Review of Norwegian flight London Copenhagen in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight D82900
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 06 Nov 16, 06:20
Arrival at 06 Nov 16, 08:50
DY 90 reviews
Danny R
Published on 21st December 2020


Welcome to this Flight Report from way back in November 2016 flying to Copenhagen Denmark.

Whilst It's difficult to fly right now due to the current pandemic, why not travel back in time with me.

This flight was onboard my first time flying on Norwegian.

We start off arriving at Gatwick Airports South Terminal very early in the morning.
Even back in 2016 at 4:30am, the passenger drop off area was empty.

photo dscn0723photo dscn0724

After checking in and passing through security I made my way to the departures board.

Looking at this photo now I remember seeing Monarch Airlines flights, I do miss that airline.
With plenty off time until my flight I decided to get a big full English fry up for breakfast.

photo dscn0729photo dscn0728

Whilst walking around in the departures hall there was plenty off shops advertising Christmas products, a very well decorated Christmas tree and a giant cuddly teddy bear outside Harrods.

photo dscn0733-73720photo dscn0736-83593

Soon enough it was time to head to the gate and board our flight.

Upon arriving at the gate boarding already began.

photo dscn0741photo dscn0740-79398

Ground crew escorted us down a flight off stairs outside towards the aircraft.
There was an airbridge at the front off the aircraft and air steps to the back.

This flight will be operated by one off Norwegians many Boeing 737-800 in the fleet.

Registered as EI-FHL, this airframe was delivered fresh to Norwegian on the 16th September 2015,
only a year and few weeks old when this flight took place.

The aircraft was painted in the standard Norwegian livery sporting a blank white tail with red top.
Usually with Norwegian aircrafts they have a painting off a famous person.

For example Rock star Queens Freddie Mercury, Laker airlines founder Freddie Laker,
Roald Dahl a British story writer and Helmer Hanssen an Norwegian polar explorer. 

photo dscn0743photo dscn0745

Even though it was freezing outside the excitement kept me going and just being able to board an aircraft from the outside is a privilege.

Settled down in my seat the crew passed through doing seatbelt checks, the safety demonstration and door cross checks.
It was now time to push back from the stand and head towards the runway.

Whilst taxing the crew changed the interior lighting to blue mode in preparation for take off. 

photo dscn0754photo dscn0757

No time hanging around the engines fired up and we shot down the runway and up into the morning clouds.

Soon as we past through the thick cloud covering we was greeted by wonderful sunshine and blue sky. 

photo dscn0764-38770photo dscn0762

Levelled out the crew began the morning food and duty free service.

I didn't bother getting anything due to eating prior at the airport, but I did get a cheese and ham toastie on my return flight few days later on.

Considering Norwegian is a basic low fare airline, this buy onboard snack was brilliant!
The cheese was strong in flavour and the price wasn't that bad at all,
 Only £2.90/ 33 Norwegian Krone.

photo dscn1396

During the flight I noticed a fellow passenger who I recognised. 

It was someone who went to the same college as I did.
He was on the flight to visit his girlfriend who lives in Malmo Sweden….What was the chances off me seeing him on the flight!   

Soon enough after a few minutes off chatting we began our descent into Copenhagen passing through thick grey cloud.

photo dscn0769photo dscn0775photo dscn0771

The condensation began to freeze over as we got lower. 

photo dscn0773

We finally broke out off the cloud, passing over houses and fields until we made a heavy landing onto runway 04R.

photo c1photo c2

I was lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse off the rare A330-200 the only wide bodied aircraft for Air Greenland.

Sadly this aircraft will be replaced by the new A330-800NEO IN 2022. 

photo dscn0783

I waited behind for all the passengers to leave the aircraft so I could snap a few photos off the cabin.

Basic slimline seating with poor back padding, but the legroom was good enough for this short flight.

Whilst walking along to passport checks I pasted by a few long haul aircrafts.

The wonderful A340-300 for SAS that's now sadly retired, followed by an Norwegian 787-8 and a Thai Airways 777-300ER.

My first flight onboard Norwegian ended and I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience, better than I expected.

The airline all in all was very similar to the likes off easyJet or Aer Lingus with the standard level off service provide, Basic but satisfying.
Norwegian provide free Wifi across the aircrafts in the airline, sadly it wasn't working this flight.

I have flown Norwegian many times since this trip and would recommend anyone to fly with the airline with hardly any problems at all.
I yet to try out the long haul flights, hopefully in the near future.

Have you flown on Norwegian before? Leave a comment below on your experience with the airline.

Here is some photos from my short trip in Denmark Copenhagen.

 Until the next report,
stay safe, flying and smiling! :D

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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu6.0

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Hi Danny, thanks for sharing this retro-report on DY. I guess back in 2016 they were just beginning to build up their presence at Gatwick, then they had major ops with transatlantic in there, and now back to being small-ish again. What a crazy few years for them. Hopefully long-haul will survive and come back post-Covid as it's always good to have competition.

    With BA densifying narrowbody cabins over the last few years and introducing buy-on-board in Y (pre-Covid anyway), there's not much difference in product between LCC Norwegian and Legacy BA, the main difference anymore is network and mileage earning.

    Funny to see a blank DY tail. Thanks for sharing!

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