Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Mexico City in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL685
Class Business
Seat 01A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 11:25
Take-off 01 May 19, 14:30
Arrival at 01 May 19, 18:55
KL   #40 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1014 reviews
By GOLD 2385
Published on 10th December 2019

A short reminder of the routing:


  • KL1986 - Business - Mulhouse → Amsterdam - Embraer E-190 Past
  • KLM - Business - Amsterdam > Mexico - Boeing 747-400 You are here
  • AeroMexico - Business - Mexico > Cancun - Boeing 737-800 Coming soon
  • KLM - Business - Mexico > Amsterdam - Boeing 747-400M Coming soon
  • KLM Cityhopper - Business - Amsterdam > EuroAirport - E75 Coming soon

crown lounge non schengen

Arrived at the B gate, you need to walk quite a lot to reach the passport control and then the Non Schengen gates:

photo dsc_0274_resultat

I had a bit more than a two hours layover so no rush even if the passport control was overcrowded. I needed no less than 30' to clear it.

As I arrived at the lounge I was asked to use the check in kiosk. Not a problem for me, but I usually prefer to deal with humans.

I didn't stay downstairs and went straight up to the upper floor. The terrace I saw unfinished in February is now fully open and operational: 

photo dsc_0275_resultatphoto dsc_0278_resultat

A nice outside area. Mind, this terrace is fully non smoking.
Three 787 at the foreground: 

photo dsc_0276_resultatphoto dsc_0277_resultat

PH-BFY would be my today's plane:

photo dsc_0293_resultat

Fact about this plane: in theory it is a 74M, Mixed cargo / passenger (also called 74E -Combi) as it has a rear cargo hold door after door pair 4 but in practice, here the aircraft is operated as full pax (C35, W36, Y337) when operated as a combi there are only 187 Y seats, W and J stays the same).

Back to the lounge with my favorite seat: 

photo dsc_0279_resultat

I only stayed upstairs, as I kind of don't like the ground level.

photo dsc_0280_resultat

I don't know why KL keeps in offering that low cost low quality cheese, given how good dutch cheese can be…

photo dsc_0281_resultat

Salad bar:

photo dsc_0284_resultatphoto dsc_0285_resultat

Sweets and fruits:

photo dsc_0283_resultat

As I was taking the pictures, one of the waiter approached me and asked if I would like him to rearrange the fruits and the vegetables assortment to make it look better. Wow, what a service :)

photo dsc_0290_resultatphoto dsc_0291_resultat

Looking down:

photo dsc_0282_resultat

The a la carte restaurant had just opened:

photo dsc_0286_resultat

But this isn't free, everything has to be paid, as in a regular restaurant. And the prices are quite steep. No, but no, thank you.

photo dsc_0287_resultat

Time to work a bit by publishing a Flight-Report:

photo dsc_0292_resultat

And it is already time to leave:

photo dsc_0288_resultat

A quick visit to the towels, I liked the flowers:

photo dsc_0289_resultat

the flight

Making my way to the Queen of the Skies, I spot this 777:

photo dsc_0294_resultat

I found it ofd to have the 9W code share flight still mentioned as Jet Airways went bankrupt a while ago already.

photo dsc_0295_resultat

What a nice bird!

photo dsc_0296_resultatphoto dsc_0297_resultatphoto dsc_0298_resultat

As there are a lot of people, the priorities are a bit hard to be respected, but I managed to board among the first passengers.

photo dsc_0299_resultatphoto dsc_0300_resultat

Jet bridge control and door:

photo dsc_0301_resultat

Something that never happened to me on a KLM 744 was the boarding via door 1. Usually boarding is done via door 2 and you have to cross the comfort section of the plane to reach business. Not today. 

photo dsc_0302_resultat

Business Class:

photo dsc_0303_resultat

Front view:

photo dsc_0304_resultatphoto dsc_0305_resultat

My seat, one of the best of the house :) 1A:

photo dsc_0306_resultat

Another cabin view:

photo dsc_0307_resultat

Side view:

photo dsc_0308_resultat

Hello you:

photo dsc_0309_resultat

As boarding continued I had a quick lav visit:

photo dsc_0312_resultatphoto dsc_0313_resultat

The galley complex is huge:

photo dsc_0311_resultat

Door 1R:

photo dsc_0310_resultat

The first row has no overhead bins, thus a very handy space in front:

photo dsc_0316_resultat

The IFE size is ok but the definition is very, very poor.

photo dsc_0317_resultat

View of the first window of the plane, you see the curvature of the plane:

photo dsc_0318_resultat

Feet box:

photo dsc_0319_resultat

Air vents, this is something I miss on newer planes :(

photo dsc_0320_resultat

Seat controls:

photo dsc_0321_resultat

Handset, super old:

photo dsc_0322_resultat

The IFE has only around 50 seats, 10 new, 10 not so new, 10 collection and around 20 totally unknown. Very dated.
Safety card: 

photo dsc_0323_resultatphoto dsc_0324_resultatphoto dsc_0325_resultat

Another cabin view:

photo dsc_0326_resultat

Welcome drink:

photo dsc_0327_resultat

One big problem of that seat, is the lack of storage space. There is basically … nothing.

photo dsc_0328_resultat

Comfort kit:

photo dsc_0329_resultat

Nothing new inside:

photo dsc_0330_resultatphoto dsc_0331_resultat

As we push back, I spot this QR 773:

photo dsc_0332_resultat

Emirates A380-800:

photo dsc_0335_resultat

UA 787-9:

photo dsc_0333_resultat

The menu, sorry for some blurry pictures, we were taxiing and it wasn't a good time to take pictures :( Won't do that again … lol 

And the food:

photo dsc_0340_resultatphoto dsc_0341_resultat

Let's have a look:

photo dsc_0342_resultatphoto dsc_0343_resultat

I know the "Light meal" page is almost unreadable, the choices were pulled beef burger or 4 cheese pizza (absolutely not something I'd like to see in Business class, IMO) 

photo dsc_0344_resultat

9 480 km to go:

photo dsc_0346_resultatphoto dsc_0347_resultat

 Polderbaan today:

photo dsc_0348_resultat

Off we go:

photo dsc_0349_resultatphoto dsc_0350_resultat

Still climbing:

photo dsc_0351_resultat

The service started 30' after take off and once again, it would be very, very slow. I had a nice chat about it with the purser, that agreed that their service takes too much time. They already cut off the second round of aperitive drinks and are still looking for better options. Work in progress here.

Service starts with a hot towel: 

photo dsc_0352_resultat

I took a glass of the sweet wine (and will stick to it for the whole lunch) together with dutch cheese:

photo dsc_0353_resultatphoto dsc_0354_resultat

This is the starter:

photo dsc_0355_resultat

Can you spot the difference between both pictures?

photo dsc_0356_resultatphoto dsc_0357_resultat

The sauce. I had a first bite of the starter and it was dry like hell. Almost uneatable. I called the stewardess to ask if she didn't missed the sauce to go with the dish, and she was so sorry as she, in fact, forgot it. With the sauce  it was a bit better, but still, stuffed cold pasta shells is not a premium starter. The starters have been the highlight of the KLM flights but this has gone downhill the last two years.

For the entreeI took the goat cheese and chicken raviolis. I was surprised to see chicken pieces next to the raviolis. As always on KLM the main was just ok. Nothing to write a home about.

photo dsc_0358_resultat

Small dessert bites that were good, though, not memorable:

photo dsc_0359_resultat

Together with a coffee and a chocolate piece.

After that I take a tour of this beautiful aircraft. View from door 2: 

photo dsc_0361_resultatphoto dsc_0362_resultat

Middle galley:

photo dsc_0364_resultat

View from door 3:

photo dsc_0365_resultat

Door 4:

photo dsc_0366_resultatphoto dsc_0367_resultat

And from the left side:

photo dsc_0368_resultat

And from door 5:

photo dsc_0369_resultatphoto dsc_0370_resultat

The rear cabin:

photo dsc_0371_resultat

The galley shows its age:

photo dsc_0372_resultat

Upstairs to business class:

photo dsc_0373_resultat

Comfort class:

photo dsc_0374_resultat

Let's try to have a nap:

photo dsc_0375_resultatphoto dsc_0376_resultat

In the middle of the flight ice creams and snacks are handed out: 

photo dsc_0377_resultat

Then hot chicken skewers are handed out: 

photo dsc_0378_resultat

Not that much to see outside:

photo dsc_0379_resultat

Some sweets are offered later. As much as I didn't like the main meal, I appreciated the three different services with ice, hot snack and sweet item. This was by far the highlights of the meals.

photo dsc_0380_resultat

Still not that much to see out:

photo dsc_0381_resultatphoto dsc_0382_resultat

90 minutes before arrival the second service starts. It is a bit better than the usually 2H they need.
Hot towel to start with: 

photo dsc_0383_resultat

I took the pulled beef burger by default.

photo dsc_0384_resultat


photo dsc_0385_resultat

It tasted as bad as it looked. What an awful idea to serve that. At least the chocolate dessert was good. But ways too rich.

photo dsc_0386_resultat

The landing is getting closer:

photo dsc_0387_resultatphoto dsc_0388_resultat

After being offered the Delft houses, we pass by Mexico:

I wasn't aware that the airport was so close to downtown:

photo dsc_0393_resultatphoto dsc_0395_resultat

Almost landed:

photo dsc_0396_resultat

MEX is super busy:

photo dsc_0397_resultatphoto dsc_0398_resultat

This is T1, the old building:

photo dsc_0399_resultat


photo dsc_0400_resultatphoto dsc_0401_resultat

IB 346:

photo dsc_0402_resultat

AF 388:

photo dsc_0403_resultat

Interjet stored most of its SSJ, lots of spare part problems led to that.

photo dsc_0404_resultatphoto dsc_0405_resultatphoto dsc_0406_resultat

An ex- TAM A330 is also parked here:

photo dsc_0407_resultat

Another view:

photo dsc_0408_resultat

We need to cross the second runway to get back to the terminal:

photo dsc_0409_resultatphoto dsc_0410_resultat


photo dsc_0411_resultat

LH 748 behind and happy to have it behind :)

photo dsc_0412_resultat

Volaris 32N:

photo dsc_0413_resultatphoto dsc_0414_resultat

Viva A320:

photo dsc_0415_resultat

Interjet A320 :

photo dsc_0416_resultat

I left the plane pretty quickly, then had a long walk to immigration.

photo dsc_0417_resultat

Lots of people at the immigration, it took me 30 minutes which was ok, but after us, the 748 LH passengers had to wait much more as other planes arrived in the meantime.

My bag was already on the caroussel, I just had to bring it back to the transit belt and then make my way outside. There is no airside connections available between T1/T2. Not that great.   

photo dsc_0418_resultat

I had a hard time to find how to connect the T2 as the signage is super poor. In fact, you need to go upstairs to take the tram but first you need to find … where to go upstairs. 

Stay tuned for the next part that will explore this mystery :) 

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Cabin crew9.5

KLM Crown Lounge 5 - Non Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Mexico City - MEX



The cabin was comfortable, the crew really nice, but the IFE a shame.

The catering was really poor, apart from the mid flight snacks that were lovely. But this is far from being enough.

Nothing to say about AMS nor the lounge.

MEX is showing its age and poorly designed.

Thank you very much for reading and following, next part is coming really soon.

Information on the route Amsterdam (AMS) Mexico City (MEX)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 6 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Amsterdam (AMS) → Mexico City (MEX).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est AeroMexico avec 7.6/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 11 heures et 46 minutes.

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  • Comment 533168 by
    biscayne 33 Comments
    Merci pour ce FR ! Le majestueux jumbo jet un peu vintage..dommage pour le catering, visuellement cela avait l’air correct sauf pour le burger...une horreur !
    A bientôt
  • Comment 533206 by
    757Fan 625 Comments
    Great report and awesome that you were able to get a flight on the Queen of the Skies. Love the KLM livery on the 747! Food looks okay for Business, but a bit lacking in some sense. Maybe the quality?

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 533326 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Oooh, I didn't know there was a terrace now as the Crown Lounge since renovations, nice! They definitely did a great job with the renovations, it's beautiful.

    Being in the nose of the 747 is always special and feels exclusive, as does the upper deck. Lucky to have gotten the solo seat in 1A...definitely the best seat in the house.

    The old-looking IFE feels out of place with these newer seats.

    With the sauce it was a bit better, but still, stuffed cold pasta shells is not a premium starter.

    It is on AA lol. And what an oddly tiny dessert for an 11h flight. I do like the multiple mid-flight snack services, however. Do KLM not set up a self-serve bar with snacks and drinks in J?

    I took the pulled beef burger by default.

    Eeew, it looks aweful...that wouldn't even be ok in Y!

    Usually KLM catering is OK, never anything fancy, but decent...on this flight it's pretty crappy. I hope this doesn't become a trend.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 533335 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19227 Comments
      Hi Kévin, thanks for the detailed comment! Unfortunately it became a trend. Catering with KLM is going downhill...

      There isn't really a self service bar in J with KL. They have a station where there is a bit of food but usually they bring it mid flight. And there is almost always a flight attendant in the galley to serve drinks or snacks on request.

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