Review of Qatar Airways flight Oslo Doha in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 176
Class Business
Seat 4K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 05:53
Take-off 13 Aug 19, 16:32
Arrival at 13 Aug 19, 23:25
QR   #1 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 551 reviews
By 1435
Published on 16th September 2019
Checked out of the hotel and took the local train back to Oslo airport. Qatar Airways check-in counters were quite busy, but we were checked in swiftly. Bags were tagged through to the final destination Singapore.

photo 48712318707_5f48ddce82_b

photo 48712154821_3526fe4e0d_b

There was a fast track lane through security for most airlines' premium passengers.

photo 48712154766_553e8e1894_b

Departure hall and through the shops.

photo 48712154731_720111a56e_b

photo 48711822348_810e984830_b

Qatar uses the OSL Lounge and we were invited into the Premium section.

photo 48712318622_6bdd795cb4_b

The lounge was not too busy and there were sufficient seating.

photo 48712318587_c310871ae3_b

photo 48712154376_d126eaf5c0_b

However the food selection was not too inspiring, with the only hot option being the soup.

photo 48712154551_d0bc847384_b

photo 48711822283_322b568981_b

photo 48712318552_38a951cc29_b

photo 48712318472_66d55a5750_b

Decent beverage selection

photo 48711822173_10bb5f98e8_b

photo 48712318447_a985cc431c_b

Only had some fruits and drinks as I decided to spare my tummy for the inflight dining.

photo 48712318412_11d7a0b5d8_b

Leaving thee Premium section of the lounge, I actually preferred the 'normal' section as it seemed brighter, though a bit more crowded. Food and beverage selection seemed similar.

photo 48712318377_e8fe926fb9_b

photo 48711821963_d7d8e28024_b

photo 48712318357_a0d2712bd6_b

Left the lounge and headed to the gate. Our gate would be just after passport control.

photo 48712318207_93b74b830b_b

13 August 2019
Qatar Airways
QR 176
Oslo (OSL) - Doha (DOH)
Business Class
Flight Time: 5H53M

Qatar's Dreamliner at the gate.

photo 48711821878_fbc639f168_b

One thing I have noticed is that QR starts their boarding process very early, with boarding commenced 45min before STD. Headed straight towards the aircraft after boarding passes were checked.

photo 48712154206_68d50f6cb3_b

photo 48712154171_f1e1e4214c_b

Just steps away from my first Qatar Business Class experience. Would this really be the 'First in Business' experience as QR has always touted?

photo 48712154146_364b205fc1_b

Warmly welcomed at the door and guided to the correct aisle. Business cabin was already half-filled early during the boarding. Though not equipped with Q-Suites, the B787-8 still offers the previous generation of herringbone designed lie-flat seats. These seats are still one of the better business class seats around.

photo 48711819178_61f9f99deb_b

Placed on each seat was a pillow, duvet, amenity kit and bottle of water. Headsets were in the side compartment.

photo 48712154096_554a0d52a9_b

photo 48712318077_54b553889b_b

Very good legroom.

photo 48712154026_f98bae499c_b

View out the window.

photo 48712154006_c91c215a39_b

After being seated, the 'First' experience begun. The purser as well as the crew serving our aisle came round to introduce themselves, update on the flight time, as well as did a quick introduction of the seat features. Wow, I have never expected that as a non-status passenger in business class! Even SQ doesn't do this in Business Class (unless you are a PPS maybe?), though I vaguely recalled that TG crew also introduced themselves on my last flight with them. There were 3 crew serving the full cabin of 22 passengers. Following this, our welcome beverage orders were taken (any drink from the menu), menus distributed, as well as an offer of hot or cold towel! Wow, you mean I can actually choose to have a cold towel?? I chose to have the signature lemon-mint drink along with an ice cold towel served on a towel tray. Already, I was very impressed by the ground service upon boarding.

photo 48712153981_39b5c4fe63_b

Contents of the Brics amenity kit.

photo 48712317967_d41f005425_b

Exploring the seat features. There was a shoe drawer.

photo 48712153681_1c65f7852d_b

Headsets and side-table with magazine rack and bottle holder.

photo 48712317587_d09e30cf82_b

IFE controller and the various ports.

photo 48712317532_9916d4cf94_b

Seat controls

photo 48711821298_ea04d59a49_b

A bottle of still water already placed at each seat.

photo 48712153526_67122cb257_b

QR's fleet

photo 48711821213_3cfed8bc9c_b

Firing up the IFE system. However for some reason, this aircraft did not have the latest IFE selection updated or the system screwed up. This was made known to the crew inflight, who was very apologetic and offered to reset the system and see if the latest selection showed up. However, I had movies to watch from the current selection and all was fine.

photo 48711821203_d1fb2616f0_b

photo 48711821348_30afebc175_b

All settled in for the mid-haul.

photo 48712317642_9bda43383f_b

Crew also came round to take orders for after takeoff beverage, as well as your preference for meal timing and meal choices. Yes, you may have your meal anytime you like, and select from anything from the ala-carte menu. Impressive and certainly a First-ish service!

photo 48711821178_302559273c_b

A brief shower while at the gate.

photo 48712317302_3d36d91511_b

Safety video played as we pushed back.

photo 48711821143_4df33a8116_b

photo 48711821123_72e37cb87d_b

photo 48712153401_27c8ce90b7_b

Taxiing to the runway.

photo 48711821043_9dda4a4053_b

photo 48712153346_b79c0067a4_b

photo 48712317237_56b52f148b_b

photo 48712317187_1080a2d198_b

Departure from Rwy01L.

photo 48712317142_d7d2958b08_b

photo 48712153251_7d93d4a394_b

photo 48712317097_345b8bc9bc_b

photo 48711820913_9e2aa3145e_b

Reclined my seat to a very comfy position.

photo 48712153171_c911f726f9_b

And started my first movie while playing with the dimmable windows.

photo 48712153141_5b6b9e7796_b

photo 48712153086_b233512d7f_b

My post-takeoff beverage of a Rose was served. The delivery was exceptional as the crew first placed an empty champagne flute on the side, went back to the galley to get the champagne, presented the champagne and followed by pouring the bubbles right at my seat, just like in First Class. It was served with a bowl of warm nuts.

photo 48711820798_4fc8a68b0c_b

photo 48711820718_8290532fc1_b

Visit to the lavatory. There were 2 lavatories at the rear of the business cabin, and both had window views! Lavatory was stocked with the potions and lotions from Rituals, as well as toothbrushes and shavers.

photo 48711820693_aab7afd09d_b

photo 48711820678_4631680708_b

View of the cosy cabin (taken slightly later into the flight).

photo 48712315397_47e9162846_b

There were separate food and wines menus.

photo 48712317922_51d74361f0_b

Ala-carte menu

photo 48712317897_8c073ae81c_b

Non-alcoholic beverages

photo 48712317857_66dfd35143_b

Extensive wine list

photo 48712153866_47661c5b9e_b

photo 48712153806_3682bfc808_b

photo 48712153791_8a617bd202_b

photo 48711821478_df443b9d1c_b

photo 48712153741_e4757180e3_b

photo 48711821423_935cd337d5_b

Setting sun

photo 48712316827_d5a78e3b47_b

Dinner was served. The male crew from Macedonia serving our aisle was excellent, providing very personable and professional service, just like in a 5-stars restaurant.

photo 48711820638_75ee5de298_b

Table was set with a bread bowl, condiments (there was even a choice of different flavours of olive oil), water, a candlelight and a amuse-bouche. Napkin was placed on your lap personally, and cutlery were presented and replaced after every course was served. First Class style.

photo 48711820563_3955e16a16_b

The amuse-bouche was some sort of crab dish. It was fresh and light.

photo 48712152916_bbfb9f1665_b

Breads and condiments.

photo 48712152906_15e6e677d5_b

photo 48712152866_e0d2dfc09d_b

Pink salt and whole pepper grinders. Wow!

photo 48712316742_38a879e832_b

The cauliflower and garlic soup was served next. It was amazing! Portion was huge too.

photo 48712316697_205bf4bdac_b

Tried the signature Arabic mezze. The portion was again suitable as a full meal. Taste wise, I am not a fan of Arabic food so could not comment, but many who had tasted swore by QR's Arabic mezze.

photo 48712152836_9ba60ece22_b

Also tried the Nordic salmon.

photo 48712152801_4b663f5f4f_b

For the main, I chose the Cod fish sayadiyah. To be honest, I was already filled by then and did not manage to finish the dish, though the cod was tender and rice fragrant though a bit soggy.

photo 48712316602_1303d1e42a_b

photo 48712152711_d1ee0aa114_b

To finish, my friend had the cheese plate.

photo 48711820268_457cc3dcb3_b

While I had the fresh berries with orange syrup and gourmet ice-cream. I was bursting at this point.

photo 48711820238_be3cbd2f71_b

photo 48712152661_d88440b263_b

Somewhere over Russia after dinner was done and starting with the second movie.

photo 48711820218_3f6504a33a_b

photo 48712152596_49916d21ec_b

Some coffee and Godiva chocolates to end, and a hot towel to clean up. The entire meal service was very well-paced and totally felt like a First Class experience!

photo 48712316407_97c01ace4d_b

photo 48711820153_b576178816_b

Sun has almost set.

photo 48712152511_1336bc7e22_b

There was a lounging area at Door 2, where there were fruits, snacks, champagne and magazines.

photo 48712315562_3e55d5eb2b_b

photo 48712315547_c34f9f1c98_b

photo 48712152476_20238ebdc8_b

photo 48711820043_9ee46a1a60_b

photo 48712316317_90030cc4f0_b

Reclined my seat to the bed mode to test out the comfort. Though not Q-Suite, it was still a very comfortable bed.

photo 48712152321_f84f97d96a_b

photo 48712152286_a4845a649e_b

Cabin with lights turned off.

photo 48712152361_a45f242bcf_b

About an hour prior to arrival, the crew came round again, asking if we would like anything to eat or drink before landing. I was originally looking to have the afternoon tea set, but as I was still very full from the dinner, just opted to have a cappuccino which arrived with some cookies.

photo 48712316177_16b42d022c_b

Lights turned up before descent.

photo 48712316082_024ca04839_b

And another hot towel given out to refresh ourselves as we started our descent. Total of 4 towels offered on this mid-haul (compared to only 2 on SQ Business Class long-haul after it revised its service procedures last month).

photo 48712152191_859a00d4da_b

photo 48712316022_88f702a70b_b

Descending and landing in Doha Rwy34L.

photo 48712316027_0b7afc3db2_b

photo 48712152101_955403ca50_b

photo 48711819638_cc333e96b9_b

Last look at my seat before disembarking.

photo 48711819553_46dd795968_b

Parked at a bus gate, but there was a dedicated bus for Business Class passengers.

photo 48712315792_fc22a38a1e_b

photo 48712315687_ab62ee936e_b

photo 48712151806_89c419e1d8_b

Next up, I would be checking out the hub lounge as well as the Q-Suites experience on the final leg!
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It was an amazing experience on Qatar Airways' Business Class. Having read so much on the impressive, I was still not prepared to be awed by the service and offerings onboard. The crew serving our aisle was excellent, and generally the service standards was more in line with First Class rather than Business. The tagline 'First in Business' certainly lives up to the hype!

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