Review of SAS flight Stockholm Oslo in Premium Eco

Airline SAS
Flight SK 499
Class Premium Eco
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:42
Take-off 12 Aug 19, 17:15
Arrival at 12 Aug 19, 17:57
SK   #47 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 192 reviews
By 712
Published on 8th September 2019
After a short 2 nights in Stockholm, hopped onto the Arlanda Express again back to Arlanda airport. First up was to file some tax refunds from this trip. I learnt that Sweden is part of EU, but Norway is not, so my purchases in UK and Stockholm had to be filed here before departure from EU. Also, I learnt that Arlanda airport (not sure about other airports) is the worse airport I had been to file tax refunds, not because of the long queues (this award should go to London Heathrow), but you would need to go to 3 different places to file tax refunds, depending on 1. Global Blue purchases in Sweden at Global Blue counter at Departure Check-in, 2. Non-Global Blue purchases in Sweden at an agent counter at another area within Departure Check-in (which I skipped cuz the refund amount is not worth the energy to trek there), 3. All other EU purchases at Customs counter at Arrival Hall. Truly tourist unfriendly….

After filing my tax refunds, we checked in at the SAS counters. There was no wait at the SAS Plus counter. SAS Plus is the Premium Economy equivalent for intra-Europe flights, since there are no Business Class offered by SAS for intra-Europe. With SAS Plus within Europe, you would be offered more baggage allowance, seating at front of aircraft, lounge access, fast-track and priority boarding and free snacks onboard. Seats are just the normal economy seating with no empty middle seats.

photo 48691616173_68e61e013c_b

photo 48691616013_10cb869cc1_b

Through fast track security

photo 48691953761_38b35023fa_b

It would be quite a walk through the shops to the lounge.

photo 48691616168_e9c5c40e51_b

photo 48691616148_efac2d177c_b

Entrance into the lounge.

photo 48692128462_792229b6b3_b

There were 2 separate lounges, SAS Gold / Star Gold and Business Class/SAS Plus. Of course we headed into the Business lounge. Upon entry, there was he buffet and dining area.

photo 48691955501_6799b6ea1c_b

photo 48691955521_c7ea78d37c_b

Warm curry soup and breads

photo 48692128582_c36f40a62d_b

Salads and cold cuts

photo 48691616133_3f1562808c_b

Bar area

photo 48691955631_e6c2bc6136_b


photo 48691616048_b429cd6d18_b

More seating in the lounge

photo 48691616063_e3672f9fd7_b

photo 48692128477_6b2a0aa6ac_b

My late lunch. The warm curry soup was the only hot food option in the lounge. Disappointing as I had expected more for a hub lounge. Other than the poor food selection, the décor was nice and modern, and generally a pleasant place to await the flight, though I guess it could get pretty crowded during peak periods as the lounge is not too big.

photo 48692128547_4ed2f0afb0_b

Left the lounge and headed to the gate, with some plane-spotting along the way. Mainly SASes and Norwegians on the tarmac.

photo 48691615968_ae79e824d3_b

photo 48692128417_c2d5b4b74e_b

photo 48691955316_ec0d0e71ce_b

Plenty of shopping in Arlanda.

photo 48691955366_1836d05779_b

12 August 2019
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SK 499
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) - Oslo (OSL)
SAS Plus
Flight Time: 0H43M

Crowded at our boarding gate. SAS operates multiple flights between the 2 Scandic cities.

photo 48691955341_e86e3664d1_b

I was impressed by the efficiency of SAS's ground operations. This single lady handled the entire pre-boarding paperwork, boarding process and operating the airbridge!

photo 48692128382_0a42f09eb2_b

Aircraft operating the flight.

photo 48692128407_11249b4ab1_b

Boarding commenced with priorities observed.

photo 48692128292_da87c2ea30_b

photo 48692128267_3b2bc7dd07_b

As a SAS Plus perk, we got to select seating for free towards the front of the aircraft, and was able to score Row 1. The 'divider' between SAS Plus and economy was just a signage at the headrest of the last SAS Plus row. Seat wise, SAS Plus seats were exactly the same slimline seats as economy seats.

photo 48691614228_51e3414364_b

photo 48691615823_847590fb3b_b

View out the window.

photo 48691955181_01bed615c8_b

Decent legroom at 1A.

photo 48691955161_4ef3466742_b

A wide range of literature in the seat pocket.

photo 48691615813_41e60b4898_b

SAS's fleet

photo 48691615798_2bf3452d2f_b

There was a slight delay due to problems with the aircraft's APU system. After further checks and being cleared by the technician, engines were started by the ground power unit and we were ready for pushback. Safety demo was conducted manually.

photo 48691615703_a5ae574bda_b

photo 48691955121_2b98fda5b7_b

Lengthy taxi to the departure runway.

photo 48691615653_367742a12d_b

photo 48691615628_927e2d3f58_b

photo 48691955066_32bb600920_b

photo 48691615618_e66735fb86_b

Taxied to Rwy19L and straight for takeoff with no hold. Lovely views during the climb out from Arlanda.

photo 48691615548_7e08e98ac2_b

photo 48691954991_33905f91e7_b

photo 48692128017_19a57d972c_b

photo 48691954956_04c734192e_b

photo 48691615458_de45c27945_b

photo 48691615448_7974500d88_b

Stockholm is well surrounded by water.

photo 48691615423_76f558f3c6_b

photo 48692127932_2b267157cb_b

photo 48691615363_9997d85f21_b

Crew immediately started service once seatbelt signs were turned off. The 4 crew members were all friendly and efficient. Could not expect more for such a short flight.

photo 48692126742_54649c2f5d_b

SAS Plus passengers were entitled to select any food and drinks from the snack menu for free. For economy class, only coffee/tea were offered free. Inflight wifi seemed to be not working on this flight.

photo 48691615788_b818a2dfb8_b

photo 48691955211_5790f8c851_b

My snacks for the flight, which included potato chips, chocolate ball, a sourdough roll and an apple juice.

photo 48692127927_d2b0034444_b

photo 48691954836_694a0f2b75_b

Quick visit to the very basic lavatory.

photo 48692127867_2e8c5596a4_b

Another shot of my seat.

photo 48691954816_aa5903de96_b

Soon, we were descending into Oslo. Trash were cleared as we prepped for landing.

photo 48691954796_6103a3273f_b

photo 48691615253_fdce4bec52_b

Landing in Oslo Rwy19R.

photo 48692127807_138555360b_b

photo 48691954746_492f795bda_b

photo 48691615183_247fd361d5_b

photo 48692127762_73d764be14_b

Parked at the gate beside a LH A320neo.

photo 48692127747_6d7c2288be_b

photo 48691954706_c53935f896_b


photo 48691615113_f3988efabb_b

photo 48692127677_6ed96f6a24_b

photo 48691954651_527f3a7e5a_b

The gate area of Oslo Gardemoen was bright and airy with modern Scandic design.

photo 48691954616_6a2149b188_b

Planespotting along the way to baggage claim.

photo 48691954606_50cfe7314d_b

photo 48691614998_a6759103ee_b

Waiting for baggage. Noticed that baggage delivery in both Stockholm and Oslo seemed not too efficient as there was still quite a wait even though we had took some time walking to the belt.

photo 48691614983_1f3331512f_b

From the airport, we took the local train to Oslo Sentral (the local train was half the price but only 2 minutes slower than the Flytoget Airport Express train). Stayed at Radisson Blu which was just opposite the train station. Huge and comfortable room with nice view.

photo 48691614953_9f4f4264dc_b

photo 48691954506_1d6f97ec3a_b

photo 48692127597_6dee2e47a1_b

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Cabin crew8.0

SAS Business Lounge


Stockholm - ARN


Oslo - OSL



It was a short and pleasant hop on SAS, with reasonably comfortable seating, nice snacks and efficient service on this very short sector.

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