Review of LOT Polish flight Gdańsk Warsaw in Economy

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO3836
Class Economy
Seat 03D
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 04 Aug 19, 12:05
Arrival at 04 Aug 19, 13:05
LO   #61 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 240 reviews
By GOLD 443
Published on 13th December 2019

Welcome to this new series, I decided this time to translate to English some intra- European flights just to have more variety in the FR English data base. The routing looks like this:


We arrived by taxi at the airport and funny wise our driver decided to avoid the highway. He only took small roads through villages and finally it was quicker and much more enjoyable.

photo img_1315_resultatphoto img_1316_resultat

The airport building is really nice.

photo img_1317_resultatphoto img_1318_resultat

gdn - inside

As nice as outside, it bright and airy, there are also some trees inside that bring a nice fresh look.

photo img_1319_resultat


photo img_1320_resultat

I really liked the kind of old school FIDS:

photo img_1321_resultat

Very high ceiling:

photo img_1322_resultat

WIZZ Counters are pretty empty:

photo img_1323_resultat

This is a model of the second war museum in Gdansk:

photo img_1324_resultat

The airport is mostly empty, but the only place where there are lots of people are the LOT counters :(

photo img_1325_resultat

There are only two check in desks opened this morning:

photo img_1326_resultat-88819

One counter handles priority passengers and at the second the agent seems to be under supervision. It takes more than 30'' to get our bags checked. 

photo img_1327_resultat

The agent seems bit astonished we are only going to WAW. I was a bit angry about LOT as I took a fare that included seat selection to be seated with my mother. But at check in we got new seats: 3D for me, 11D for her. The flight being full, the agent can't (doesn't want?) to do anything. It is not fun but ok for a short 40 minutes hop.

The security is totally empty: 

photo img_1328_resultatphoto img_1329_resultat

We were at this specific hotel for the long week-end:

photo img_1330_resultat

Drills are not allowed in the cabin :)

photo img_1331_resultat

My boarding pass:

photo img_1332_resultat-74374

After security:

photo img_1333_resultat

Pax bus gates:

photo img_1334_resultat

As almost everywhere now, the duty free mandatory tour is included :) 

photo img_1335_resultatphoto img_1336_resultat

Then concessions are on one side of the airport while the gates are the other side:

photo img_1337_resultat

Our Dash in en-route:

photo img_1338_resultat

Nice toilets with mood lighting :)

photo img_1339_resultat

Our flight is scheduled on time and will be.

photo img_1340_resultat

For the spotting it will be another day :)

photo img_1341_resultat

That's it. Only this WIZZ bird:

photo img_1342_resultat

I really like this airport. Very chic, very modern:

photo img_1343_resultatphoto img_1344_resultat

Our plane lands on time:

photo img_1348_resultatphoto img_1349_resultat


photo img_1350_resultat

At parking stand:

photo img_1352_resultatphoto img_1353_resultat

And being docked:

photo img_1354_resultatphoto img_1355_resultat

the flight

The boarding starts on time and there is no priority boarding called. I don't care as I have no status with LOT.

photo img_1359_resultat

First to board:

photo img_1361_resultatphoto img_1362_resultatphoto img_1363_resultat

A very warm welcome at the door from the very good looking purser. This is the LOT Dash cabin:

photo img_1364_resultat

The curtain will remain open as there is no business class on domestic flights.

photo img_1365_resultatphoto img_1366_resultat

The seats are comfortable and have a great recline:

photo img_1368_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_1369_resultatphoto img_1370_resultat

The pitch is more than ok:

photo img_1371_resultat-21727

Nothing right:

photo img_1372_resultat

Our bags being loaded:

photo img_1373_resultat-70705

The LOT onboard magazine:

photo img_1374_resultat

And the BOB (not available on domestic flights)

photo img_1378_resultat

The fleet page is nicely done and includes the grounded MAX:

photo img_1379_resultat

On time push back:

photo img_1380_resultatphoto img_1381_resultat

Good bye GDN:

photo img_1382_resultat

On the runway:

photo img_1383_resultatphoto img_1384_resultat

And off we go:

photo img_1385_resultatphoto img_1386_resultat


photo img_1387_resultatphoto img_1388_resultat

The Baltic Sea at distance:

photo img_1394_resultatphoto img_1395_resultat

I wasn't expecting a service on this short hop

photo img_1396_resultat-35210

But was pleasantly surprised to be offered the choice between two sweet snacks (chocolate or jellies) and water still or sparkling)

photo img_1397_resultat


photo img_1398_resultatphoto img_1399_resultat

Soon enough we reached Warsaw and were treated to gorgeous views of the city:

photo img_1400_resultatphoto img_1401_resultat


photo img_1402_resultatphoto img_1403_resultat

The airport:

photo img_1404_resultatphoto img_1405_resultat


photo img_1406_resultatphoto img_1407_resultat

Right turn:

photo img_1409_resultatphoto img_1410_resultat

It won't be any longer:

photo img_1411_resultatphoto img_1412_resultat

Short final:

photo img_1414_resultatphoto img_1415_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_1416_resultat


photo img_1417_resultat

The terminal in distance:

photo img_1418_resultatphoto img_1419_resultat

E-195 LOT:

photo img_1420_resultat

E-195 Verso:

photo img_1421_resultat

Leaving the plane. While taking this picture I missed a step and mostly fall down. Next time I take a picture I'll be ways more careful :)

photo img_1422_resultat

Some last pictures of the bird:

photo img_1423_resultatphoto img_1424_resultat-15433

Without anyone:

photo img_1425_resultatphoto img_1426_resultat

Miss Bretzel wants her shoot as well:

photo img_1430_resultat-66280photo img_1431_resultat

We drive close to the 787:

photo img_1432_resultat

This is the arrival hall:

photo img_1433_resultat

With the arrivals FIDS:

photo img_1434_resultat

Luggage Delivery hall:

photo img_1435_resultatphoto img_1438_resultat

Our route:

photo img_1437_resultat

Our bags being delivered:

photo img_1439_resultatphoto img_1440_resultat

The next part on board Air France European Business class to come very soon.

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew10.0

Gdańsk - GDN


Warsaw - WAW



The flight did its job with a very nice cabin crew. The service was minimal but existed which is important.

I loved GDN airport and WAW is functional plus very easy to navigate.

As usual a big thank you for following and reading me.

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