Review of EVA Air flight Hong Kong Taipei in Economy

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR872
Class Economy
Seat 45A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 18 Nov 19, 19:40
Arrival at 18 Nov 19, 21:30
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By 648
Published on 29th December 2019

Hello everybody! This report will cover the second leg of the trip to Taiwan after arriving from Munich with Lufthansa. The flight between Hong Kong and Taipei is nothing special for me but this time was the first time for me to fly with the brand new EVA Air B787-9. 


After I passed through the security check at the transfer counters, I arrived at the departure floor in the middle of terminal 1. I walked towards the food court and had a ramen.

photo dsc09176

After that I walked slowly to gate 7 where my flight would be departing. The plane had not arrived yet. While I was waiting in front of the gate, my name was called and turned out the staff would like to check my Taiwan entry permit as I was transferred from Germany. I just spotted that the boarding was delayed to 19:25pm probably due to late inbound of the aircraft.

photo dsc09177

At 18:55pm my plane finally appeared at gate. B-17885 was delivered in September 2018 and she is the first B787 in EVA Air fleet. EVA Air possess 4 B787-9 and all of them are leased from Air Lease Corp. In total EVA Air ordered 4 B787-9 and 20 B-787-10(2 of them are also leased). The inaugural flight was commenced on 1st November 2018, en route TPE to HKG as BR867. At 19:15pm, it was announced that latest boarding time would be at 19:30pm.

photo dsc09181

Boarding was started at 18:31pm and the boarding sequence was according to the number written on the boarding pass. But this was a bit annoying for me as I had a boarding pass issued by Lufthansa and there was no zone number written on it. Anyway I just queued at the economy line. Here is my seat, 45A. EVA Air's B787-9 are with 26 business class seats and 278 economy class seat. In the economy class, the seats are in 3-3-3 configuration. Adjustable leather headrest on the Recaro seat which was quite comfortable. Disposable earbuds were placed on every seats.

photo dsc09182photo dsc09204

Welcome screen on 12 inch touchscreen monitor. In my opinion, it would be better if the welcome screen can show some useful information such as seat number, time, etc. There is no remote control for the entertainment system.

photo dsc09185

The flight time was expected to be 1 hour and 40 minutes, and we would be cruising at 39000ft altitude. At 19:48pm, all doors were closed and then Safety instruction video was played. I really appreciated that EVA's creativity on this safety video, but it is really hard for passengers to catch the important message about the safety instruction. In my opinion, it should be easy to understand with the aid of simple animation.

Followed by the safety video was the 5 minutes commercial advertisement as we were taxing to the runway.

photo dsc09189

At 20:15pm, our plane took off from RWL07R. Unfortunately, inflight cameras are not installed in this new aircraft which was a little bit surprise for me. We headed southwest after takeoff and passed through Hong Kong Island into South China Sea. 

photo img_5028

Shortly after takeoff, I tried to check the entertainment program on the monitor. The sensitivity of the monitor was very good, the main menu was simple but pretty easy to navigate.

photo dsc09191

I was so curious with the catering menu.

photo dsc09192

The drink list instead was quite amazing.

photo dsc09193

About 10 minutes after takeoff, the cabin light was turned on again.

photo dsc09195

At 20:34pm, the meal was served. I was not aware that EVA Air had changed the hot meal into snack tray serving biscotti and cakes provided by Osteria by Angie. I was really looking forward to the hot meal before the flight… The most weird thing for me was the metal cutlery, I wonder who need a fork and knife to eat the snacks indeed.

photo dsc09196

10 minutes after that, they started to collect the tray. Announcement from the cockpit informing us that the plane would start descending in 10 minutes. The landing time was expected to be 9:35pm.

photo dsc09197

So, I took the chance to visit the lavatory at the back. Before the door is locked, the lavatory is illuminated by the blue LED lights.

photo dsc09198photo dsc09199

Lotion, Refreshing mist by PAYOT.

photo dsc09201

After I went back to my seat, the cabin light was dimmed for landing. For the rest of the time, I tried to play Angry Bird on the screen.

photo dsc09202

At 21:19pm, it was suddenly announced that Taipei airport was very busy and we had to hold before we could descend into Taipei airport and the landing time was to be 22:00pm.

photo img_5027-2

Then I decided to go through the TV comedy to kill the time, but soon I fell asleep for about 20 minutes.

photo dsc09203

When I woke up, we were almost touchdown on the runway. We landed at 22:00pm and eventually we parked at B6 gate. Total flight time was 1 hour 45 minutes.

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Cabin crew8.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Taipei - TPE



In recent years, EVA air tends to deploy the A321 and A330 for the Hong Kong route, so this was a good chance for me to try a new B787-9. Although there was a little disappointment with the snacks, this was already much better than most of the European carriers which I have to admit. The entertainment system was also excellent.

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    ThomasDutch SILVER 517 Comments

    The most weird thing for me was the metal cutlery, I wonder who need a fork and knife to eat the snacks indeed.

    I doubt that it has something to do with the actual meal that is being served you, but I think they don't want to create an extra production line (or the catering services tasked with it) to make separate packages, which would increase expenses....
    BR was planning to change their equipment from AMS to BKK from a 777 to a 787, but canceled it a few months after and considering your photos I'm glad they did as a 3-3-3 config in a 787 isn't the most pleasant thing you can have on a longhaul flight. How is their seat pitch?
    Thanks for reporting!

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