Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Ho Chi Minh City Singapore in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN 657
Class Economy
Seat 41D
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 28 Oct 19, 16:40
Arrival at 28 Oct 19, 19:30
VN   #30 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 213 reviews
By 3394
Published on 24th November 2019
Back to the airport via Grab and checked in at the VN counters.

photo 49110025586_2a3ba18858_o

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Through immigration and security rather quickly and into the departure hall with overpriced duty-free shops.

photo 49110221032_1f4fcdd263_o

With my priority pass, I visited the Orchid lounge. It was rather busy at this hour.

photo 49109521828_3ebfb8d055_o

Buffet selection was pretty decent.

photo 49109521773_2123d14843_o

photo 49110025451_4c5aca3ef1_o

photo 49109521713_2cd2abdd75_o

photo 49109521628_278a706a63_o

photo 49110025351_977117e36a_o

My pick from the buffet.

photo 49109521598_217c9b6724_o

One aspect I liked of the lounge is the vast windows for plane-spotting. EVA B773ER preparing for departure.

photo 49109521578_389bffc04b_o

Vietjetair A321 and new Vietnamese airline Bamboo Airways A320.

photo 49110025226_f7ea2d4512_o

SQ B772ER 9V-SVN taxiing in as SQ184 and returning a SQ183. This aircraft was just recently retired. This would be one of her last few flights in her SQ career.

photo 49109521528_b9e6b445c6_o

photo 49110220572_a2046d8280_o

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Heading to the gate and spotting my VN A350 in Skyteam livery.

photo 49110025086_dfcf651552_o

28 October 2019
Vietnam Airlines
VN 657
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H50M

Our SkyTeam liveried A359.

photo 49109521323_b8686db5c4_o

Boarding had just commenced.

photo 49109521283_8e74654141_o

photo 49109521238_667cbd5918_o

Newspapers were available at the door. Passing through the Premium Economy cabin, which is in a 2-4-2 layout. The seat frame is exactly the same as on SQ's A350.

photo 49109521208_dabd82eb3d_o

photo 49110220267_079f311a70_o

Into the economy cabin. I believe the seats were also of the same model as used by SQ on the B773ERs and most long-haul A350s, but with less bells and whistles.

photo 49110024836_497b660168_o

photo 49109521093_758b13b375_o

photo 49109521068_99b174ee69_o

Boarding in progress

photo 49109521013_e8362984e4_o

Was seated in an aisle seat on this leg. Legroom was pretty decent for the mid-long haul flights this aircraft usually serve. IFE monitor was touch-screen and large, with USB port beneath the monitor. There were no footrests.

photo 49110220137_c791968ca0_o

photo 49110024636_7766e4dde1_o

After boarding was completed, crew came round to hand out refreshment towels. Blankets were handed out upon request. No IFE headphones were available as, according to the crew, it would only be handed on flights longer than 3hrs. So use your own earphones on these short sectors.

photo 49109520953_c2faf72f5c_o

photo 49110024571_c86d41aa31_o

Safety video played.

photo 49110024541_ebd3f251be_o

photo 49110024486_2fa8f31281_o

Boarding was completed on schedule but there was a bit of delay for departure due to traffic. Finally took off about 20min behind schedule and the IFE was turned on just as the engines spooled up on the runway. IFE selection was good enough for this short flight.

photo 49110219917_3955360b7c_o

3D flight map. However it was on a loop and cannot be personalised.

photo 49110219877_1b41da0201_o

My entertainment for the flight.

photo 49110219872_7174785600_o

Everyone were 'forced' to watch the VN ads just after takeoff.

photo 49109520738_867faff69d_o

Seat recline was quite good.

photo 49110024331_e82b4b07ed_oPikachu time.

photo 49110219767_e2280f19e4_o

Meal service started immediately after departure. The flight was totally full in Premium economy and Economy, and with 276 passengers in these 2 classes, it was hard work for the 5 crew in PEY/EY to conduct the meal service on this short sector. Carts started from PEY and moved towards the rear, with a crew dishing out meal trays and another following behind with the drinks cart.

photo 49110219727_3c51665da4_o

photo 49110024241_71c57dd493_o

photo 49110219647_c528c70255_o

Seated near the rear of the aircraft, we only received our meals almost an hour into the flight, just 5min before descent was announced by the pilot. The meal tray came with a salad, main, warm roll with butter and a banana.

photo 49110024201_83a31301db_o

The meal choices were Fish with Noodles or Pork with rice. The Fish noodles was rather salty again. Lesson learnt, noodles on VN are normally salty.

photo 49110024161_0eaeef09f6_o

photo 49110219457_b91c25d6f3_o

The other choice of Braised pork with rice was very tasty!

photo 49109520363_770c69b5e2_o

photo 49109520323_68475eb25b_o

Just noted the VN logo on the plastic cup.

photo 49110023906_39fe165bff_o

A round of coffee/tea was also offered but I declined. 2 additional crew also came up from Business to help with clearing of the trays. Definitely a hectic flight for this set of VN crew.

photo 49109520333_f6c60c8775_o

Crew busy in the Economy galley in the rear, clearing up the trash. This was the only galley serving the entire PEY and EY cabins!

photo 49110023721_711f3f3dfa_o

Quick visit to the lavatory. Other than the necessary, the only amenity available was the VN-branded handwash.

photo 49110023821_b412ba0ce0_o

photo 49110023796_8a6c125bbb_o

Clearing up the last trays while we were descending.

photo 49110023871_b43f6a9e29_o

Some facts on the A350.

photo 49110023666_62e5c06bfe_o

Our flight time was extended as we were required to hold.

photo 49109520023_a5d7bbee25_o

Again we were forced to sit through VN ads again before landing.

photo 49110023591_2fea56749d_o

Approaching Singapore.

photo 49109519913_81287bfb6c_o

Landed on Rwy02C and it was only a short taxi to Terminal 4 where we disembarked. It appeared that there were many passengers who had originated from Japan/Korea and transited at SGN, judging from the many duty-free shopping bags they were carrying.

photo 49109519773_0e1ce30d49_o

photo 49110218767_0eac6582e9_o

photo 49109519578_329211ffa8_o

A glimpse of our aircraft after disembarkation.

photo 49110218572_cca8c9238d_o

Followed by a long trek to the Arrival hall where immigration and baggage claim was very efficient.

photo 49110023126_a02f6c8869_o
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Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


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Even though it was a busy and full flight, it was still a comfortable journey on Vietnam Airlines on this short-haul flight. VN's service may not be as polished as the 5-stars carriers, but the onboard offerings on the newer aircraft are still comparable with the major airlines out there. When the price is right, I would still recommend flying on Vietnam Airlines.

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