Review of Thai Air Asia flight Chiang Mai Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Air Asia
Flight FD3426
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 24 Jun 17, 15:50
Arrival at 24 Jun 17, 17:10
FD   #11 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 37 reviews
Published on 29th March 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to another flight report. Since the Corona Virus outbreak has really given my a little extra free time from university , i decided to write a flight report on one my older trips. This time it will be on a Thai AirAsia Airbus A320-200NEO on a short domestic hop from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Do note that the quality of the pictures may not be as good as compared to some of my recent flight reports due to the fact that i didn't have a good phone back then. Anyways like always a video version of this flight report is linked above for those  interested.

So lets commence the flight report. We start from the AirAsia check in desks located at the domestic side of the airport. As there was no other AirAsia flight departing at that hour check in went by smoothly.One good thing is that even though AirAsia are a Low Cost Carrier ,  you get 20 kgs of baggage allowance which i think is quite generous.

photo img-6953

After check in ,made my way to the gate area. This airport is not very big so navigating around the airport isn't very hard  or tiring.A quick look at the flight board , majority of the flights heading to Bangkok. Also a side note i will not be flying to the main Suvurnbhumi airport but to the older Don Mueng International Airport. This airport is used mainly by LCCs like AirAsia,NokAir etc.

photo img-6954photo img-6955

Made it to Gate 3 just in time to see my aircraft pull into the gate. At that time i was excited as i was flying on not only Thai AirAsia first but rather Thailand first Airbus A320Neo. NEO meaning (new engine option) and from this picture you can clearly see those are new and massive CFM Leap engines.

photo img-6973

Managed to take  closer picture of the aircraft flying me to Bangkok  while boarding. A 3.5 years old Airbus A320-200NEO with the registration of  HS-BBX.

photo img-6974

Made my way to my seat ,17A,for this short flight.My seat was locate just behind the left wing and had quiet a nice view.

photo img-6956

The legroom, well for an LCC its quite bearable ,although on a longer flight it can get quite cramped up. Also i have travelled on a regular a320 in the AirAsia fleet an i feel like those aircrafts had  better legroom than the newer ones.

photo img-6957

The seat pocket contents consisted of the a320-200neo safety card and the "travel3sixty" inflight magazine.(There was also the buy onboard menu and inflight duty free catalogue but somehow forgot to take pictures of them)

photo img-6967photo img-6968

The cabin was like any other LCCs around the world, just all covered in different advertisements. Although the cabin interior was fresh looking and clean so definitely a plus point.

photo img-6979-71196

We commenced our pushback on time. Turnaround  time with airlines  like AirAsia are always short and speedy and they always try to not waste minutes on the ground and the aircrafts are always flying and generating revenue.

photo img-6958

We then commenced our short taxi to Runway 36.Taxing past a Bangkok Air Airbus A319 also heading to Bangkok.

photo img-6959photo img-6960

Line up on Runway 36 and we lift off on our way to Bangkok. Chiang Mai really is a beautiful and green city and i most definately recommend visiting this city.

photo img-6961photo img-6962photo img-6963

For those interested the take off video is attached below.

Flying over the lush green hills around Chiang Mai as we climb to our cruising altitude.

photo img-6964

Shortly we reached our  cruising altitude. For this short flight we only climbed to 24000 feet above sea level.

photo img-6965

As i had a lot of Thai Baht change with me decided to get myself something from the inflight menu. Considering the  length of the flight and  also i wasn't to hungry i went for a cappuccino. This coffee costed be 60 Baht which is roughly  2.5 USD. I feel like this is really good value for money and in my opinion this is what sets AirAsia apart from other LCCs in the region, an extensive menu of food and drinks available at affordable prices.

photo img-6969

Meanwhile i gazed out of the airplane window , enjoying the fantastic views while sipping on  my coffee.

photo img-6966photo img-6970

Very soon we commenced our descent into Bangkok.There were quiet a few clouds forming on our approach into Don Mueng International Airport, hence secured my seatbelt tightly  for the rough ride ahead.

photo img-6971photo img-6972

For  those interested the approach and landing in Bangkok is linked below.

On finals for Runway 21R . Got quiet bumpy on final approach due to some storm clouds.

photo img-7015photo img-6980

And we touchdown in Don Mueng International Airport on time. The touchdown wasn't the smoothest but i guess considering the situation with the storm clouds, I'm  glad the pilots brought us safely to our destination.

photo img-6981

After exiting Runway 21R we taxied towards our gate bringing us to the end of the flight report. Well due  to the rain didn't have a good view anymore as no matter how much i tried my phone would just focus on the rain droplets, so apologies for that.

photo img-7014photo img-7016
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Thai Air Asia

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Chiang Mai - CNX


Bangkok - DMK



Overall a good flight onboard AirAsia.The seat overall was ok not very comfortable but considering its an LCC i guess its acceptable.The only form of inflight entertainment was the inflight magazine which was pretty decent with some interesting articles.The cabin crew on this flight were extremely cheerful and lovely like how they always are whenever i fly with AirAsia.The inflight menu probably one of the best among all LCCs around the world and i will most definitely want to try a hot meal when i fly with them again. AirAsia are really a good airline and you get what you pay for while flying with them.

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  • Comment 548610 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 657 Comments
    I wouldn't consider a ''60 THB'' instant coffee a good value from my perspective when you know that you could buy them for 5/10 THB in a local store in Thai and for 60 THB you could have a proper good coffee in one of the many coffee shops in Thailand, though while I have my preferrences to Nok Air (if I decide to fly LCC), Thai AirAsia is definitely the best in terms of performance, on-time departures and the prices they charge. Thanks for sharing your report.
    • Comment 548656 by
      PilotEchoMike 92 Comments
      Hi Thomas, considering you are in a high cost industry, $2 for a coffee is pretty much decent on any airline, lots of LCCs would charge you $4, yet Air Asia makes sure the quality of products sold on board still maintains its values. For instance, at DMK, we got two coffees at 450 baht ($15), therefore on Air Asia prices are pretty much ''cheap'' considering the industry. Now of course, if you get in a good café in Thailand, you'll enjoy some of the best cafés, way much better than FD's ;) Stay safe!

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