Review of Scoot flight Singapore Perth in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TR 8
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 04:42
Take-off 18 Oct 19, 12:19
Arrival at 18 Oct 19, 17:01
TR   #13 out of 17 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
By 1233
Published on 4th November 2019
Mid last month, I took a trip down under to Perth for a short getaway. As it is spring, weather was wonderful for the entire trip, and I also get to visit sights which I had not been in and around Perth. Flight up was on Scoot Economy while return on SQ Business Class.

Self check-in done at Terminal 2, and it was pretty busy at this time.

photo 48995410138_ee2e9502f3_o

photo 48996153747_cfd9441345_o

Headed to TGM café to grab a Japanese bento set lunch, compliments of Priority Pass again.

photo 48995410033_c559ed3017_o

Heading to the gate at the far end of the E pier.

photo 48995953791_54b503cb9c_o

photo 48996153647_c15c03b206_o

18 October 2019
TR 8
Singapore (SIN) - Perth (PER)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 4H43M

Boarding commenced shortly after.

photo 48996153632_cb30b461ed_o

Our aircraft is named Mous-Scoot-ka, and is primarily used on long-hauls.

photo 48995953711_1d56c36af1_o

photo 48995953681_945f401362_o

Boarding the yellow Dreamliner.

photo 48995409903_4ea7865cd6_o

photo 48995409868_9bd0e4cb0a_o

This would be my first time flying on Scoot's B787 in Economy, and I was not too sure if it would be bearable on a mid-haul. Luckily it was not an awfully cramped A320 which Scoot also flies on certain days to Perth. First impression is fine, with 3-3-3 layout in economy and decent looking seats, though minus any other frills in basic economy. Call buttons and light switched are in the armrest. The basic seat frame is by Safran (previously known as Zodiac) and is similar to what many other airlines (including SQ) uses on their long-haul jets. Understandably, Scoot's seats does not have the bells and whistles of other full-service airlines.

photo 48995953591_82805a636c_o

photo 48996150242_0bc5a54932_b

Boarding in progress. The flight was almost full.

photo 48995409788_4cfd17793a_o

Legroom was pretty decent, and not as bad as I had feared. Similar legroom as many other full-service carriers.

photo 48995953521_9383a528da_o

Inflight literature. Scoot has discontinued its IFE streaming service ScootTV, replacing it with inflight internet access (payable of course) as the only available IFE option.

photo 48995953566_93dbb92aeb_o

View from the window.

photo 48996153347_f60ed3c662_o

Doors closed on schedule and safety instructions were done manually.

photo 48995409648_d6cfd0fbf3_o

Starting the taxi to the runway.

photo 48996153302_f203a8934b_o

photo 48995953406_22dc531cf7_o

A logo-less SQ B772 was spotted departing to USA for storage, retired from the SQ fleet.

photo 48996153272_6853ea6ed5_o

Vietjet Air A321 landing before your turn on the runway.

photo 48995409548_68a2c9ba1d_o

Departure from Rwy20C.

photo 48995953331_fa4a2a91ee_o

photo 48996153202_5eddc61925_o

photo 48996153192_e5a3cdc10f_o


Climbing through the clouds.

photo 48996153157_3dcc96cd65_o

About an hour after departure, crew came round to distribute the pre-paid meals.

photo 48996153137_bfef8275f6_o

I had pre-paid for the Chicken Tikka Masala with rice meal for S$17. The meal came with a chocolate bar and a can of Coke or bottled water.

photo 48995409363_562464de4c_o

photo 48995953186_f35d60038f_o

The meal was tasty and flavourful. Portion was decent as well.

photo 48996153072_a8b4af3bba_o

photo 48996153022_36c4ff88cd_o

BOB and duty free sales conducted after pre-paid meals were delivered.

photo 48996152957_f98b96b275_o

Leaving the Java coast.

photo 48995409173_bac96ebb5e_o

Lavatory was basic but clean.

photo 48995953026_a8c4832f01_o

Cabin views

photo 48996152912_cc6e3fb81d_o

photo 48995409103_8784d654f1_o

With about an hour to go, we had entered the Australian outback.

photo 48996152742_b878e37c83_o

Soon we started the descend into Perth.

photo 48995952831_e875d51f29_o

Crew turned on rainbow lights just before descend to 'wake' everyone up to Wahs and Oohs.

photo 48996152837_cf726d6c19_o

photo 48995952936_6c167b161e_o

photo 48996152817_7af29fe5b1_o

Approaching Perth.

photo 48995408853_0af9723054_o

photo 48995952771_c56567a30e_o

photo 48996152582_3c40e524cd_o

photo 48995952701_e559659a7f_o

And we were up again! Go-Around due to aircraft still on runway, according to the pilot. There was a deathly silence in the cabin as we attempted the go-around haha.

photo 48995952691_6a7ae21fc5_o

photo 48996152487_c997f6d055_o

photo 48995952616_45ec9e7656_o

photo 48995952636_fa87aee983_o

Video of approach and go-around.

Lets try again for a landing.

photo 48996152412_4f53fcb8dc_o

photo 48996152382_0922e4b6e8_o

photo 48996152367_5446de2f90_o

And touchdown on Rwy21, still a bit ahead of schedule.

photo 48996152362_6bf5f83d2d_o

photo 48995952476_a8c38d261e_o

photo 48995408493_a5381b203f_o

Taxied to the gate. Spotted a SA A343.

photo 48996152287_8125d0f4db_o

photo 48996152247_fdcd8ef649_o

photo 48995408428_e164e9f34a_o


photo 48996152197_3fa5fa0ceb_o

The 'premium' economy seats, ie. seats with more legroom and in Scoot-in-Silence cabin, are fitted with headrests.

photo 48995952311_e7660c728e_o

The rebranded ScootPlus (previously ScootBiz) seats.

photo 48995952286_dd75f83bdb_o

After disembarkation.

photo 48995408328_6506c3c3ae_o

photo 48995952221_b1e3ed6b66_o

photo 48995408313_05056b805d_o

Immigration and customs were seamless, and a quick 30min Airport Bus ride later, we reached Perth's CBD. Stay for the trip would be at Mantra on Murray, an aparthotel. Rooms were big and clean, and provide all the necessary facilities. Location was the best, right sack in the middle of town with easy access to shopping and transportation.

photo 48995408233_bd714aa91c_o

photo 48995408203_fef9cfdee8_o

photo 48995952106_e21f435b2a_o

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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Singapore - SIN


Perth - PER



The mid-haul on Scoot was very decent and bearable, mainly due to the comfortable (for LCC standards) seating. All frills are additional charge, depending on how much you would need, but with the low base fare, Scoot B787s are still a reasonable decent way for fly for mid and maybe long-haul LCC flights.

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