Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Jakarta Makassar-Celebes Island in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA610
Class Economy
Seat 48K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 21 Oct 19, 15:00
Arrival at 21 Oct 19, 18:00
GA 205 reviews
By 401
Published on 22nd December 2019

Hi! Hi! Hello! Welcome back to my other Flight-Report here on my another commute to Makassar. 

CGK T3 Airport

Arrived at the airport couple hours earlier so I managed to try the CGK SkyTrain service first to the Airport Train Station and back again to T3, just because I can and I want to waste my time. Hahaha. Right after that I went to the main terminal building to proceed with check-in related stuff. 

photo 20191021_113655photo 20191021_113703

Check-in Area was one of the hottest area in the terminal building, don't ever ask me why, it was mainly because they (Angkasa Pura 2 - The airport operator) just simply don't think about it when they designed and built it. Short story here if you're flying without checked baggage ground staffs will told you to use the self check-in machine where the Boarding Pass (BP) that will be printed was so basic thermal print like a receipt one, so after I get one, I went to a counter and ask an agent if I can moved to another seat and ask for reprinted the BP, and she told me there wasn't any seat left onboard but yeah she gave me the new BP. Why I asked for reprint the BP? Wait and see…

photo 20191021_115202photo 20191021_114806

To the Security Check Point, right here and there this is the HOTTEST area from all area in the T3 CGK! I have no word. 

Going down to the departure level. Gate 11 is the first domestic gates. Over there is the International part of the T3. 

photo 20191021_120002photo 20191021_120025photo 20191021_120132

As I was still sweaty I was stayed for about a minute or so in front of this AC vents looking towards the apron with this silhouette of the Mr. Soekarno the first president and also named after for this airport Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK), while Mr. Hatta is the first vice president. The best view I guess? I would sat there and fell for nap. T3 bIRD pARK LLooolLLL. The only uniform that will is only them the Garuda's cabin crew

As it was not so close to my boarding time I started to walk as the T3 is really far to reached the very end gate…. So here was the view during my walk: The Boeing 737-800 with current Nature Wing's livery and the Retro Livery 1969, Boeing 777-300ER, and Airbus A330-300 I believe both of this wide bodies will head to Bali, Denpasar (DPS). 

photo 20191021_121653photo 20191021_132413photo 20191021_133045

Long walk to the east pier. The airport operator and Garuda provide buggy car service from specified location throughout the domestic part of the terminal. As soon as I arrived at the east pier the signage indicate that I have to walk another 6 minutes-ish to the very end of the pier. 

At very end of east pier of domestic part of the T3: looking to the runway and looking back to the east pier. As I still wandering around the area I found good view towards the main terminal building. On the international side there is CX, CI, WY, SQ, BR, etc. 

photo 20191021_140335photo 20191021_140411photo 20191021_140447

The Flight

After I spent my rest of the time spotting the plane and walk till I exhausted, I got updated information from the gate agent that the gate was moved form Gate 27 to Gate 20! I knew it, the bird wasn't there so other pax and me have to walk extra metres to the Gate 20. 

Gate 20 and New Garuda's Boarding Pass design. This is probably the main reason why I insisted to reprint my BP even though I didn't manage to change my seat. Garuda Indonesia introduced the new BP designs just couple days/week before this flight if I'm not mistaken… 

photo 20191021_141600photo 20191021_141555

The PK-GME, a nearly 10 years old bird. 

photo 20191021_141448

Boarding seems took forever for me. with slightly more than 40% Passengers with 'Sky Priority' label so, I don't know it was just so many, as you can see on the picture below… The Sky Priority, Business Class, Sky Team something lane was use the left lane one.  

Scratchy, Dusty, Dirty window…  

photo 20191021_145009

Safety video followed by couple of ads and push-back. I didn't know that larger aircraft can park there on this remote area of this part of terminal. Looking to the new east cross taxiway. 

Take of with the view of T3, the scandalous reclamation island, and leaving the hazy Jakarta behind. Thanks photo editing apps to make the picture better that it was.  

Surfing on the PTV IFE, seat pocket contain in-flight magazine, duty free catalog, safety card, airsickness bag, and the headphones. Kertajati Airport insight! 

photo 20191021_152721photo 20191021_153049photo 20191021_153907

Meal service was consisted of two option either beef with rice or chicken/fish with rice (I don't remember), but I chose Beef one and I ask for OJ without ice. The meal was okay, I mean the looks and the taste could be worse on some Garuda's flight so I'm fine with it. I asked for milk after they cleaned up the tray, and I filled out the costumers voice. Anyway long gone from the services, now the candies were placed on the cabinets after L1 door right after we entered the plane, we can take as much as we can lol, the cabin crew didn't offer it on the aisle like it was used to back then, like 3 to 5 years ago? 

Cabin situation after the service finished

photo 20191021_165346

Wing view

photo 20191021_165341photo 20191021_170126photo 20191021_170521

Watched Ocean's 8 during the flight. Yeah it almost a year that Garuda didn't update their IFE's content in the sake of cost cutting program. 

photo 20191021_171036

Cabin lighting were dimmed for rest as it was sun started to set outside, then it came to full bright for final check and it was turned into full dark right after that. 

Almost there

photo 20191021_171632photo 20191021_171805photo 20191021_171853

Landed at UPG Airport

Disembark took forever again as I was seated kinda at the very end of the aircraft…

photo 20191021_183056photo 20191021_182825photo 20191021_183555

Farewell old bird!

photo 20191021_183658

UPG Airport

Straight to the restroom first and head to public area even my lil sister wasn't there yet. The construction of terminal expansion of UPG that targeted to be open by 2021.

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my flight report! Really sorry for typo, bad grammar, etc. As I enjoyed reading/views high quality FR. So, I tried my best to deliver FR that met those standards. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to click the like button and comment down below about my flight with GIA

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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew9.5

Jakarta - CGK


Makassar-Celebes Island - UPG



GIA is on the cost cutting program for almost a year I believe and it does turn the company into a profitable year by raising up the ceiling price of Y class ticket, reducing meal and snack quality and quantity, and yet the CEO was pretty scandalous.

Information on the route Jakarta (CGK) Makassar-Celebes Island (UPG)


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    ThomasDutch BRONZE 597 Comments

    I fail to recognize any beef in the meal you optioned, but at least GA remains one of the very few airlines to still use metal cutlery in Y class, though I wonder how long that would take for them to phase out. Thanks for your report.

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      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments

      Thanks for stopping by ThomasDutch! Hahahaha. the meat was kinda tiny and covered by the chilly. Yes. even if the metal cutlery didn't came with the Garuda's stamped one it'll be still look the same one.. till when we don't know...

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