Review of Singapore Airlines flight New Delhi Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ403
Class First
Seat 1K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 05:45
Take-off 17 Aug 19, 21:55
Arrival at 18 Aug 19, 06:10
SQ   #4 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By 1710
Published on 1st October 2019

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On the way to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in our beat up “premium” Uber ride.

photo 48668998876_9f6e7a498c_c


photo 48669153802_c2a74a43e4_c


photo 48668997981_724a5cb78f_c


photo 48668652213_2bb94405f0_c

Check-in was not open yet but it was a short 15 minute wait before it opened up. The horde still lined up.

photo 48668652213_2bb94405f0_c

Once it opened, we made our way to the Suites desk and had to ask the bouncer to allow us through. The contract agent was efficient and we were on our way to security/immigration. You can recognize the lines for First/Business class passengers as the queues are divided by red velvet ropes (obviously I couldn’t take pics in the immigration/security area).

photo 48668997391_b45441e891_c


photo 48668650948_8bdf2b5882_c

Past security and immigration

photo 48669151757_e3326c6b24_c


photo 48668649923_494cf7e712_c


photo 48668649723_87850a448e_c


photo 48668995006_f189e04f2c_c


photo 48669150647_4d521ffa13_c

We had a ridiculous amount of time to kill, so we went for a walk through the gate area for plane spotting. Sad to say there wasn’t much to see.

photo 48668994316_952fe56c36_c

After a long stroll down one side of the concourse, we made our way towards the lounge.

photo 48669149662_e7d3dd2c06_c


photo 48668993616_e13d538591_c

We were scanned in and ushered into the seating area. Despite walking around the gate area to kill time, we were still the first ones to arrive at the lounge.

photo 48668993131_73ab51b51a_c


photo 48668992976_366829860a_c

Three sections were reserved for Suites passengers

photo 48668992261_232e361d60_c


photo 48668992006_1173d9acee_c

All the way at the end – the buffet area.

photo 48669147432_a4a498e06f_c


photo 48668991426_c6d7075060_c


photo 48668991186_120b920f32_c


photo 48668990986_e016ecebb4_c


photo 48668644768_c7a91caefc_c


photo 48668644478_7ae5cbb795_c

After having a small bite to eat and a power hour nap, we freshened up and made our way to the gate.

photo 48672460518_238f515b23


photo 48668644273_4ee9a68bf2_c


photo 48669145792_613088122b_c


photo 48669145517_c16a23bd73_c

Need more tape

photo 48668643333_14b05d1f10_c


photo 48668643118_3927b41350_c

We were welcomed onboard and thankfully, the Mrs didn’t commit another crime against humanity faux pax walking into business class. The crew escorted us to our seats and we were in complete awe. At the time of booking, it was 3 of 6 (including the two of us). Then we saw another couple in 3A and 3F and you could tell from the loud voices banter that they were impressed with the cabin.

photo 48682915431_5775d0922b_cphoto 48682603673_19b90b4a01_c

The stuff that dreams are made of …

photo 48668642468_fc85879e40_cphoto 48668642168_a47bc3b62f_c


photo 48668641718_df54d5712b_cphoto 48668641468_b4c7354289_c


photo 48668984536_7fba54cd79_c


photo 48669138862_375c884773_c

The crew hovered over us and made sure we were well take care of and settled in. Since alcohol could not be served on the ground, we settled for the mango lassi and we ended up chugging 3 glasses each! The team asked us for our PJ sizes and ran off to get it for us.

photo 48669143182_37738f0443_c

Perusing the menus while waiting for PJs and amenity kits

photo 48668986561_82edd1918b_c


photo 48669142127_df369b4de2_c


photo 48669141802_fd503c6153_c


photo 48668985586_7862d2f653_c


photo 48668985261_5d05b90621_c


photo 48668639078_59e54cf979_c


photo 48668638773_2198f8e6ae_c


photo 48668982306_5e667f8340_c


photo 48668636118_26d2ac5075_c


photo 48668635888_5eef3fa026_c


photo 48668981471_bb23bc95b5_c


photo 48669137462_e914180fa9_c


photo 48668635403_3f3dfea9ef_c


photo 48668635313_8646b70f68_c


photo 48668635173_96bf795dee_c


photo 48668980781_915df80fc8_c

Once the PJs and other goodies were delivered, I headed over to change out. I usually don’t do bathroom pics but DAMN! Is it wrong to want a bathroom like this at home?

photo 48668983991_a539a539f9_c


photo 48668637323_00dd953ca9_c


photo 48669139042_4bc27fbd18_c

When I got back to my seat, one of the crew insisted of hanging my clothes in the closet. Even after I politely said I could do it, he wouldn’t take no for answer, so I acquiesced (much appreciated). After take-off, we was asked if we wanted something different to drink and I asked for the good stuff while my wife continued with another lassi.

Take off timelapse  

photo 48668980441_656967e9d2_c


photo 48668979961_2e2ed6c2ff_c

The crew confirmed if we still wanted our Book the Cook selection and we said yes. We asked for just the main course and dessert as we wanted to get some shut eye.

Setting up for the main attraction plus top up of Dom

photo 48669135607_3160cbf676_c

Mutton Biryani with Shammi kebabs. The mutton was super tender and the kebabs were still crispy. Rice could have used a little more flavouring but I’m just griping because I’m spoiled when it comes to good biryani.

photo 48669129562_e68a51cd68_c

After wolfing down the food, we asked for the beds to be made.

Mine first

photo 48669134057_0405712821_c

After making our beds, the crew brought out the dessert to have at our leisure. I went with the mango mousse (sooo good) while the Mrs went with the Chocolate Chip Kheer (disappointing)

photo 48668626673_b64696e95b_c

Double bed mode

photo 48669128797_d66452af92_c

My beloved wanting some alone time with the bear

photo 48682603803_d63062a24d_c

After a decent snooze, we woke up, changed out into regular clothes while the crew put everything away.

Landing timelapse  

The crew guided us to the door and we were off the plane to immigration. Singapore Airlines continues to impress with their First class product and service. We have nothing but good things to say about the crew. During boarding, the crew were engaging us in conversation and asking us about if we had been to Singapore and were giving tips about where to go. There were so surprised when we told them it was our third time back in as much as 3 years. Warm, genuine, friendly, fantastic – the hallmarks of a great Singapore Airlines flight crew.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

New Delhi - DEL


Singapore - SIN



Airline - phenomenal all from end to end in terms of service and catering.

DEL airport - checkin and security was efficient. The SQ lounge was decent for an output station with tons of seating and good catering options.

SIN airport - immigration was super quick and painless as usual. It sucks that SQ does not have an arrival lounge for F or J passengers and its a real miss on their part. Fortunately, we have PP access and the JetQuay lounge was good for a quick shower and change into fresh clothes.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5528 Comments

    Hi Injian13, thanks for this nice report and series! You can't get more luxurious than this for a 5h flight. The new Suites are super impressive. So perfect for those travelling as a couple with the double bed.

    p.s. I noticed you leave some empty text boxes between pics. If you're looking to avoid the photos galleries that pop p automatically when there are 3+ pics in a row, you can just put a period in the box--it looks much better than "enter text here". I went ahead and did that for you in this report so you can see what it looks like. Just an idea for you.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Comment 524910 by
    JW19 121 Comments

    Hi Injian13, SQ in fact does have an Arrivals lounge for their First and Suites passengers, not extended to business though. Incoming passengers in F are welcomed to use the Private Room upon arrival. Since SIN only does security at gate, you arrive into the same area as departing passengers meaning you get to use the same lounge, that is if you are not pressed for time to leave immigrations which is always quick in Singapore.

  • Comment 525300 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8598 Comments

    Thanks very much for sharing this marvelous experience. Singapore in Fisrt on a A380 is probably the best experience one can have nowadays on board an airplane. Luxury is in very detail and yet very discreet and the catering is wonderful.
    The suite , the bathroom very thing is just awesome !

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