Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Osaka in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ618
Class Economy
Seat 74K
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 05:49
Take-off 08 Feb 20, 01:25
Arrival at 08 Feb 20, 08:14
SQ   #2 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 619 reviews
By 1294
Published on 5th April 2020


Planned for yet another Japan holiday way back in 2019 and I feel really lucky I just missed the full blast of COVID-19. Had a good trip overall with the surprising lack of tourists overall as most places weren't crowded at all. I pray everyone on this site stays safe during this uncertain times and I hope everything will return to the way it was as soon as possible.


Singapore Airlines
Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) - Kansai International Airport (KIX)
Economy Class
Gate C22

ETD: 01:30AM
ATD: 01:25AM (5 minutes early)
ETA: 08:45AM
ATA: 08:14AM (31 minutes early) 


Yet another red-eye departure to maximize my holiday time. Checking in at Changi Airport Terminal one

photo img_0619

SQ has already moved to automated check-in and self-baggage check. It look a few minutes longer but we still got it done. I feel that it might be a hassle for older, less technology savvy folks but that's probably the way forward in Changi.

photo img_0620


Changi was already experiencing a slowdown of passengers as China passengers were not allowed to fly to or transit in Changi. The gate was a distance away so we took the skytrain over.

Still plenty of flights in early Feburary listed on the FIDS.

photo img_0625

Arrived outside Gate C22. There was plenty of Japanese folks who seemed to be heading home as Singapore was reporting an increasing amount of cases.

photo img_0628

I feel there is a lack of seating outside the gates in T1 before opening for boarding but the walkway is large and spacious for moving about.

photo img_0630

Boarding pass for this flight. 

photo inkedimg_0632_li2

A full waiting area to KIX.

photo img_0634

Our bird for tonight. Secind trip on the B787-10! Second one in a row with SQ with the previous one being HKG > SIN. I colour corrected the photo as those who know, the lights at Changi are incredibly orange.

photo img_0633

Being seated in the last row, we were the first group to board but so were a large number of other passengers.

photo img_0635

Separate boarding lane for priority passengers.

photo img_0636

Boarding pass scanned, now boarding!

photo img_0637photo img_0638

SQ now places the on-board amenities (newspapers & headsets) at the door for economy passengers to take at their own leisure. I recommend you take a headset unless you're sure you have a 2-pin splitter as SQ's IFE still uses 2-pin headsets instead of a single 3.5mm jack.

photo img_0639


SQ's latest cabin on the B787-10 with night moodlighting.

photo img_0640

Took my seat as the rest of the passengers boarded. An ad was running on the IFE as it was turned on. Took the aisle seat so my friend could have the window. Being seated at the last row was still good as the curvature of the plane body gave my friend space to stretch his legs out. The seat controls are located on the seatback which is easier to access than on the armrest.

photo img_0649photo img_0677photo img_0648

Decided to pop into the lavatory before the flight. Toothbrushes, combs and mouthwash avaliable for passengers to use. Not a big lavatory on this plane.

photo img_0641photo img_0642

The galley before the flight.

photo img_0643

Got my friend to take a picture of the outside.

photo img_0647

Still waiting for passengers to board.

photo img_0650

Logged in using my Krisflyer account.

photo img_0651

Having a look at the flight map.

photo img_0652photo img_0655

Last few passengers streaming on-board

photo img_0653photo img_0654

A closer look at legroom. I'm 5'11"(180cm).

photo img_0656

The crew started oshibori service after doors were closed. The towels were piping hot and it was nicely scented.

photo img_0657photo img_0658

The safety video was played while the crew collected the towels back.

photo img_0659

The blue light was replaced with more normal lighting.

photo img_0660

Taking off and on our way to the land of the rising sun and towards a rising sun!

photo img_0661

The crew handed out amenity kits once the plane reached cruising level. The kit contained a pair of knit, toothbrush and toothpaste.

photo img_0662

This was followed up by packet of snacks.

photo img_0664

Next, the menu celebrating the Lunar New Year. A western option and a Japanese option is offered.

photo img_0666photo img_0668photo img_0669

The seatback contents on this flight. Safety card, Inflight WiFi, Airsickness Bag, KrisWorld and SilverKris magazine.

Decided to catch a few winks since I was working earlier in the day. When i woke up for breakfast, we had just passed Taiwan.

photo img_0676

I picked the Japanese option. Not the best meal I've seen or had on a SQ flight and not very memorable.

photo img_0678photo img_0679photo img_0682

The sun was beginning to rise on the horizon.

photo img_0684

The crew cleared the meal trays and served water or juice.

photo img_0685photo img_0687photo img_0688

Making our final approach into KIX.

photo img_0689photo img_0690

The sun was now risen and the windows were un-tinted for landing.

photo img_0691

Making our descent.

photo img_0692photo img_0693


After taxiing, we slowly disembarked from the full plane.

photo img_0694photo img_0695

Making our through immigration and to baggage collection.

photo img_0696photo img_0697photo img_0698

We took a train from the satellite terminal to the main terminal.

photo img_0700

Baggage on belt 7.

photo img_0701

Look at the crowd!

photo img_0702

Arrival area of KIX where I collected my train passes.

photo img_0703photo img_0704
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Osaka - KIX



SQ provided an adequate flight. The seat was decently comfortable and the IFE comes with a large selection for those not sleeping. The food was a small letdown but the crew provided excellent service as expected. Stay tuned for the return flight.



  • Comment 549790 by
    grayisthebest 1 Comments

    Good Review, shame about the catering though, SQ's catering is normally top-notch.

    Honestly speaking, I was supposed to flight this flight and the same return flight on sq621 in a few weeks time, but because of the covid 19 outbreak, I'll probably reschedule to july-august

  • Comment 550001 by
    KL651 TEAM 4509 Comments

    Thanks for this review.
    The SQ girl with a mask is less magical, but I guess we should get used to it.
    The level of amenities is unrivalled for a 5 hour flight.

  • Comment 550312 by
    jish.b SILVER 285 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report!
    Lovely service on this flight, however sad to see about the meal, usually is SQ's top offering. The 787-10s are being put to great use, of course when the fleets aren't grounded.

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