Review of EVA Air flight Taipei Hong Kong in Business

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR869
Class Business
Seat 10K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 17 Nov 19, 12:45
Arrival at 17 Nov 19, 14:30
BR 121 reviews
By 1053
Published on 9th March 2020

to airport and check in


After a few happy day in Taipei, I left for the airport using their efficient Airport Train. It's super convenience as it is just a few steps from my  hotel to Central Station. The train is very reliable and took just 35 minutes to International Terminal

photo img_2020-medium-62280photo img_2021-medium-88997photo img_2023-medium-70528

Check in counter is completely desert, with no one before me. The agent is very nice. She inquire what is my final destination and try to check in through to Bangkok (I am holding separate Emirates Ticket for my onward flight). I am not expecting this since I asked both BR and EK office in Bangkok and they confirm that, upon arrival in Hong Kong, I need to retrieve my luggage, pass immigration and re-check in for my EK flight.

With some reason, she can tag my bag all the way through. I only need to find Transfer counter and obtain my boarding pass without immigration hassle. This is much appreciated.

photo img_2028-11152

the lounge

I got invitation card to EVA Infinity Lounge. The lounge is empty, comfortable but the food is quite underwhelming. There is quite a reasonable selection but the taste is pretty bland. I mean, Taipei is one of the greatest place in the world to enjoy food, I would expect some pride of Taiwan food in their lounge.

Service is great with every attention to detail, for example the table reservation tag here, which also function as a sign to clear off the table

The food


I got to the gate around 20 minutes before boarding time, the aircraft is getting readied for the flight. Today we are flying 3 years old 777-300er, B-16733

photo img_2068photo img_2067

the seat

We start boarding shortly. The aircraft does not seemed to be full today. I am the sole passenger of the aft Business Class Cabin. A pillow, a blanket and a headphone is already at my seat

photo img_2099photo img_2070photo img_2073

The flight attendant, "Summer", introduce  herself and give me a slipper, welcome drink and hot towel.

photo img_2081

During Economy class boarding, I accustomed myself with the seat. Well, I used to travel on other airlines with similar seat before, but EVA's version seemed huge.

A menu is included in seat pocket content, but I forgot to photograph it, since I have already booked my seat online. Here's the safety card

photo img_2078photo img_2079photo img_2080

inflight catering

As soon as we reach cruising altitude, all crew members start meal service at once. My food is "Braised Beef Bisket in Chou Hou Sauce with Chinese Yam Puree, Vegetable and egg fried rice". I select garlic bread and multigrain roll. How Summer is begin generous to me.

Service concluded with another hot towel and EVA candy. Then we start descending

photo img_2157photo img_2159

Descending to Hong Kong

photo img_2173photo img_2178photo img_2181

Landing in to (still busy) Hong Kong. At the time, there are constant protest in the city, which disrupt some transportation service and there are less traveller. But the damage is not as much as current COVID19 outbreak. I can still see a busy ramp along the taxiway

As usual, a warm disembarking goodbye by the crew, who address all business class passengers by name. Well, not quite as difficult as the incoming flight. We only have got less than 10 C passengers today.

At the gate, the sign direct me to W1 transfer counter. And that's all my good experience with EVA is completed.

photo img_2221
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Cabin crew10.0

EVA Air / The Infinity


Taipei - TPE


Hong Kong - HKG



Verdict : EVA is an airlines that I do not hesitate to fly with, and might even goes out of my way to fly them. The aircraft/ seats comfortable, service with attention to detail and good food overall. Their every little aspect seemed to create impression.

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  • Comment 545748 by
    lbfortress 68 Comments

    The train is very reliable and took just 35 minutes to International Terminal

    I like the train too as it is fast and you don't have to worry about traffic and the scenery is quite nice. Unfortunately for me, I've usually had to stand. I guess I could wait for the next train next time.

    The lounge is empty, comfortable but the food is quite underwhelming. There is quite a reasonable selection but the taste is pretty bland.

    The food looks exactly the same as the Star. I agree, the EVA lounges are ok, though quite busy. I actually like Singapore Lounge and food more.

    Nice review. I hope to fly EVA more in the future.

    • Comment 545828 by
      Arq AUTHOR 43 Comments

      Wow, I never realize Taipei Airport Train will have that much passengers. I must be lucky, since both journey to and from airport of mine can fit everyone in a seat. Nobody have to stand, but not much space left. Thank you for reply.

  • Comment 545753 by
    TonTonChristian 664 Comments

    Thank you for this report.
    I should have the same route as yours beginning march 2020.
    But due to CoVid-19, Eva iar cancelled all flights to continental China inclued HKG.
    Eva air re-route me on TPE-BKK route...
    You should try The star lounge (just opposite to Infinity lounge)....More spacious... This is a teasing about my next FR on BR67....

    • Comment 545830 by
      Arq AUTHOR 43 Comments

      Maybe next time. This is certainly not going to be my last flight with EVA and TPE. I love Taipei already. So, I guess I can try Star Lounge on my next trip. Thank you for recommendation.

  • Comment 546635 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 570 Comments

    I always appreciate flying with BR, though one of my complaints with them is usually that check in could take much longer than most airlines if it's not in their hub. Thanks for sharing this report.

  • Comment 547052 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5850 Comments

    Hi Arq, nice report as always! A great cabin and fantastic service for such a short flight. It's sad to see one of the busiest air routes in the world so affected by the Pandemic. I hope traffic picks back up to pre-Covid levels once this all passes.

    Thanks for sharing!

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