Review of Emirates flight Hong Kong Bangkok in Business

Airline Emirates
Flight EK385
Class Business
Seat 12K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 17 Nov 19, 21:00
Arrival at 17 Nov 19, 23:50
EK   #2 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 614 reviews
By 1697
Published on 3rd April 2020

Transfer at HKG

As already mentioned in previous reviews of this trip, I found my visit suddenly in the midst of Hong Kong citywide protest. As the situation escalate, i decided to have an onward connection to Taipei on EVA. On the return leg, I deliberately allow VERY long layover just in case of operation abnormality, and initially I understood that I have to clear the immigration, collect my bags and re-check in. Thankfully both is not the case. HKIA is operating fine and EVA check my bag through to Bangkok. I only need to pick up my Emirates Boarding pass, and EVA is considerate enough to have a sign direct me to the correct transfer desk upon my arrival at HKIA.

photo img_2221-medium

W1 is quite a long walk from my arrival gate and it's also quite a long wait to obtain my boarding pass from quite an unfriendly agent. After that, Transfer security is needed. Despite an unusually inactive situation of HKIA, transfer security is a very long, crowded wait. I can't imagine what would it be like during normal situation. While I love HKIA in overall, this experience help me reach my decision that I would prefer transferring somewhere else, Singapore for example.

I finally reach Emirates Lounge feeling a bit tired. The lounge is spacious with huge windows and great view - that contain a serious downside - it is so sunny in the afternoon. Most seat practically have direct sunlight flood in, and it is not pleasant in our hot, humid Asian weather

The lounge

I managed to find a table in a shadow and start exploring buffet area. The spread is impressive.

I spent my afternoon reading in the lounge, had lunch and dinner there. One aspect of EK's excellence is the lounge and the food. I really give them credit in this part.

There are quite impressive aircraft turnaround out the windows, and how that pass the time!

photo img_2251-medium

I decided to try their shower facility, which is very good as well.

Around 7 PM, I see the aircraft coming from Bangkok. It's A6-EUP, 3 years old Two class A380-800. So I leave the lounge, go for a bit of shopping before proceed to gate

photo img_1460-medium


Boarding is on time at Gate 62. I estimate just under 50% load factor, so it was quick and I was welcomed by a smiling cabin crew. At least they are friendlier than my inbound flight

photo img_2270-mediumphoto img_2271-mediumphoto img_2273-medium

The same world's renowned EK Business class seat. A blanket, pillow, headphone, a pair of socks and eye shade is already there.

And minibar with just mineral water ; still and sparkling

photo img_2279-medium

I was seat in forward C Cabin which is less than 25% full. A bad year for Airlines indeed.

photo img_2289-medium

inflight service

Pre-departure service begin with Champagne and hot towel (right temperature and not dripping wet this time)

photo img_2286-mediumphoto img_2287-medium

We were held at the gate with some reason (PA announced "high traffic" which I think is not quite possible), and finally pushed back with 25 minutes delay. It's pretty dark outside and narrow windows does not help my spotting, so I have to make do with camera in Entertainment screen.

photo img_2290-mediumphoto img_2295-mediumphoto img_2298-medium

We get airborne in no time, and the crew start service immediately after reaching cruise altitude.

I pre-ordered Thai chicken cashew nut and rice. Not exactly Thai style but nice enough. dessert is a Redbean mousse. I asked for a glass of sparkling water with ice and lemon sliced. They also offer extra glass of still mineral water.

photo img_2303-medium

Being pretty full from the lounge, I did not eat much and the tray is cleared away quickly. I manage to take a short nap and enjoy wonderful star on the ceiling.

photo img_2309-medium

I took this landing VDO from the screen, which is a better choice than the window

When we arrive, I count 6 A380 on the ground being prepared for their next flight (2Emirates including ours, 1Lufthansa, 1Asiana, 1Thai and 1Qatar) and we are parked at a regular widebody gate (no bridge connected to the upper deck cabin). I wonder how would the disembarkation be managed. For those unfamiliar with Emirates Two class A380, EK simply remove F seat from upper deck front section and put some Y seat there, because they need to keep the bar at the back of the plane. The outgoing flight is no problem since we have our own airbridge, but now, what will they do? I initially think that we would be the last to get off. But no, I am wrong.

We walk past empty front Y cabin and I think this confirm my assumption. As soon as we get downstair, somewhat embarassing experience begin. All Y passengers are standing there waiting around obviously they are directed from their seat to the main cabin and was blocked there with no curtain or whatsoever to hide our "priority". I felt weird and felt like I am cutting the queue or something.  So I stopped taking photos and rush to immigration

Baggage claim is reasonably quick and that's the end of my first journey with Emirates and A380.  And I would like to conclude my review here. Thank you everyone for reading, and let's stay strong during this difficult time

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Cabin crew6.0

Emirates Lounge


Hong Kong - HKG


Bangkok - BKK



I would say it's a pretty average flight. Business class fare is cheap, seat comfortable and the food is passable. Service is again rush and impersonal but at least they promptly comply all request. Will I fly them again the future? Yes, if the fare is right. Will I go out of my way to fly them (and A380?) probably not.

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  • Comment 549669 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 611 Comments
    I know a lot of reporters are loving these A380s, however I am definitely not one of them as I find this aircraft way too big and try to avoid it as much as possible if I have a choice, but the service given to you on board seems decent, but not outstanding. CX and TG probably are the better options in terms of service, yet not for our wallet haha! Didn't EK offer some sort of designated line for J passengers to obtain your boarding card? I find it sloppy if they didn't have one. Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 549858 by
      Arq AUTHOR 43 Comments
      I am totally agree with you on the size of 380. It is too big, which is quite difficult for crew members to work "neatly". CX and TG flew the route with A330 or 777-300 which give flight attendant more service time per passenger.

      I am also surprise that EK only have got one counter to manage transfer passengers, and I think (assume from her uniform) is not EK's own staff. I guess I just get unlucky to visit during their busy time.

      Thank you for visiting
  • Comment 550226 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6357 Comments
    Beautiful report as always! I often see in reviews on this flight/route that service is rushed and not the greatest, compared to EK on longer routes, but it does seem a good value and one of the more interesting options on HKG-BKK.

    Thanks for sharing!

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