Review of Eastern Airways flight Cardiff Anglesey in Economy

Airline Eastern Airways
Flight BE7614
Class Economy
Seat 00
Flight time 00:25
Take-off 04 Sep 19, 07:35
Arrival at 04 Sep 19, 08:00
T3 13 reviews
Danny R
By BRONZE 1020
Published on 9th September 2019


Hello, Croeso!

Welcome to this special flight report. 

The first on this website too! 

This report will follow my journey on the Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 aircraft flight from Cardiff to Anglesey. This is the only domestic flight within the country of Wales.

Anglesey is located North in the country off Wales. The arrival airport is actually RAF Valley Airport, which is used by the military training for student RAF pilots. You will see many BAE Hawks at the airport. 

The Welsh Goverment and County Council of Anglesey own the little terminal building for the sole passenger service, the Cardiff to Anglsey route.

Lets begin this report.

photo dscn2364

Arriving to Cardiff airport at 4:50am from taking the very easy T9 bus.

This bus service starts off in Cardiff Bay, stops on Canal Street in the city centre and will take you straight to the terminal entrance.

This service costed £8 GBP for a return open ticket, as off this flight report.

photo dscn2363photo dscn2365

As I already checked in for this flight, I made my way to security.

I was greeted by a giant Welsh dragon. 

photo dscn2366photo dscn2368

At this time off the morning, the airport was completely empty.

This made passing through security a breeze, especially when I only had a small backpack with my camera's and rain coat.

Only a few other people waiting for the first early morning flight to Ibiza. Duty free was a ghost town, not even any workers trying to sell me aftershave or expensive wine.

photo dscn2369photo dscn2370-11547

After passing through Duty Free I found the window looking out onto the apron.

Nice surprise too see two of Flybe's E170 aircraft's waiting for the busy day ahead.
Soon all the E170/190 aircraft's will leave the airlines fleet.

photo dscn2372photo dscn2373-55735

The terminal waiting area feels very strange. 

Although it does look clean the ceiling isn't a pretty look.

Once airside you can a few shops and restaurants, such as WHSmiths, Ritazza and Costa.

photo dscn2383photo dscn2387photo dscn2374

Not long after getting my drink the night fadded and light began to rise. The Flybe E Jets still waiting for passengers.

The first flight off the day, TUI 737-800 to Ibiza taxing to the runway.

photo dscn2377photo dscn2380

Soon after a while the gate number was announced. Gate 8 which is at the far end off the airport terminal.

Due to the aircraft being super small, only small piece off luggage can go on as carry on. Such as a shopping bag.

My normal carry on bag had to checked in for valet. 

photo dscn2389photo dscn2391

After a little waiting time at the gate, only 6 passenger turned up for the flight.

We was escorted to the aircraft.  

photo dscn2392photo dscn2395

I took my seat, almost hitting my head on the ceiling due to how low it is (or how tall I am) 

This aircraft registered G-MAJL aged 23.4 years, as off this flight and report.

Not long after taking my seat the one sole flight attendant passed through the cabin to check seat belts and offering a free boiled sweet.

photo dscn2394photo dscn2397

The aircraft is in a 1-2 configuration seating and holds up only 29 passengers, 2 pilots and 1 cabin crew member.

photo dscn2399

Not long after the safety demonstration was shown, we pushed back and made our way quickly down to runway 30.

Due to the airport being super empty we got clearance for take off.

I was surprised on how quickly the aircraft took off, in just 10 seconds we lifted and darted up through the clouds.

photo dscn2401photo dscn2406

It was really nice having a empty flight. I was able to move around and take photos from different seats.

photo dscn2411

Several minutes later after levelling out, the flight attendant came through handing out complimentary food and drink.

the selection offered was fantastic considering this is a short flight.

There was various drinks such as water, coffee/tea, orange juice even a small can of beer!

The food on offered was either packet of hand cooked salted crisps, packet off mixed nuts or a Granola bar, which I opted for.
It tasted great! especially with the small can off orange juice.

All much appreciated and needed.

photo dscn2413photo dscn2416

Passing over the beautiful Mountain area in the south Wales region, The Brecon Beacons.

Not the best views sadly due to slight mist covering.

photo dscn2417

I thought it was time to check out how small the toilet WC really was and I wasn't wrong.

The toilet door moulds over the toilet to allow it to fully close and let the attendant work.

photo dscn2419-14878photo dscn2420

Time flies while having fun but sadly it was time to buckle up and land into Anglesey.

photo dscn2426photo dscn2431

Although we hit a little turbulence whilst on approach, the pilot managed to land smoothly and vacate the runway.

photo dscn2433photo dscn2434

After a short wait for the aircraft engines to shut down, doors open and our valet cart with baggage to arrive. we stepped out into a breezy North Wales.

Walked a few steps in the small airport building and out to the bus stop. 

photo dscn2440

Waited over an hour for a bus to Holyhead, it drove right pasted me without stopping! 

I recommend anyone who visits here to either hire a rental car or call a taxi.

From the Airport to Holyhead by taxi cost me £16 GBP one way.
Here is a little list off taxi firms you can try. All offered me roughly same price as each other.

photo dscn2445photo dscn2446

After a fantastic day on Holyhead island and Anglesey Island with a local who drove me around showing me all the sights, It was time to head back to Cardiff.

Here are some photos from the day.

photo dscn2456photo dscn2490

photo dscn2492photo dscn2483

Arriving back to Anglesey airport, I checked in, passed through the tiny security and sat in the little waiting room.

photo dscn2496photo dscn2497

They even offered complimentary coffee and tea whilst waiting.

This return flight back to Cardiff was a full flight, only 2 seats remaining free.

photo dscn2499-56032

Not long after finishing several cups off tea, our aircraft arrived. The same one that flew me up in the morning.


photo dscn2500

I was allocated a seat on the other side in the row off 2 seats.

Very excited at this point to get flying.

photo dscn2501

No time wasted on the ground, the moment we all sat down the doors closed and off we went.

Taking off into a very low cloud causing strong cross winds,
which this Jetstream 41 was able to handle.

photo dscn2513photo dscn2516

Once again like the flight coming the attendant came through with the complimentary food and drinks.

I opted for the crisps and orange juice. 

photo dscn2514photo dscn2522-31945

I love how huge the windows are on this super small aircraft.

photo dscn2515

Lets take a look at the legroom and tray table. 

As you can see in the photo above, there is a little cup holder (not suitable for hot drinks). This feature should be available on every plane.
The tray table was a good decent size.

Leg room was phenomenal. more leg room than any airline I have flown with, even the legacy carriers like British Airways on long hauls.  

photo dscn2521

As this flight is technically operating for Flybe, the inflight magazine is Flybe's Flight Time.

photo dscn2525photo dscn2526

In a blink off the eye, it was time to descend into Cardiff. 

Flying over the Welsh capital city Cardiff followed by a sharp right banking turn, skimming a rainstorm to the left. Making our was past Barry Island.

photo dscn2534photo dscn2539

With a little wheel bounce on landing, leaving the runway we parked up into Gate 8.

Made my way into the terminal, through baggage reclaim and outside to catch the bus back to the hotel in the city.

photo dscn2540-55108photo dscn2541

photo dscn2543

That is it!

The whole day was amazing I defiantly recommend it to anyone who wants to try out a Jetstream 41 and to see the beauty off North Wales.

The total cost off the return flights as off the date off flying was £41.50 GBP. The price for this service usually stays around the same cost all year round.

Both airports are very efficient, easy to get too and the flight flown with Eastern was very up to good standards. Offering the complimentary sweets, food and drinks are a really good touch on such a short and cheap service.

I shall return to do this trip in the future.

What do you think off this service. Have you flown it before? or now plan to after reading this report. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts! I would love to see them

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this report. I have a fantastic report coming soon. It will be on the brand new British Airways A350-1000 from Heathrow to Madrid in October 2019.

Until then, Keep flying and smiling! :D 

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  • Comment 521389 by
    AK BRONZE 1055 Comments

    Thanks for this report ! I didn't even now of Anglesey before. The fare is very cheap and reasonable, and the service onboard looks very good, especially for such a short flight !

  • Comment 521400 by
    East African 1549 Comments

    Nice stuff Danny
    If Flybe took over Eastern Airways, cost cutting measures would have been expected but no the service is still as good as before.

    Have you flown it before?

    Yes, 9 or 10 years ago on a Newcastle to Birmingham trip. But I would not mind to fly them again following your cool FR. ?

    Thanks for sharing this exclusivity

    • Comment 521407 by
      Danny R BRONZE AUTHOR 33 Comments

      Fantastic! My pleasure in glad you enjoyed it. I very much liked making this special report on a route that hardly recognised in the aviation world. Plus to expand more details about this unique airline and aircraft :)

  • Comment 521832 by
    KL651 TEAM 4525 Comments

    Thanks for this nice FR.
    I first mistook Anglesey for the capital of Guernesey, I've learnt some geography today.
    A pleasant and avgeek short hop with the bonus of an improved service compared to flyBe regular offering.

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