the lounge.

photo 48651508281_df534dc5bc_b

A grand entrance into the lounge.

photo 48651508266_58991f60dc_b

Near the lounge entrance was the buffet area. It was still mainly breakfast food on offer.

photo 48651656672_7d9f317377_b

photo 48651656657_58991f60dc_b

Wide range of beverages available.

photo 48651656642_c0b8518cea_b

Lounge was pretty empty at this time of the day, with various seating options available. Design was understandably very Scandic.

photo 48651148153_836855723b_b

photo 48651653622_8c96c8340c_b

A huge boulder in the middle of the lounge.

photo 48651656602_590a387c64_b

photo 48651508186_0823e7c076_b

Loved the ambience of the lounge.

photo 48651656537_f92f10228d_b

photo 48651508156_13045a10e5_b

photo 48651148073_c26ba1390b_b

There were also coffee and tap water stations throughout the lounge. In Iceland, everyone drinks from the tap as the tap water is pure water from the glaciers!!

photo 48651148033_46c29102d6_b

Tarmac view from lounge.

photo 48651656557_af91e325b6_b

Grabbed some light bites and a coffee to perk me up.

photo 48651508096_6e11777773_b

photo 48651508081_ebd97c12a9_b

After a short stay checking out the lounge, headed back to the gate where boarding had just commenced. It was a bus gate and we were funneled into a claustrophobic corridor waiting to board the bus to the aircraft.

photo 48651508061_ae100942cb_b

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10 August 2019
FI 308
Reykjavik Keflavik (KEF) - Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
TF-FIR (70 years of Aviation livery)
Saga Class
Flight Time: 2H47M

A short ride on the tarmac and we reached our B757 aircraft, which would be a beautiful special liveried 70 Years of Aviation aircraft!

photo 48651508026_8cccf634e3_b

photo 48651507991_590b578a63_b

photo 48651147918_7a6befd586_b

photo 48651507946_e7611ab6db_b

photo 48651656292_421acda96a_b

photo 48651656202_f64ff41a55_b

Boarded via Door 2. Our beautiful aircraft is named after Europe's biggest glacier, Vatnajokull.

photo 48651656217_cf9dbb335d_b

photo 48651656182_5d001aba2d_b

Turned right into the Saga Class cabin. Saga Class in fitted in a 2-2 configuration with 22 seats. The seats were basic but comfortable recliners. Seats were well-padded and fitted with IFE monitors and power supply. On each seat was placed a pillow and blanket. Kinda like SilkAir's Business Class seats on its A320s. I would recommend not to go for the bulkhead as legroom seemed restricted.

photo 48651507876_ea9c82aca8_b

photo 48651656197_7dc88737ee_b

photo 48651656072_8a69b56dd7_b

Cheeky phrases on the headrest and pillows.

photo 48651656097_854ec67952_b

photo 48651507836_b6b090a825_b

photo 48651653737_b7f2bd7a78_b

Legroom was decent and there was a footrest (no legrest fitted). Wifi internet was available and was complimentary with unlimited access for Saga Class passengers. In the seat pocket was the usual inflight literature. As there was no one ahead in Row 1, there was no fear of anyone reclining into my face, though recline is only average and not too generous. Saga Class would only be less than half-full on this flight, but Economy seemed packed.

photo 48651507856_62c773c853_b

Looking ahead towards the cockpit. The Purser and a junior crew would be serving us today in Saga Class, and the service by the Purser was wonderful!

photo 48651505586_8115487bf7_b

Boarding a wheelchair passenger.

photo 48651147653_3333af6833_b

A bottle of Icelandic glacier water was handed out to each passenger.

photo 48651656007_0bd0d2ac8a_b

Noise-cancellation headsets were also distributed,

photo 48651147633_34cd34906d_b

Icelandair's fleet. The grounding of the Maxs had affected Icelandair's fleet expansion plans.

photo 48651147328_d1c36e2112_b

Doors closed and safety video played as we started our taxi.

photo 48651147563_e8d2baa69d_b

photo 48651655967_47cd8dd31c_b

It was a long taxi to the runway.

photo 48651147533_0072698160_b

photo 48651147518_d52c928fd2_b

Tiny aircraft behind us.

photo 48651147508_9c781da8c5_b

Departure from Rwy01. B757s have really steep an powerful takeoffs!

photo 48651655867_9208a97454_b

photo 48651655862_c6c2562b7c_b

photo 48651147453_a6f5a9910a_b

Flew over the entire city of Reykjavik. I am gonna miss this peaceful and uncrowded place.

photo 48651655837_b48f4fc32c_b

photo 48651655807_530b201140_b

Landscape of Iceland.

photo 48651507651_76fd47d5c8_b

Starting the IFE system. Decided to watch Alita.

photo 48651147398_c2c344fc09_b

photo 48651507611_2b885c8907_b

View of the Saga Class cabin.

photo 48651655717_290db09d91_b

Only a curtain separated Saga and Economy Class.

photo 48651655682_e93579e0cd_b

A peek into the Economy cabin behind. Sometimes, I do appreciate being able to fly upfront in the premium cabins.

photo 48651655187_3a5371d6d5_b

Before meal service started, food and wine menus were handed out.

photo 48658489598_9106567ddd_b

Just a basic wine selection, but I am no wine-connoisseur, so not a concern for me.

photo 48651655557_95e9332be6_b

Other beverages and the iconic Icelandair gin library.

photo 48651147308_7117ff2dc7_b

photo 48651147288_f6477a2453_b

Food selection for Iceland to Europe flights. Advise: If you are flying in Saga Class, please do yourself a favour and pre-order online. The onboard selection only offered cold meals while hot mains would need to be pre-ordered. The purser came round to confirm our pre-ordered hot mains (Saga Lamb and Saga Fish), and said that we had made the best choices.

photo 48651507521_6d69c79b44_b

A warm dish is offered on the longer Europe-Iceland flights.

photo 48651507501_32a6a49974_b

Getting cloudy down below.

photo 48651655537_e53a699024_b

While enjoying my movie.

photo 48651147218_2d4333287c_b

Service started with a pack of corn chips nd a beverage of choice. I went for a Riesling.

photo 48651655512_938c12180e_b

This was followed by a hot towel in preparation for lunch.

photo 48651147188_25d95ec488_b

I had pre-ordered the Saga Lamb, which is an Icelandic Lamb dish with potatoes, carrot and peas. It was served along with bread and butter and a dessert. I had an apple juice to go with the meal.

photo 48651507386_6fd18b99b7_b

Unrolling the cutlery towel pack, there was salt and pepper.

photo 48651655412_da1819525b_b

Metal cutlery

photo 48651147103_f88aba19cf_b

Hard roll and dessert

photo 48651507346_a47588c796_b

At first glance, the lamb dish might looked boring and dry, but I swore it was the best red meat I had ever eaten on a plane! When cut, the lamb was still moist and pink in the middle, and tasted very tender with almost melt-in-the-mouth sensation! It was even better than many restaurant-quality lambs!

photo 48651655467_8ea1106f7c_b

photo 48651507266_f8852df126_b

Finishing up the meal with a light mango and cream pastry and coffee. Overall a very satisfying meal!

photo 48651147088_842abb2f90_b

photo 48651655352_13d0f3ef0f_b

My friend had pre-ordered the Saga Fish, which was Arctic Char served on Barley stew. It was equally tasty! An exceptional catering by Icelandair, provided you have pre-ordered their hot meals.

photo 48651505561_f8244472f4_b

Still cloudy below.

photo 48651655302_d85488f685_b

Visit to the very basic and retro lavatory. No additional amenities for Saga Class, and I was more intrigued by the all-in-one handwash.

photo 48651507236_e7ca2212f9_b

photo 48651655207_d2381c0144_b

Tried out the gin library selection with tonic, and the very kind purser offered all the Icelandic gin they had available, and said to take them with me!

photo 48651655292_01e75cd64d_b

Somewhere over Norway.

photo 48651146978_195ae91820_b

Duty free sales was offered, and of course I bought the model of the exact aircraft I am flying on right now.

photo 48651145343_9bd5745e8d_b

photo 48651655227_455d180617_b

Soon, we were preparing for arrival. Galley was secured, headsets collected, while the purser let me keep the menus (menus were collected by the crew) as souvenirs from the flight.

photo 48651507131_f2be9debb5_b

Descending into a cloudy and rainy Stockholm.

photo 48651507106_c1050414bb_b

photo 48651146878_c34368199a_b

photo 48651655112_ddc8520ccb_b

Landing in Stockholm Arlanda Rwy08.

photo 48651655107_f89375c45b_b

photo 48651655082_555189cacd_b

photo 48651146783_e373c7030c_b

Passed some interesting aircraft during taxi, including a swedavia (airport authority) MD82 used for ground training.

photo 48651146768_6402c559f9_b

And an antique DC8 which appeared to be well maintained. Not sure if it is still able to fly though.

photo 48651146753_887b95f8bc_b

Reaching the terminal building.

photo 48651507006_c176c8cab3_b

photo 48651655037_61dfe2710c_b

photo 48651506941_7c31c60134_b

Airbridge connected, doors opened and we were the first to disembarked.

photo 48651146688_a6fd1557ca_b

photo 48651654957_0e3d5dbcdd_b

photo 48651146678_58b876ba86_b

After the peace and quiet in Iceland, it felt overwhelming to be faced with throngs of passengers in the terminal building.

photo 48651146613_db2c01f452_b

There was quite a wait for the luggage, which eventually turned up with the priority baggage adhered to.

photo 48651654907_836526a467_b

Arlanda Airport was conveniently connected to downtown Stockholm via the 20min Arlanda Express ride.

photo 48651146538_991feb6a5e_b

My hotel, Hotel C Stockholm, was literally just 10 steps from the Arlanda Express station exit. Room was basic but of decent size and cosy.

photo 48651505916_36802caca9_b

photo 48651654822_a4e53b662b_b

photo 48651146528_5522e0c6c4_b

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Cabin crew9.0

Saga Lounge - Principal/Main


Reykjavík - KEF


Stockholm - ARN



I have totally enjoyed this short-haul flight on Icelandair Saga Class. Catering was of very high quality, seats were comfortable, IFE decent and service by the Purser was warm, engaging and felt very welcoming. A very satisfied Icelandair customer I was on probably the best intra-European Business Class product.



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