Review of Iberia flight Valencia Palma De Mallorca in Economy

Airline Iberia
Flight IB8401
Class Economy
Seat 22A
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 22 Jan 20, 15:00
Arrival at 22 Jan 20, 15:35
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Danny R
Published on 3rd February 2020

Hola, Hello!

Welcome to this special flight report. 

On this trip I flew on my first ever CRJ 1000, operated by Air Nostrum for Iberia from Valencia to Palma de Mallorca.

This is the 2nd out of 3 flights from my little holiday in Spain.
First flight was on easyJet A320 NEO from London to Valencia and the third flight was with British Airways A319 from Mallorca back to London.
I shall publish trip reports for the other two soon, check out my profile for many other reports I have.

After spending 3 days in the city during storm Gloria I made my way to Valencia airport. 

photo dscn4040photo dscn4100

From Angel Guimera I took the Metro underground train on line 3/5 to the airport. This only took me around 20 minutes.

Passing through security was made very easy due to the airport being the quiet time of the year.
I have never experienced an airport this size being so quiet, not even a pin drop could be heard. 

So peaceful!

photo dscn4122-28140photo dscn4134

My flight is departing from gate 15 at the end terminal building, which features a huge model of a CRJ 1000.

This section off the airport is the main terminal for all Iberia CRJ aircraft flights. 

I had around an hour to wait before boarding, so I took the opportunity to plane spot.

Sun Express Boeing 737-800

British Airways A320

And a good little variety off other aircraft's.

photo dscn4161

Soon enough it was time to board our short hop over to Mallorca.

Due to the aircraft size all suitcase/ large carry on bags need to be valeted.

photo dscn4163photo dscn4153

Here is our CRJ 1000 arriving in from A Coruña.

Aged 3.9 years as off this flight, delivered brand new to Air Nostrum from the Bombardier factory in Canada.
It has since operated for Iberia Regional.   

No bus ride to the aircraft today, only a little short walk.
Luckily just as the rain stopped.

At this time ground workers took any valet baggage and placed them into a specific cargo hold.

photo dscn4164-47924photo dscn4165-76376

Finally on board and I instantly hit my head on the ceiling!

Completely forgot my height and how small the cabin is. 
Squeezing down the aisle to my seat, only to realise majority off the seating have wall panels in the way!

photo dscn4215photo dscn4166photo dscn4218

It was quite difficult to store my bag and coat into the over head lockers.
Not long after boarding the doors closed, pushed back from the gate and we taxied onto runway 30.

No waiting around we quickly hurtled down the runway, lifted up and began climbing out off Valencia into the heavy clouds. 

photo dscn4168photo dscn4177

Few bumps as the aircraft leveled out to altitude off 14,000 feet.

The flight duration is just 35 minutes flying through thick cloud.

With nothing much to see out the window, lets take a tour around the cabin.
Seating layout is in 2-2 configuration totalling to maximum off 100 passengers.
Today's flight was almost fall with just a few seats left empty.

I was surprised to see the aircraft kept nicely clean and I quite like the overhead unit, easy to use.

photo dscn4180photo dscn4187

Seating and legroom was at a very good standard, plenty off leg space to move around.

The added extra to comfort is this red head rest cover with the in printed airline logos.  

photo dscn4171photo dscn4204

Bathroom tour!

Like many other aircraft's flying today nothing special to report.
It was kept clean with plenty of toilet paper, soap and a steady powered water tap.

The CRJ 1000 offer a little more room compared to similar rival plane the Q400. 

I have included photos off the safety card. Quite basic but very informational. 

Half way over the Balearic Sea the clouds slightly broke up.

Iberia Regional operate a good range off CRJ varients. The 1000's, 900's and the smaller 200 variant type.

They also operate a few ATR 72 turbo aircrafts all across Spain, France, Italy and several African countries.

photo dscn4185photo dscn4196

After a while I got hungry and decided to purchase the most expensive snack going…costing 6 Euros!

It was very tasty though.

Inside the box I found multigrain crackers, little sponge cake with jam, strawberry yogurt, muesli mix and a fruit cereal bar.
Complimented with a glass bottle of apple juice. 

Just as I was almost done eating it was time to land.

The aircraft rapidly descended past Palma town before swinging out and around to land. 

photo dscn4206photo dscn4207

Smooth touch down we vacated off the runway towards the terminal. Passing other aircraft's.

Privately owned Boeing 737-300 (I believe it is?)
Anyone know the owner off this Jet, leave a comment below.

Other planes include Eurowings A319, Ryanair 737-800 and Laudamotion A319.

Moment as the plane stopped the door opened and we made our way to the terminal.

I have seen Palma Airport in both busy summer season and now winter season.
Felt very strange seeing it being so quiet.

Leaving the airport I took the 5 minute bus ride to my hotel in Can Pastilla, where I spent the rest off the afternoon relaxing by the sea. 

photo dscn4219photo dscn4222

Thank you for reading this report!

I really enjoyed this flight shame it was short lived, but I shall fly it again someday.

Totally recommend it to anyone who wants a hop over to the Balearic Islands from mainland Spain.
Good prices and getting the chance to fly on a rare aircraft type.

Have you flown on Iberia? or even the CRJ 1000? Leave a comment, I love to hear your stories.

I have loads off different flight reports to come.

TUI Airways 787-8
easyJet A320 NEO
British Airways A319
Delta 767-300 

Many more to follow as the year comes.

Thank you once again and until the next report,

Keep flying and smiling! :)

photo dscn4304photo dscn4293
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  • Comment 540533 by
    Rheintalflug 34 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your experience on the CRJ-1000 from Air Nostrum. I appreciate this company and I've done a VLC-TFN-VLC in 2011 with a CRJ-200 from Air Nostrum. Quite a long ride on this small plane, but it was really comfortable.

  • Comment 540560 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 597 Comments

    Valencia is a breeze to fly to and off in lower seasons with these quiet lines, though it is the complete opposite in the high season when it becomes a very very annoying airport like most airports in Spain to be honest :). Only the newer terminals in Madrid & Barcelona are pleasant in my opinion :).

    Privately owned Boeing 737-300 (I believe it is?) Anyone know the owner off this Jet, leave a comment below.

    9H-MTF is a Boeing 737-300 owned by Maleth Aero, which is basically an airline that specializes in charter flights (one off or a wet lease contract), though this specific aircraft flew for quite a number of airlines:
    Thanks for sharing this report. Still curious to these birds as I never flew on a CRJ myself.

  • Comment 540574 by
    Guillbcn BRONZE 68 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR. Gloria storm was very strong and there were many delays and cancelled flights due to extreme weather these days all along the northeast of the Peninsula. It looks that you were flying just after the worse days in Valencia, where Gloria hit very strong too. You were lucky to avoid the 70-90km/h winds with the CRJ, I guess it should be a really shaky flight :P.

  • Comment 541262 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6044 Comments

    Hi Danny, nice report with great pics, especially like the good planespotting ?✈

    I haven't seen too many reports from VLC, but it looks like a really pleasant airport--looks new and modern. Pretty decent product on the CRK, and the BOB prices seem pretty reasonable if that snack box was only 6 EUR.

    The CRK still looks oddly long, but then again, I've never seen one in real life.

    Thanks for sharing!

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