Review of Singapore Airlines flight Perth Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 214
Class Business
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 04:54
Take-off 22 Oct 19, 17:28
Arrival at 22 Oct 19, 22:22
SQ   #10 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 647 reviews
By 2872
Published on 10th November 2019
Reached the airport about 2hrs before departure. The check-in counters were pretty empty and we were checked in immediately.

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FIDS. Perth has much lesser international traffic than the hubs of Sydney and Melbourne.

photo 49028234803_3d3d56a642_o

No queues at immigration and security as well, and we were through in no time. Typical of Australian airports, there is a need to pass through the duty-free shopping alley to reach the lounges and gates.

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SQ operates its own Silver Kris Lounge at Perth. The lounge is also available to Star Alliance's premium pax.

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Lounge is rather small and basic, with sofas and a small separate dining area. Design is in need of a revamp. Lounge also got quite busy nearer to the flight departure.

photo 49028746886_8b37f6482e_o

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Buffet offering was rather decent, with sandwiches, hot food, satay (not very authentic though), Singapore laksa and desserts.

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photo 49028957867_dbf2d1d880_o

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Teas, cookies and nuts. There is a separate coffee corner with barista service.

photo 49028746626_0487125304_o

Cold beverages and ice-cream.

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photo 49028234558_6a989edb0b_o

photo 49028234718_08a8881a96_o

My light snacks.

photo 49028957782_7aca8a0f90_o

photo 49028957742_cd9de01328_o

Since the lounge was getting very crowded and it was actually not very comfortable seated in the enclosed area, I left the lounge early for some plane-spotting. The most interesting aircraft spotted was the giant Antonov. Also just realised that I could have also checked out Air New Zealand's lounge in Perth.

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The brand new SQ A350 Regional aircraft waiting at the gate.

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22 October 2019
Singapore Airlines
SQ 214
Perth (PER) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 4H55M

The gate area was not too crowded. After a bit of waiting, boarding commenced.

photo 49028957472_a8587d2a07_o

photo 49028957412_88cbd93cac_o

Stepped into the brand new A350R via Door 2. Took a peek at the forward Business Class cabin.

photo 49028957367_3aecd377c3_o

I was seated in the smaller 12-seater aft Business cabin. The seats are the New Regional Business Class lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 layout, fitted on the B787-10s and A359Rs. I chose the seat nearer to the window.

photo 49028957317_e1a0af3172_o

photo 49028746336_0c0b565e96_o

A pillow and plush blanket were already placed on each seat. Crew welcomed me onboard and handed out some amenities, consisting of socks, slippers and headphones. The menu was already placed at the storage compartment beside the seat.

photo 49028957267_7f02daca17_o

Inside the storage compartment was a bottle of water. Power and USB ports were available too.

photo 49028746226_4103d2cf50_o

The touch-sensitive seat controls and IFE handset.

photo 49028956032_e47d0c00a2_o

Inflight literature rack and a shoe compartment below it.

photo 49028746136_2cbc60dffd_o

Good legroom of course.

photo 49028234103_b61926deb7_o

Inflight magazines and more.

photo 49028957127_a110abf92c_o

The one and only hot towel service for the flight conducted.

photo 49028233968_08c769268c_o

Followed with a cold glass of Charles.

photo 49028234023_1d53b139dd_o

View out the window.

photo 49028746266_6c7431b2ea_o

Flight info

photo 49028746061_a625d1779b_o

Boarding in progress

photo 49028746166_19af96bf02_o

photo 49028231838_ab8217c898_o

Newspapers and magazines were offered. I requested for a coupe of travel mags.

photo 49028956587_5e8dba58fc_o

Boarding completed, doors closed and safety video was played. We were not too full today, with only 4/12 in the aft Business cabin. The forward cabin was slightly busier. Economy seemed not to busy as well.

photo 49028956532_7887464aa6_o

A whale just arrived in Perth.

photo 49028956537_44b2cc9162_o

photo 49028745476_abaa3014ea_o

SAA A343 spotted again!

photo 49028233388_78d5e3263b_o

Holding for a QantasLink B717 to land on the shorter cross-runway.

photo 49028233363_9b5539e9dd_o

Continued the taxi to the longer runway.

photo 49028745376_7cfec471e9_o

Holding for a Scoot A320 to land from SIN. I would not want to fly on this cramped and uncomfortable narrowbody on the 5hrs sector! Bless those who 'survived' the flight.

photo 49028233288_534031dd3c_o

Turning onto the runway.

photo 49028956292_fa7bee94d6_o

photo 49028745311_ab6e8a5457_o

Departure from Rwy21.

photo 49028956267_19605a57e5_o

photo 49028745246_c5ef214b85_o

photo 49028956202_2d6ba0c3a1_o

photo 49028745216_2db46b8713_o

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Video of the takeoff.

Flying up the Western Australian coast.

photo 49028745111_2bc8c9256e_o

photo 49028956042_78e4d3d898_o

photo 49028745056_b22860008b_o

Quick visit to the lavatory after seatbelt signs were turned off. 3 lavatories were located between the forward and aft Business cabins, while the galley was all the way at the front. Amenities were well stocked in the lav.

photo 49028232778_c6b06b0aea_o

photo 49028744936_ccb53cfec2_o

photo 49028744901_820f4afc1b_o

Great evening to fly

photo 49028955912_b6c9d6d498_o

A very relaxed cabin ambience.

photo 49028232743_4bb31fe1c3_o

Time to start on the IFE

photo 49028955942_a4df0de75b_o

And also peruse the menu. Dinner would be served on this sector.

photo 49028233898_1bec8bc124_o

Menu for SQ223 SIN-PER sector if you are interested.

photo 49028956937_9014808d3c_o

photo 49028233813_e4571234a1_o

Eye-boggling beverage selection, starting with the alcohols.

photo 49028745911_5d4abe009d_o

photo 49028745891_77d0b77b5d_o

photo 49028745856_e113b1121b_o

photo 49028745801_4e89e004fe_o

photo 49028233673_480d23a574_o


photo 49028956732_8487f5cd05_o

Non-alcohols. coffees and teas.

photo 49028745726_552fa15fcc_o

photo 49028233568_191dab92aa_o

photo 49028233558_fbcc1b43c4_o

photo 49028956647_62738dc535_o

photo 49028745596_ff5fbd7f52_o

It had been a while since I last ordered a Singapore Sling onboard SQ, so a sling it shall be! It was perfectly mixed, not too strong as some crew would prepare. And the swizzle stick has now become an ice-cream stick!

photo 49028744796_efc413381e_o

photo 49028744776_3d836e9383_o

Satay was served next as canape. It was surprising as I recalled satay were not served on Australia-originating flights due to some agricultural restrictions as the satays would be flown in from Singapore to be served on the way back. It was great as far as satay in the sky could be, though I have yet to try the MH version.

photo 49028232683_a35d7f9eca_o

photo 49028744696_7ed44ce0ee_o

Leaving the Australian coast and into the sunset.

photo 49028955632_54916b2554_o

photo 49028232623_b68a61d2d7_o

Dinner was served about 1.5hrs after departure. No trays were used. Starting with the appetiser and breads.

photo 49028744621_7f33c12575_o

Tuna salad starter was fresh. The seared tuna was very thick and generous.

photo 49028232578_5ca66efcda_o

For main, I had pre-booked the Lobster Thermidor. This was the best lobster thermidor I had eaten onboard SQ. It was fresh and chunky, huge portions and tasted way better than the lobster thermidors from SIN. Guess the use of locally sourced western Australian lobsters played a part to ensure the freshness.

photo 49028744546_24c327115f_o

photo 49028955487_f5ba605852_o

photo 49028232523_654a02f282_o

My friend had the Roasted duck from the onboard menu. Presented very well, it turned out to be way too salty.

photo 49028954697_7b2d0c0029_o

Also tried the Baked chicken thigh in mushroom cream sauce. It was a safe but palatable choice.

photo 49028743476_7f3e0cdea6_o

Not being a fan of peppermint ice-cream, I had the lemon meringue tart. It was an enjoyable dessert.

photo 49028744446_b61252c9bc_o

photo 49028955352_7d58b29859_o

Followed by selection of cheeses and fruits. The cheese plate had some uncommon condiments.

photo 49028955312_e1bd1774c1_o

photo 49028955267_7b21762224_o

Watching our local singer's performance.

photo 49028955247_7ace3452cb_o

Rounding up with pralines and earl grey tea. The whole dinner service was conducted at a very comfortable pace, with excellent and personable service.

photo 49028232313_06ab30e3df_o

Reclined to full-flat for relaxation for the remainder of the flight.

photo 49028232333_04c50463dc_o

photo 49028955137_e4c8ebb3ca_o

Cabin lights were switched off. In the dark, the cabin was still pretty cosy.

photo 49028231463_e12163caf5_o

An hour to go

photo 49028744176_4a17c67f24_o

Lights turned on before descent, and crew came round to offer pralines and candies. A nice touch.

photo 49028954767_b9688c52e2_o

Approach and landing on Rwy20R.

photo 49028744131_a8682edb41_o

photo 49028232228_a51b157c33_o

photo 49028744001_54c3469248_o

Windows fogged up after landing. We parked at Terminal 3.

photo 49028743961_f4a59855cc_o

Final look at the seat and cabin during disembarkation.

photo 49028232113_518f9e64fb_o

photo 49028954892_195ebd1e72_o

photo 49028954772_0d3f6c5c0b_o

Thanks for reading and comments are welcomed.
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It was an excellent and comfortable flight on SQ A350-900 Regional. The hardware and service were top-notch. Catering was fantastic and the overall experience was up there among the best SQ flights I had flown.

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