Review of Aeroflot flight Moscow Baku in Economy

Airline Aeroflot
Flight SU1852
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 11 Aug 19, 00:15
Arrival at 11 Aug 19, 03:50
SU 106 reviews
By 1496
Published on 21st February 2020

Hi guys. Welcome to my next report on Flight-Report. Today, I will fly with Aeroflot from Moscow to Baku on their Boeing 737-800. But first, please check out my trip report about this flight on YouTube. This video is more detailed than the script version on Flight-Report and has more special things there, so I hope you guys will check out, like the video and support to my channel by subscribe Vinavia on YouTube :D 

And here is the script report. Hope you guys will enjoy :D 

Today's flight would start at Terminal D, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow.

photo screenshot_20200221_200945photo screenshot_20200221_200957

I had finished my flight from Hanoi, and now I had a 7-hour layover at Sheremetyevo International Airport to wait for my next flight to Baku.

You guys can check out my last Flight-Report with Aeroflot from Hanoi to Moscow on Boeing 777-300ER in the link down below.

photo screenshot_20200221_201006photo screenshot_20200221_201017

My flight was departed at Terminal E, so let's go to Terminal E.

photo screenshot_20200221_201033photo screenshot_20200221_201044photo screenshot_20200221_201052

After a short walk, I finally made it to Terminal E.

photo screenshot_20200221_201119photo screenshot_20200221_201128

Now I went to the departure gate of this flight.

photo screenshot_20200221_201158

Since the waiting time was very, so at the gate, I spent most of the time to take a nap and do some plane spotting.

photo screenshot_20200221_201258

Here was the departure gate of this flight: gate 35.

photo screenshot_20200221_201239

This was the aircraft for this flight, which just arrived from Brussels: a Boeing 737-800 with the registration of VQ-BVO, and it was 5.1 years old.

photo img_20190810_223612


This was my seat on this flight: seat 12A

photo screenshot_20200221_201417

Legroom was a bit tight to me.

photo screenshot_20200221_201447

Cup holder and tray table

photo screenshot_20200221_201454photo screenshot_20200221_201507

Universal power outlet

photo screenshot_20200221_201546

Blanket was already provided at the seat

photo screenshot_20200221_201553

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat.

photo screenshot_20200221_201601photo screenshot_20200221_201617

30 minutes after boarding, the aircraft started to pushback and taxi to the runway.

photo screenshot_20200221_201626photo screenshot_20200221_201640


photo screenshot_20200221_201651photo img_20190811_002202

In the seat pocket, I had: a safety card,  two inflight magazine: one was Aeroflot and the another one was Aeroflot Style, a shopping catalogue of Aeroflot named SkyShop, and an instruction card about how to use wireless IFE system. 

photo screenshot_20200221_201846

After take-off, menu was handed out.

photo screenshot_20200221_201703

Let's have a look at today flight's menu.

photo screenshot_20200221_201737photo screenshot_20200221_201747photo screenshot_20200221_201801

40 minutes after take-off, hot meals and drinks were served.

photo screenshot_20200221_201904

And this was the meal that I chose.

photo img_20190811_010413

Main course: Teriyaki chicken with rice and broccoli.

photo screenshot_20200221_201931

Appetizer: Tuna salad.

photo screenshot_20200221_201942

Tula pryanik , which is a traditional Russian honey cake, bread roll and cheese spread.

photo screenshot_20200221_201950

Rye bread, butter, and mayonnaise. 

photo screenshot_20200221_201959

For drink, I asked for a cup of berry juice.

photo screenshot_20200221_202007

This meal was very huge. There were a lot of food on this tray, and I was really impressed with that. I didn't expect to have a lot of food on this red-eye flight.

photo img_20190811_010803

Because this flight was a red-eye flight and I had a long journey today so I spent  most of the flight time to take a rest and to sleep.

photo img_20200221_162304_640

When I woke up, the aircraft was began to descend, and the aircraft hitted a slight turbulence at that time.

photo screenshot_20200221_202024

After over 2 hours in the air, the aircraft  started to descend and prepared for landing, and the beautiful sceneries of Azerbaijan at night started to appear outside the window.

photo screenshot_20200221_202036photo screenshot_20200221_202044photo screenshot_20200221_202053


photo screenshot_20200221_202101photo screenshot_20200221_202110


photo screenshot_20200221_202118photo screenshot_20200221_202127photo screenshot_20200221_202134

My journey had ended at Terminal 1, Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Baku. Thank you for reading and watching, and see you in the next report :D 

photo screenshot_20200221_202142photo screenshot_20200221_202150
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Cabin crew7.5

Moscow - SVO


Baku - GYD



The interior was very nice & clean, and the seat amenities were well-equipped. The flight departed and arrived on time. I was amazed by the meal service. Very impressive. I didn't expect to enjoy a huge meal like that on this red-eye flight. The crews were friendly and professional. To be honest, there was not many thing on this flight but I had such an amazing time flying with Aeroflot.



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    757Fan 612 Comments

    Looks like a good flight with Aeroflot! I am impressed they had menus and a full meal served on a 2 hour 35 minute flight.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Comment 544968 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised by Aeroflot's product on this short 2.5 hr intl flights with a full hot meal in Y. The Boeing Sky Interior is nice and the seats are an older, thick and more comfortable variety than the ever-popular slimline seats we see so often these days. The only thing missing is IFE, which appears to only be in the J cabin (which I not are the same seats as DL Domestic F).

    Thanks for sharing this cool report on a very exotic route!

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