Review of AeroMexico flight Cancún Mexico City in Business

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM448
Class Business
Seat 02F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 06 May 19, 15:55
Arrival at 06 May 19, 18:35
AM   #71 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 101 reviews
By GOLD 1153
Published on 11th December 2019

A short reminder of the routing:


cancùn - LAndside

After a wonderful stay, it is already time to head back to France. The outside of the terminal is in all white:

photo dsc_0584_resultat

The AM counters and as well as the whole terminal were a bit messy. But it took only a few minutes to get my boarding passes. I forgot to ask where the lounge was, but thought that I'll manage it, despite beginning to know how bad the signage can be in Mexico :)

photo dsc_0585_resultatphoto dsc_0586_resultat

Airside is upstairs:

photo dsc_0588_resultat

The terminal is brand new, it just opened less than a year ago. But it is very bland, no soul here. Sad.

photo dsc_0589_resultatphoto dsc_0591_resultat


This long corridor leads to security. Again here, very bland and no soul.

photo dsc_0592_resultatphoto dsc_0593_resultat

Security is done in no time. After it there is a nice duty free. I wanted to buy some cigarettes but as I am going to MEX first and there is no airside connections available, I am not allowed to buy them. Ridiculous.

photo dsc_0594_resultat

Next is a small shopping center, not duty free. Here I was allowed to spend my last pesos :)

photo dsc_0595_resultat


photo dsc_0596_resultat

No A380 signs on the ground :)

photo dsc_0597_resultat

This is the preceding flight to Mexico also with a 738 :

photo dsc_0598_resultat

Airside, the terminal looks a bit better than landside:

photo dsc_0599_resultat


photo dsc_0600_resultatphoto dsc_0601_resultat

Those blue seats are the most uncomfortable airport seats I experienced ever:

photo dsc_0602_resultatphoto dsc_0603_resultat

premier aeromexico lounge

It was then time to look for the AeroMexico lounge. Guess it, the signage was again very, very poor. There are some VIP Lounge signs but they are at awkward position and easily overlooked.

Once found, I head downstairs and I only find a "Mera Lounge". I show my boarding pass and … I am not allowed to enter. I've been explained that this is a private lounge having no agreement with AeroMexico, only Air France. Meaning  I could access it on the CUN CDG direct with AF, but not on the AM flight to MEX. I have been offered to pay USD 50.- to visit the lounge. No, thank you.

The agent tells me that there is another lounge at the other end of the terminal and that lounge may accept AM passengers or even better, be an AeroMexico lounge. As I have nothing better to do, I give it a try.

After a lengthy walk to it, I locate it and it is … again a Mera Lounge, with the same rules. 

So we are at the second biggest airport of the country, flying with the flag career and they don't even have a lounge or an agreement to access one of the lounges in CUN?

back with the crowd

In that case I had nothing better to do than going to grab an ice coffee at the Starbucks and take advantage of the 30' free of charge WIFI offered by MEX airport. Even here, Starbucks doesn't offer WIFI. 

photo dsc_0606_resultat

Interjet to MEX is delayed but my flight is early by 5 minutes :)

photo dsc_0608_resultat

This is the delayed Interjet:

photo dsc_0607_resultat

Another arriving:

photo dsc_0610_resultat

A320-200 Interjet:

photo dsc_0611_resultat

A320 NEO Interjet and my plane behind arriving from Havana:

photo dsc_0612_resultatphoto dsc_0614_resultat

The registration is pretty funny:

photo dsc_0613_resultat

As my plane arrived from an international flight, we are pax bussed to it. For this, I need to go downstairs:

photo dsc_0604_resultatphoto dsc_0605_resultat

It is dark and absolutely not friendly. Boarding is a bit messy, no real respect of the priorities but as we go by bus, I don't really care.

photo dsc_0615_resultat

the flight

En route we pass by this two A330 Thomas Cook, long time gone by now :(

photo dsc_0616_resultatphoto dsc_0619_resultatphoto dsc_0620_resultat

 XA-JOY, my ride:

photo dsc_0618_resultatphoto dsc_0621_resultat

Still lots of preparations in progress:

photo dsc_0623_resultat

The forward door:

photo dsc_0624_resultat

Waiting to board:

photo dsc_0626_resultatphoto dsc_0625_resultat

And here we go:

photo dsc_0628_resultatphoto dsc_0629_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo dsc_0631_resultat

Another door shoot:

photo dsc_0632_resultat

The welcome at the door is as cold as the cabin hot is. It is hot as in an oven and the crew is cold as polar bears. They are not in a good day and they clearly show it. The cabin is slightly different than on the outbound and isn't Sky Interior:

photo dsc_0633_resultatphoto dsc_0634_resultat

As on the outbound, window seats have pillows, aisle seats have blanket. Window for me means pillow :)

Some more views of the cabin:

photo dsc_0635_resultatphoto dsc_0636_resultat

It is unbearably hot in the cabin and the airvents blow hot air. Not cool :(

photo dsc_0638_resultat

The legrest is a great additional touch:

photo dsc_0639_resultat

Onboard magazines:

photo dsc_0640_resultatphoto dsc_0641_resultat

Safety card:

photo dsc_0642_resultat


photo dsc_0643_resultat

The ops are complete:

photo dsc_0644_resultat

Double window for me:

photo dsc_0645_resultat

The welcome drink is offered only after the doors are closed, without a smile nor any look at the customer.

photo dsc_0646_resultat

A lone ice cube in the drink didn't help to cool this overheated orange juice that was just disgusting. 

Moving map:

photo dsc_0647_resultatphoto dsc_0648_resultat

Headsets are offered (in fact, threw onto passengers laps would be more appropriate)

photo dsc_0649_resultat

Safety demo:

photo dsc_0650_resultat

Taxiing while an Interjet A320 departs:

photo dsc_0651_resultat

A last view over T4 that won't be missed:

photo dsc_0652_resultat

Line up:

photo dsc_0654_resultat

Hasta Luego Cancùn:

photo dsc_0656_resultat

Some aerial views:

photo dsc_0657_resultatphoto dsc_0658_resultatphoto dsc_0659_resultat

Passing the clouds:

photo dsc_0660_resultatphoto dsc_0661_resultatphoto dsc_0663_resultat


photo dsc_0664_resultat

As I was pleasantly suprised by the outbound catering I was expecting (maybe too much!) to be again surprised on that flight.

I was, but not the same way.

This is what AM offers on afternoon flights with a lenght of 2H30+ in Business: 

photo dsc_0665_resultatphoto dsc_0666_resultat

Cold nuts mix with a not cold apple juice. Coffee and a berry mix round of this amazing dinner :)

photo dsc_0668_resultatphoto dsc_0669_resultat

Outside view:

photo dsc_0667_resultat

We are 30' close to landing but … 

photo dsc_0670_resultat

U-Turn? No heavy thunderstorm over Mexico, all flights are requested to hold but the crew has no idea about how long.

photo dsc_0672_resultat

More an more holding:

photo dsc_0673_resultat

At least, the sky is wonderful:

photo dsc_0675_resultatphoto dsc_0677_resultat

some more:

photo dsc_0679_resultat

At that time we are now flying since 02H40 instead of the planned 02H00

photo dsc_0682_resultat

We also traveled 2'621 KM whereas the route usually is 1'500 / 1'700. We ended with 2'750 KM and over 03H15 flight time. A big detour… .

photo dsc_0683_resultat

Mexico is nearing and the strom is gone:

photo dsc_0684_resultatphoto dsc_0686_resultatphoto dsc_0688_resultat

Lots of planes waiting on ground. And this is only the right side, much more planes were the other side.

photo dsc_0691_resultat

AM Connect

photo dsc_0694_resultat

Grounded MAX-8. In fact, my flight was scheduled to be on a MAX but this was before :(

photo dsc_0695_resultatphoto dsc_0698_resultat

738 taking off:

photo dsc_0702_resultat

748 Cargolux:

photo dsc_0703_resultat

AF  388:

photo dsc_0704_resultat

UA  319:

photo dsc_0706_resultat

AM  788:

photo dsc_0707_resultat

Federal Police and one of its two 727:

photo dsc_0708_resultat

We parked next to this 737-700:

photo dsc_0709_resultat

Absolutely no greeting nor any word of any kind while deplaning. Needless to say that I am but satisfied with this crew.

My flight is at 0905P and it is 0720, we had a good hour delay. As I am now a bit familiar with the airport layout and how slow the train can be, I don't waste time and head straight to the station.

The next flight will also be quite surprising, so just stay tuned, it will be online really soon. 

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Cabin crew1.5

Cancún - CUN


Mexico City - MEX



The cabin was nice and the IFE a welcome touch. But that is it. The crew was one of the worst I ever had. The "food" also.

CUN was fluid but the terminal is nothing to write a book about.

MEX a mess, this airport is in urgent needs to be replaced by something closer to a real hub.

As usual, thanks for reading!

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