Review of Tiger Airways flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR2103
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 23 Sep 12, 08:50
Arrival at 23 Sep 12, 12:10
TR 39 reviews
By GOLD 291
Published on 29th January 2020
Tiger Airways 9V-TAP TR2103 Bangkok - Singapore

Flight details:
Airlines: Tiger Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Reg: 9V-TAP
Departure Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport: 8.50 AM
Arrival Singapore Budget Terminal: 12.10 PM

Trip video: Tiger Airways 9V-TAP TR2103 Bangkok - Singapore

Do watch to experince flight.


This trip report is from a flight in Sept 2012. After arriving from Phuket, we had a 1 night stay in Bangkok. Read trip report by click here: Bangkok Airways HS-PGW PG276 Phuket - Bangkok

View from Hotel

After arriving to the hotel by Metro , We got rooms organised and went out for lunch.

photo dsc_1123photo dsc_1124

Hotel Lobby

Later we headed to Chatuchak Weekend Market as my friends wanted to buy gifts. As it was weekend the market was open.

photo dsc_1125

Street view

photo dsc_1126

BTS station

We took the BTS to Chatuchak Market

photo dsc_1128photo dsc_1131

View from bridge

photo dsc_1132

Chatuchak Market

photo dsc_1136photo dsc_1143

Clock in Garden near the market

photo dsc_1153

After returning from the market, we rested and went out to party in the evening.

Arriving at Airport

Next morning with great difficulty, my friends woke up. As I had returned early and slept, I was fresh and had to wake everyone.

We had to catch a early morning flight to Singapore, we got everything organised and took taxi to airport around 5.45 am

photo dsc_1155

Flight information

photo dsc_1158

Check-in area

We had limited baggage within limit, check-in was quick even though the service was poor. As one of my friends had purchased painting, we had to wait till he had sorted the fragile item

photo dsc_1159photo dsc_1160

Immigration and Security

After completing check-in we headed to immigration which had a long queue. Security queue was long but quicker. We had no issues with either and soon were in the departure area.

Samudra manthan [Churning of the Milk Ocean] sculpture

We took some photos at the Samudra Manthan [Churning of the Milk Ocean] sculpture in the departure area.

photo dsc_1161

Both ends of the sculpture.

photo dsc_1169photo dsc_1175

Heading towards the duty free area

photo dsc_1178

Duty Free area

photo dsc_1187photo dsc_1205

Flight Schedule

photo dsc_1186


As we had some spare Thai Bahts, we spent them on souvenirs, even though it was expensive.

photo dsc_1190photo dsc_1201

Terminal view

photo dsc_1207photo dsc_1208

We checked the flight schedule and realised the boarding had commenced.

photo dsc_1188

Shopping area

photo dsc_1218photo dsc_1219

Dash to gate

photo dsc_1210

We had to head down the escalator to reach gate

photo dsc_1215photo dsc_1221photo dsc_1224

Etihad B777 to Abu Dhabi

photo dsc_1226

Temple sculpture near gate

photo dsc_1230

Gate area

Tiger airways docket to air-bridge. Other passengers had already boarded, still few minutes left for boarding to close.

photo dsc_1228

Boarding gate E5

photo dsc_1229

Boarding was still open in the final stages. View of aircraft. as we rushed to board,

photo dsc_1231

Passport and boarding card was checked before being allowed to proceed.

photo dsc_1232

View of engine

photo dsc_1234

Window view

photo dsc_1235

Thai airways Boeing 737-400 taxing

photo dsc_1237


After boarding was completed, Pushback commenced after Etihad had completed its pushback and taxied towards runway.

photo dsc_1244

Air Austral

photo dsc_1246photo dsc_1248

Taxi was long towards runway , view of Thai Airways A330 in star alliance livery

photo dsc_1250

Airbus A300s
photo dsc_1255

Boeing 747-400

photo dsc_1259

Departing Bangkok

After a long taxi, waited in the holding area before rolling on runway 19L

photo dsc_1262

Departing South towards Singapore

photo dsc_1264photo dsc_1267

Seat pocket content

photo dsc_1274

Reading material and menu

photo dsc_1275

Safety card

photo dsc_1277

inside the card

photo dsc_1278photo dsc_1279

Seat pocket view

photo dsc_1280

Leather seats

photo dsc_1281

Window view

As my friends didn't have enough sleep, they snoozed throughout the flight.

photo dsc_1282

Cabin view

Cabin crew distributed Singapore arrival forms.

photo dsc_1285

Buy on Board service

Buy on Board service commenced as I was returning from toilet. As we had eaten earlier, we skipped the BOB service

photo dsc_1289

Approaching Singapore

Time flew quickly, from Cloudy Bangkok to Sunny Singapore. Soon it was time for landing. Captain made announcements with arrival details and cabin crew began checks for landing.

photo dsc_1299

Arriving at the Low Budget Terminal

Landed on runway 02L.
photo dsc_1306

Taxi was short to the Low Budget Terminal

photo dsc_1310

Budget terminal was used by Tiger Airways and other low cost carriers to Singapore

photo dsc_1316


photo dsc_1323

We were among the last to deboard. Crew were at the door to see off passengers.

photo dsc_1324

Disembarkation was via stairs and walking to terminal.

photo dsc_1326

Tiger Airways 9V-TAP

As we walked to terminal, had a good view of the aircraft.

photo dsc_1330

Immigration and Customs

As was following other passengers, walked the ramp to immigration. I had no issues with immigration and was stamped 90 days tourist visa. My friend was asked to button up his shirt by the lady immigration officer.

After clearing immigration,, we collect bags from the carousal. Custom didn't stop us as we walked through the Green channel- nothing to declare.

photo dsc_1331

Bus to Terminal 2

We had a early morning flight departing from Terminal 2. We decided to leave our bags in luggage hold and head to city. We took shuttle bus to Terminal 2 from Budget Terminal.

Dropped out bags in the arrival area. After leaving the bags we took MRT to Little India.

Little India

We had lunch at Little India.

photo dsc_1333

Shopping at Mustapha's

photo dsc_1336

Little India street view

photo dsc_1337

Hope you enjoyed the report. Thanks for reading.

End of trip.

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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



Tiger Airways was airline of choice for this trip as the fare was cheap. Service was good, cabin crew was friendly and efficient. Food was buy on board as I didn't buy any can comment on that service. Entertainment was to look out of the window as their was none.

Bangkok airport was busy in the morning peak and immigration took long. security was quick. Tiger Airways used to operate from the Low Budget Terminal, services were minimal in this terminal. Transport for this terminal was either a Bus trip or taxi to reach other terminals.

Overall this trip was satisfactory.

Information on the route Bangkok (BKK) Singapore (SIN)


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