Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Singapore in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 946
Class Business
Seat 7F
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 07:52
Take-off 14 Aug 19, 03:07
Arrival at 14 Aug 19, 15:59
QR   #2 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 539 reviews
By GOLD 1927
Published on 23rd September 2019
Transfer security was painless for premium passengers as there were dedicated security lanes. It was the peak arrival and departure bank during midnight and expected, Doha airport terminal was packed with transiting passengers.

photo 48754794301_d016dec101_b

The famous yellow teddy at DOH.

photo 48754985947_c764c2781c_b

Finally located the Al Mourjan Business Lounge and went up the escalator to the lounge, escaping the hustle and bustle below.

photo 48754989227_9282c17baa_b

Lounge reception, but there was no need to be verified as our boarding passes were already checked by staff at the foot of the escalator.

photo 48754474453_aeb3cf7e8f_b

FIDS, with mainly QR departures.

photo 48754794176_62cffe23c8_b

The lounge was huge, with a modern and serene design. Plenty of seating available around the lounge. With the expansive and open space, the lounge did not felt crowded at all.

photo 48754989132_f615268d64_b

photo 48754794051_3809aa31c2_b

photo 48754790791_b0b1656c9e_b

photo 48754988972_894317b020_b

There was a deli offering made-to-order sandwiches.

photo 48754794016_29e505f885_b

photo 48754986067_5e101c0ffe_b

photo 48754793296_a67ee60ca5_b

Light bites and desserts were available in the deli area as well.

photo 48754794021_06a8f3450c_b

photo 48754989002_f63745289d_b

However we decided to head to the proper dining area at the other end of the lounge. The dining restaurant is up the circular stairs above the pond.

photo 48754791286_037a5a69c0_b

Even though it was buffet concept, there were proper restaurant-style seating with servers setting the tables and attending to your needs.

photo 48754470768_be6669ddb8_b

There were hot dishes, soups, Arabic mezzes, and a huge range of desserts. There was also a tended bar area.

photo 48754988817_1494cbe381_b

photo 48754793781_02b71b8ff2_b

photo 48754988947_a9dc6b5569_b

photo 48754474123_40b6573e1f_b

photo 48754474178_fd01a7970e_b

Our supper selection.

photo 48754471088_5e16351031_b

photo 48754793641_be70be4952_b

photo 48754988657_d2e0242055_b

View of the lounge from the restaurant.

photo 48754988757_9914f1cb05_b

Checking out the dimly lit quiet area, where there were separate cubicles with sofas and loungers.

photo 48754986307_be97820c0e_b

photo 48754988617_1249ff811d_b

We had reserved a shower and it was available shortly after our meal. An attendant welcomed me into the shower area, and asked if I needed any amenities and I requested for a toothbrush. The shower area with separate toilet cubicle was very clean, with a very powerful shower and Rituals products.

photo 48754988597_5839aed8b8_b

photo 48754988412_c3fcd83901_b

photo 48754473623_334b2a462d_b

photo 48754793481_c6f31364b9_b

photo 48754988512_814672c2c7_b

Further relaxing in the lounge before heading to the gate.

photo 48754473483_f50415a962_b

It was a bit of a walk to the gate at A6, where boarding had already commenced. Also, we learned at the gate that the aircraft had been 'downgraded' from an A350-1000 to an A350-900. Luckily, it was still a Q-Suite equipped aircraft, though some of the Q-Suite passengers had to be moved around as there were less seats on the A359.

photo 48754793236_b7c82eb4d2_b

14 August 2019
Qatar Airways
QR 946
Doha (DOH) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 7H52M

Boarded the aircraft immediately.

photo 48754473403_4d6f38bf84_b

photo 48754793166_ebd326d3e4_b

First impressions of the Q-Suite cabin were awesome!!

photo 48754791211_ba92b02a70_b

photo 48754791396_9d9a0c4694_b

photo 48754790771_d78b401357_b

There were 2 pillows and a blanket placed at each seat, along with an amenity kit which was of a different colour but similar contents as the previous sector.

photo 48754473323_187230b8fd_b

Compartment at the side which held the reading materials, headsets and a bottle of Evian. Also a small storage area for your small objects.

photo 48754473268_c0ee19fe00_b

Seat controls, IFE controller and power outlets.

photo 48754792991_2e309e0402_b

Cabin crew came round to introduce themselves, offering pre-departure beverages and a hot or cold towel. We were served on each aisle by a Filipino and an Indonesian crew. I opted for a non-alcoholic So Jenny champagne and a cold towel again.

photo 48754792971_b06d71e4ea_b

Safety cards.

photo 48754792841_d75d287669_b

photo 48754792806_1a49c6e7f3_b

We were then handed out pyjamas and slippers from The White Company.

photo 48754473148_2e1b1036df_b

photo 48754472873_471e6501f0_b

Followed by the menus.

photo 48754988047_f44d41e45d_b

Ala carte menu for the flight. Crew came round to take our meal orders, and as before, we can mix and match any food items and have it anytime during the flight. The passenger across the aisle was having the supper dessert for breakfast later in the flight! The purser again came to every passenger and introduced himself, provided some updates on the flight, and assured that we would be well taken care of and to let him know if we had any issues.

photo 48754987957_a98cd3c891_o

The IFE system was the latest upgraded one with very fast response and latest IFE selection, and 'super' wifi connection. Wifi was free for 1hr for everyone onboard, and only USD10 for the whole flight.

photo 48754473028_22c10b13d5_o

photo 48754792441_ec0954e8a0_o

Safety video was played as we pushed back. The newer aircraft had an updated version of the safety video.

photo 48754792751_afaa5754ef_o

photo 48754987792_f00f56bffe_o

Switched the IFE system to the tailcam mode to watch the taxi and takeoff.

photo 48754472908_c308fac4e6_o

photo 48754987722_92853413e5_o

View of the front cabin after departure.

photo 48754792611_0f95a09dd9_o

Went to the lavatory (all 3 were at the front of the aircraft) to change into the comfortable PJs. One of the lavatory had a view.

photo 48754792521_011a80609a_o

photo 48754472808_27bb64d7a8_o

photo 48754792551_2b3af2c9b8_o

Returned to my seat and the crew came round with warm nuts and glass of cranberry juice which I ordered.

photo 48754472658_a87660d373_o

As our light supper was being prepared in the galley, the crew came round to assist in making the beds. A bedsheet was placed over the seat, and a pillow case was also put over the pillow.

photo 48754472618_4a705018fc_o

Finishing up with the movie 'Alita' which I did not complete on the last Icelandair flight.

photo 48754792391_dedac53da5_o

Light supper was served, where I had a delicious soup which had a hint of lemongrass. The soups on Qatar were really awesome! It was accompanied by a very tasty warm breadroll, butter and flavoured olive well as well. After the breadroll was devoured, the crew also actively asked if I would like more.

photo 48754792361_8504513548_o

This was followed by the dessert of warm white chocolate and raspberry crumble. This was very good as well, and presentation was certainly first class.

photo 48754987387_7b1985db9a_o

photo 48754792281_c57e52fe54_o

Ending with more Godiva chocolates an a hot towel.

photo 48754792181_ce36962b2e_o

Time for bed! The bed was comfortable enough that I had about 3hrs of sleep. And I don't sleep well on planes.

photo 48754986247_a98619a038_o

photo 48754792241_777c3234ef_o

photo 48754792211_85cefe1232_o

Breakfast was served about 2hrs before arrival. Hot towels were given out, and our breakfast orders were delivered. Again, an elaborate table set-up and my first course of yoghurt and granola was delivered.

photo 48754472343_55e9835f79_o

photo 48754472288_373aea4b9b_o

photo 48754792101_aa41dd6305_o

Followed by cut fresh fruits.

photo 48754987077_7e5786d27b_o

photo 48754792041_f2f2e91357_o

Being adventurous, we tried the Traditional Arabic Breakfast. Well, it was definitely not my kind of breakfast food.

photo 48754791356_9523736bcf_o

No worries, I cold also select from the supper menu and ordered a Nasi Goreng with prawns. It was not bad.

photo 48754986167_8b2050de21_o

We also ordered the Salmon Congee, which was very comforting.

photo 48754471203_a559064b4a_o

Ending with a hot towel and a cappuccino. Was offered some mints as well.

photo 48754986987_6d34294dff_o

Less than 2hrs more to go.

photo 48754472113_d48151d9bd_o

Just prior to descent, another hot towel was offered, which was my sixth(!!) on this sub-8hrs flight!!

photo 48754791956_9c144343dd_o

Cabin ambience as we started our descent.

photo 48754986897_29dc0a8a42_o

Switched back to tailcam view for the landing.

photo 48754791941_fb4a2ca6d9_o

photo 48754791906_4c7655f8e9_o

photo 48754986842_3ec16f8743_o

Landing on Rwy20R and taxied to Terminal One.

photo 48754471913_72893062cf_o

photo 48754791776_70680c22ab_o

photo 48754791771_31ccd50cc3_o

Last look at the double suite.

photo 48754791721_95b9bedddd_o

Rear-facing window suite.

photo 48754791691_bd909b8b87_o

Nice décor along the galley.

photo 48754986632_04cc59ac09_o

View of the front cabin during disembarkation.

photo 48754471693_eea44702f7_o

photo 48754791576_9b048b6955_o

photo 48754471598_f8b523e9af_o

photo 48754791516_ebd580c074_o

View of our aircraft.

photo 48754986477_ecc0248f4b_o

Priority bags were first off the belt and delivered promptly.

photo 48754791441_d62fbf4df0_o
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It was another great flight on Qatar Airways. The quality of the onboard offerings and service is certainly considered the best if compared to a similar sector length flights. There is really a gulf between Qatar Business vs other airlines' business classes that I have flown on, and the tagline 'First in Business' is well worth the hype. If you would like to experience First Class service but satisfied with business-type seats (or Q-Suites which is near First Class), do try out Qatar Airways on your next trip!

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