Review of Austrian Airlines flight Sofia Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS794
Class Economy
Seat 3A
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 06 Sep 19, 20:45
Arrival at 06 Sep 19, 21:30
OS   #64 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 206 reviews
By GOLD 418
Published on 12th March 2020

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've made it to the final installment of my Summer 2019 travels across Europe! It's been a loooong series, and I can't wait to bring you the next one in a few days time. As one final reminder, this is how the entire itinerary looked like:

The was a revenue flight, and I paid $107 for it. Much more expensive than Bulgaria Air's SOF - VIE flight (which priced around $75), but I chose Austrian for two reasons: to get more miles to keep my elite UAMP status, and because after spending a summer in Bulgaria, moving all my stuff back home to Austria would require a large baggage allowance, which with my *G status is included. So, without further ado, let's go back to September 6th, 2019 - and Austrian Airlines flight 794!

As usual, I took a taxi to the airport.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-55737-pm

I arrived at Sofia Airport's Terminal 2 at 6:55 PM, an hour and fifty minutes prior to departure.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-55759-pm

Lufthansa Group's check-in at Sofia is always a breeze, and that time was no exception - within three minutes of arriving at the airport, I was heading to security.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-55818-pm

Security and immigration, however, took some time as usual. The wait wasn't terribly long though, and before I knew it, I was airside.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-55850-pm

A little bit of planespotting: Lufthansa A319 'Kelsterbach' to Frankfurt.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-55906-pm

Alitalia A320 'Scirocco' to Rome-Fiumicino.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-55923-pm

TAROM ATR 72 'Somes' to Bucharest-Otopeni.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-55942-pm

After surveying the traffic, I headed to the Vitosha Aspire Lounge, which is the contract lounge Lufthansa Group flights use at Sofia.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60000-pm

For the first time in my many years of visiting, there was only 1 (later 2) other people in the lounge, which meant that I could take more pictures.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60015-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60031-pm-88778

And that's the entire lounge! More like a nice waiting room, TBH, but when it's empty, it's very comfortable. And the food offerings are consistent: in the morning there are breakfast pastries, and later on there are tasty little sandwiches, like the ones I got.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60042-pm

I chilled in the lounge until 5 minutes before boarding. All Austrian flights from Sofia (except the morning OS800) leave from remote stands, for some reason, which means that a bus boarding takes place from the lower level of the terminal.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60057-pm

Flight information.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60117-pm

Air Dolomiti E195 operating the last Lufthansa flight of the day to Munich.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60150-pm

A glimpse at my aircraft wearing the Star Alliance livery. Hopefully not OE-LGO, as I flew that bird earlier in the year (see that report here), and nothing worse than a repeated registration!

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60132-pm

Boarding began a few minutes late, and we all piled into a very old bus - one that felt like it was around during communist times!

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60203-pm

Qatar Airways A319 from Doha-Hamad.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60238-pm

As we pulled up to the aircraft, my worst-case scenario was confirmed: OE-LGO, a 2009-built Dash 8-Q400 named after my European hometown of Innsbruck, would be flying me back to Austria.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60256-pm

Innsbruck formerly flew for Augsburg Airways (2009 - 2013) and North Cariboo Air (Jan. - Jun. 2014), before being transferred Austrian in July 2014. She also carries a more comfortable cabin than her fellow Austrian Dash 8's (except for OE-LGP, LGQ, and LGR, who have the exact same cabin as LGO)

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60325-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60342-pm

The only thing that had changed since March (when I previously flew OE-LGO) was that the 'Operated for SWISS' paint was replace with an Austrian sticker.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60401-pm

Fuselage shot.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60434-pm

Once onboard, I was greeted by a friendly middle-aged flight attendant, and then passed through the mini-Business Class cabin, which remained empty for the entire flight.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60454-pm

At my seat, 3A, there was a great view of the prop.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60514-pm

Due to the fact that we had a very light load, all passengers managed to fit into one bus, and as soon as everyone was on board Captain Karin came on the PA and announced a flying time of 1:30.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60539-pm

Soon enough, the engines were fired up, and we began our taxi to Runway 09.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60553-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60617-pm

D-AIPA, Lufthansa's very first A320, which will sadly never fly again.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60636-pm

Bulgaria Air's Headquarters.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60650-pm

Passing Terminal 1, the LCC terminal.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60704-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60724-pm

Lining up on Runway 09.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60742-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60800-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60817-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60827-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60842-pm

Turning north.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60916-pm

Cabin after departure, if you can make it out.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60928-pm

One final look at Sofia's Airport.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-60940-pm

Climbing through darkness.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72405-pm

Decent legroom, though row 3 is normally a Business Class row.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72550-pm

Inop drink holder.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72613-pm

Once we reached our cruising altitude of 24,000 feet, a quick service began. I got a glass of water, and the eat there was a choice of sweet or savory. I went with sweet. While the snack was sufficient, Bulgaria Air serves a sandwich on this same route, which is much better.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72416-pm

Belgrade, Serbia (I think?)

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72429-pm

Rural lights in Northern Serbia.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72443-pm

Paks, Hungary (again, not 100% sure).

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72504-pm

As we began our descent east of Lake Balaton, the Captain came back on the PA to announce that the remaining flight time was 20 minutes, and that we'd be flying a straight-in approach to Runway 29. The cabin was prepared for landing at this point.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72517-pm

Descending through a cloud.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72638-pm

Bruck an der Leitha, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72654-pm

On final.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72710-pm

Over the runway.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-72739-pm

Touching down so hard at 9:26 PM that my back hurts just thinking about it!

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73348-pm

Slowing down.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73402-pm

Vacating the runway.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73415-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73425-pm

Servus Flughafen Schwechat!

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73507-pm

Emirates 777-300ER to Dubai.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73524-pm

Turkish A321 from Istanbul-Havalimani.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73548-pm

Taxiing with one engine, as is the norm with Dash's.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73635-pm

Austrian 777-200ER 'Dream of Freedom' to Bangkok. I also flew 'Dream of Freedom' in March, so be sure to check out that report, too!

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73703-pm

I bid farewell to the charming crew, and my my way onto the bus to the terminal.

photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73714-pm-15208photo screen-shot-2020-01-26-at-73756-pm

The final routing of my flight.

photo annotation-2020-03-12-232834

Thanks so much for joining me on this trip. Stay tuned for my next series, which will be about my most recent trip back to the US. Spoiler alert: there will be some premium travel as well!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Vitosha Aspire Lounge - 2


Sofia - SOF


Vienna - VIE



A pleasant-yet-forgetable intra-European flight with Austrian.

+ Empty lounge in Sofia
+ Empty Flight
+ Friendly Service
- Tiny snack
- Small, cramped Dash 8
- No WiFi/Entertainment

I guess the best word to describe Austrian's Intra-European service is "meh" - they aren't bad, but they aren't good either. And that's what I consistently experience with them.

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