Review of Singapore Airlines flight Denpasar Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 947
Class Business
Seat 19A
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 14 Dec 19, 20:40
Arrival at 14 Dec 19, 22:50
SQ   #2 out of 101 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 617 reviews
By 2665
Published on 31st December 2019
Headed back to the airport, with no queues at the SQ counters. Check-in was quick and both boarding pass and lounge invite issued.

photo 49259280717_ca6fdd3498_o_d

photo 49259280692_5a305b554a_o_d

Security and immigration was fast, and we headed directly to the lounge. SQ uses the Premier Lounge at DPS, along with many other airlines. As the lounge is also accessible by various lounge pass members, it can get pretty crowded.

photo 49259088596_67bf4930c7_o_d

photo 49259088921_1cb3bb63f9_o_d

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Food selection was not the best, but decent.

photo 49259280647_6765fa82f8_o_d

photo 49258600973_e2dacbbbd8_o_d

photo 49259088881_a4791eea5f_o_d

As I was still rather full from the late lunch, I only had some desserts and fruits.

photo 49259088836_f044bc6f12_o_d

View of the terminal from lounge.

photo 49259280572_5e004f8302_o_d

Soon, the lounge became very crowded and stuffy, and so we lounge-hopped to the neighbouring T/G Lounge, courtesy of Priority Pass. However, it was not any better, being similarly packed and stuffy.

photo 49259088786_d953d1cc9c_o_d

Checking out the food selection at the T/G Lounge, there was a live station.

photo 49258600803_520a3d359a_o_d

Buffet selection was decent but nothing outstanding. Similar in quality to the neighbouring Premier Lounge. I had a carbonara from the live station. Priority Pass members are also given a coupon in exchange for up to 3 glasses of wines or beers, which I passed.

photo 49258600843_3cc2cfc391_o_d

photo 49259088686_5a9e437202_o_d

photo 49259280487_c76c42e99c_o_d

photo 49258600938_ddda241965_o_d

photo 49259088606_1da0e8d4d2_o_d

As it was getting stuffy in the T/G Lounge too, we decided to head to the gate early.

photo 49259280402_cde0f68397_o_d

Our gate was at Gate 1A, which was changed from the original gate due to the aircraft's early arrival and another plane was still at the original allocated gate. A brand new Dreamliner would be operating this flight, and it was the exact aircraft I had flown just a month prior.

photo 49258600743_48e531d6d1_o_d

Rossiya Airlines B773ER at the gate beside. An airline which was rarely, if ever, seen in SIN.

photo 49258600728_4429f4a6e1_o_d

14 December 2019
Singapore Airlines
SQ 947
Denpasar Bali (DPS) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 2H10M

Boarding was called exactly 30min before STD.

photo 49259088541_0e0fc99d8d_o_d

Heading to the aircraft.

photo 49258600693_de4fc0e2e9_o_d

Boarding from Door 1 for Business Class passengers and welcomed by the crew.

photo 49259087171_17150a1a05_o_d

photo 49258600673_def01f69f0_o_d

Guess not much introduction is needed on the New Regional Business Class seats on the B787-10. A pillow and blanket was placed on each seat.

photo 49258600628_4480ddb080_o_d

photo 49259280302_116d8f9058_o_d

Seat controls and side compartment. Headsets and paper menu placed in the side compartment.

photo 49258600508_7e6a695c0a_o_d

photo 49259088461_b81cbb7062_o_d

photo 49259280262_8aab77c918_o_d

Christmas decorations in the cabin.

photo 49259280317_ed4cc0a4b1_o_d

Inflight magazines.

photo 49259280182_39cefee9a0_o_d

Slightly more than 2hrs flight time tonight.

photo 49258600548_b70ebc81cd_o_d

IFE selection

photo 49258600478_393ba085d9_o_d

Hot towels delivered. Somehow I found that SQ has reduced the fragrance in its towels on recent flight.

photo 49258600418_4df138f6fa_o_d

Welcome drinks served. Opted for a champers. Think it was still a Charles (no drinks menu on this flight).

photo 49259280097_f9353686f6_o_d

photo 49259088226_5c63687ee3_o_d

IFE selection for the flight. A recommended movie.

photo 49259088241_a5fb8cac21_o_d

Pushed back and safety video played.

photo 49258600253_e616102129_o_d

photo 49259088186_a20af178f1_o_d

An introductory video of the New Regional Business Class seats was also played.

photo 49259280012_67e73ebea3_o_d

Lengthy taxi to the runway due to a long departure queue.

photo 49258600313_9c6a5ce808_o_d

photo 49259279967_be03943d6f_o_d

Started on my movie in the meantime.

photo 49259088046_e82530bd45_o_d

Finally departed after more than 20min in the queue.

photo 49258600178_1d14805236_o_d

Dinner service commenced shortly after takeoff. But first lets take a look at the menu for the flight.

photo 49259280227_e3c0f9a82e_o_d

Menu of the flight up on SQ946.

photo 49259088341_713a4c7de0_o_d

Meal service in progress. Service was of the normal SQ-standards, though nothing too outstanding from the usual high standards.

photo 49258600033_ec356bdb06_o_d

photo 49259279677_0444d8f731_o_d

I chose the Indonesian selection of Indonesian braised beef in green chilli with coconut rice. All courses were serve on a tray as per short-haul flights.

photo 49259279862_f2aa660f3b_o_d

Scallop appetiser and dessert cake.

photo 49259088071_ab7411e52e_o_d

Scallop with green mango salad was fresh and tangy.

photo 49259087966_900c11f840_o_d

Bread selection

photo 49259087901_f2a1efd20b_o_d

The main course was very flavourful. Excellent choice!

photo 49258600133_5b60fd9d56_o_d

photo 49259087886_787948d584_o_d

A glass of Riesling to go with the meal.

photo 49259087961_63b95c9eaa_o_d

However, the dessert was a disappointment. Firstly, I am not a fan of ginger. Second, the cake was very dry. And lastly, I am not sure where the vanilla sauce as stated in the menu had evaporated to. I could not finish it and I am a dessert person. Should have requested for the economy dessert.

photo 49259279587_e8a4cbf265_o_d

My friend had pre-ordered the Indian vegetarian meal, and according to him, it was pretty tasty as well. At least the dessert, a coconut sago pudding, seemed better.

photo 49259278937_bc38c7b772_o_d

Cappuccino to end.

photo 49258599968_0ca0e7b49a_o_d

View of the cosy cabin after meal service. Cabin was about 75% full.

photo 49259087776_9a9a2a0a5d_o_d

Lavatory visit.

photo 49259087726_0472b48980_o_d

Well stocked with amenities.

photo 49259279407_b99473f1cf_o_d

photo 49259087641_cf062862e5_o_d

Requested for a bottle of water to hydrate.

photo 49258599783_2d6c1fe58d_o_d

Another view of the cosy cabin.

photo 49258599313_75ac2a7db1_o_d

After finishing with the movie, we were already nearing Singapore.

photo 49259087516_a83f60a0af_o_d

photo 49258599678_7446b10834_o_d

Browsed snippets of performances at an awards ceremony.

photo 49259087356_de3604b888_o_d

Approach and landing into Rwy02C followed by a short taxi to the gate at Terminal 2.

photo 49259087276_dd01cfbdb4_o_d

photo 49259279092_b3a038c500_o_d


photo 49259279082_5ca38d8460_o_d

photo 49259087336_92cd825c32_o_d

A shot of the Dreamliner which flew me back.

photo 49259087216_96bf94c60d_o_d
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

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Denpasar - DPS


Singapore - SIN



Another pleasant experience on SQ short-haul. No surprises with the already expected good service, and comfortable new seats, makes SQ short-haul business class flights one of the best, if not the best, in the industry.

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