Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Singapore Ho Chi Minh City in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN 650
Class Economy
Seat 26G
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:44
Take-off 26 Oct 19, 13:14
Arrival at 26 Oct 19, 13:58
VN   #27 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 221 reviews
By 1247
Published on 20th November 2019
During the recent long weekend holidays, I made a short 3 days trip to Ho Chi Minh city via Vietnam Airlines. Considering the holidays, airfare was actually pretty reasonably priced when tickets were booked a few months back.

VN departs from Changi's newest terminal, Terminal 4. Even though T4 has automated check-in facilities, VN still uses the manual check-in counters. Queues were not too long and having done online check-in earlier, we were able to use the online check-in desks and had boarding passes issued.

photo 49064773267_797f90cd44_o

photo 49064559581_ed2779bef1_o

photo 49064773202_266c474956_o

Visited the Blossom Lounge, which was used by all T4 airlines except CX. As it was lunch hour, the lounge was quite busy at the dining area, but there were still sufficient seating around.

photo 49064559361_09c0e15578_o

photo 49064559216_71b5ba5d8a_o

photo 49064772797_9a3f705460_o

photo 49064772812_a222fc957e_o

View of departure hall from lounge.

photo 49064559151_b1ac37250b_o

There was a decent buffet selection, including both hot and cold selections.

photo 49064559491_81f9bb34e2_o

photo 49064773137_0505417c63_o

photo 49064559296_d2b97e3154_o

photo 49064772927_17c89d082a_o

Alcohol selection

photo 49064043448_656bbb23fa_o

Hot food and made-to-order dishes.

photo 49064043578_6ae98d50f0_o

photo 49064043563_e8fc1949bb_o

My light lunch. Both laksa and desserts were good.

photo 49064773032_a02b3d8ebe_o

photo 49064772847_2172cf7cbc_o

Time to head to the gate.

photo 49064559116_5a9fa6ac4f_o

26 October 2019
Vietnam Airlines
VN 650
Singapore (SIN) - Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H45M

Departure gate at G17.

photo 49064772697_7e4d74b664_o

photo 49064772662_87048cd588_o

Vietnam Airlines' regional workhorse, the A321, would be operating this flight.

photo 49064772687_e0cec1783a_o

photo 49064043218_34e008cbb4_o

photo 49064043203_4f780b0a6e_o

Boarding commenced. There was a newspaper trolley at the door.

photo 49064043178_b3cc2ce835_o

Boarding the A321.

photo 49064043163_7c2904f638_o

Welcomed by the crew at the door and proceeded to my seat. Economy on VN's A321 is just a basic seat with no IFE or any other fanciful in-seat gadgets. However, legroom is pretty decent. Blankets were available upon request.

photo 49064772487_a448732060_o

Literature in the seat pocket.

photo 49064042938_ddc2e9600c_o

View out the window.

photo 49064558806_271049017a_o

Boarding in progress. It was a totally full flight, which was expected for the long weekend.

photo 49064772442_e87ec4f228_o

Refreshing tissues were handed out after boarding was completed.

photo 49064558711_353a20f6b5_o

Pushed back, with the safety video shown on the dropdown monitors.

photo 49064772197_9e931c753b_o

photo 49064042823_93728a2e39_o

Taxied to the runway.

photo 49064042883_9cd2625276_o

photo 49064772127_1a1cd9b450_o

photo 49064558591_ffe72663f8_o

Turning onto the runway.

photo 49064042728_4922b1ccca_o

Departing from Rwy02C.

photo 49064042673_941f82d778_o

photo 49064558541_06e535bbba_o

photo 49064558531_44435c0d91_o

photo 49064558496_a256e51e38_o

photo 49064771962_e82d700b29_o

photo 49064042503_e50ab0f73c_o

Video of the takeoff and climb.

Seatbelt signs remained on for some time as we navigated around storm clouds.

photo 49064558391_ab7157b1d4_o

photo 49064558356_d086d316d9_o

Young VN flyer seated in front of me.

photo 49064771897_7c55a2f5d8_o

VN ads were shown on the overhead monitors.

photo 49064558331_c03e1a1817_o

Which was later switched to the flight map. Meal service commenced immediately, with 4 crew serving in economy. 3 of the crew were dishing out meal trays from 2 meal carts while the 4th was serving drinks from the beverage cart.

photo 49064771777_c6f6bb61dc_o

photo 49064558196_288ec7d2f1_o

Meal tray was delivered. The choices were Minced beef with fried rice and vegetables, or Chicken with noodles. The meal came with a side salad and dressing, warm roll with butter, and a banana.

photo 49064042403_65e2ec4c70_o

I chose the beef option. The beef in sauce was slightly salty, but the fried rice was fragrant. Salad was simple and the 'dessert' was a big and filling banana.

photo 49064771617_363e32dbf7_o

photo 49064042383_49c0c90841_o

photo 49064558141_0c32e61627_o

The other option of Chicken with noodles was quite salty as well.

photo 49064042318_cc61f86cbe_o

Beverage cart followed behind with a range of wines, juices and soft drinks offered. An orange juice for me please.

photo 49064557996_a01d8da415_o

photo 49064557741_7697489127_o

Followed by the crew coming down the aisle offering a round of coffee or tea. Service was generally friendly and efficient. Considering it was a fully packed flight and with a short flight time, no complaints with the onboard service.

photo 49064041993_21f73db0ed_o

photo 49064041853_a059888ab2_o

Meal trays were cleared and we had already started our descent into Ho Chi Minh.

photo 49064771262_18f7d9f096_o

photo 49064770572_d12feb668c_o

photo 49064041363_eebc108180_o

Nice scenery during approach into Ho Chi Minh City.

photo 49064041293_049df4bb62_o

photo 49064770357_2466a236ee_o

photo 49064041228_a32b6b1a0e_o

Landing on Rwy25R.

photo 49064041208_bd98c45a90_o

photo 49064041188_5d92fe8955_o

photo 49064770207_383753020f_o

photo 49064041148_f626092382_o

photo 49064042198_232133b99a_o

Video of landing.

Taxiing to the remote stand. I observed that VN pilots usually do not retract the aircraft flaps fully when in Vietnam airports. Anybody has any idea why?

photo 49064771477_3fa692e37e_o

photo 49064771437_1612fe9b9b_o

photo 49064042018_9851c6df7c_o

photo 49064771227_b2fb952788_o

Parked at remote.

photo 49064771152_299248fe02_o

Waiting to disembark. Both front and rear doors were used for disembarkation.

photo 49064557511_75b131fffa_o

My seat for the flight.

photo 49064770967_bb76c3fd93_o

Walking through economy and business cabins.

photo 49064041678_9226c01a19_o

photo 49064041548_845ecc41ba_o

And onto the tarmac onto awaiting buses for the ride to the international terminal.

photo 49064770657_5dfe01a471_o

photo 49064041448_7cf754754f_o

Immigration was not too busy and we were through rather quickly, followed by a Grab ride to the city. Stayed at Chill Suites City Center, a new 3-stars hotel, at very reasonable prices. Room was big and new, but toilet was basic. Seemed like a retrofitted hotel from old.

photo 49064770147_1e1a3f74c4_o

photo 49064556841_20a9de55a6_o

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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Blossom Lounge - 4


Singapore - SIN


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN



It was a pleasant experience on Vietnam Airlines economy class on this short hop. Even though the seats were basic, legroom was generous and service was good. Meals were average. Considering the pretty attractive fare, it was value-for-money to fly VN on this short-haul sector.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)


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