Review of Singapore Airlines flight Osaka Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ621
Class Economy
Seat 54D
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 06:13
Take-off 23 Feb 20, 16:47
Arrival at 23 Feb 20, 22:57
SQ   #4 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 1629
Published on 31st May 2020


It's time to go home and just as the pandemic is starting to escalate. I'm glad I managed to squeeze in this trip but it's time to go home and stay safe from the virus. Visited quite a number of cities this trip and felt fulfilled from my yearly time off work. As I didn't manage to get a window seat this flight, there won't be any sky shots.


Singapore Airlines
Kansai International Airport (KIX) - Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)
Economy Class
Gate 37

ETD: 04:55PM
ATD: 04:47PM (8 minutes early)
ETA: 11:05PM
ATA: 10:57PM (8 minutes early) 


I spent the last half-day eating and celebrating my friend's birthday with a Family Mart cake. After lunch, we headed to the airport via the Nankai Line. A direct train service from Namba station which is cheaper than using JR.

photo img_2056

Arrived at KIX which was quieter than I expected but it was probably due to the lack of tourists visiting from China.

photo img_2057

SQ uses Check-in row and automated check-in machines with regular bag drops.

photo img_2058photo img_2059

Boarding pass for this flight using SQ's paper ticket.

photo img_2060


After dropping off our bags, we crossed over to airside. 

photo img_2061photo img_2062

After walking about the duty-free area for a while, we took the shuttle to the satellite terminal.

photo img_2064photo img_2065photo img_2066

Spotted our plane as the shuttle zoomed past!

photo img_2067

After arriving at the satellite terminal, we headed to Gate 37 to have a seat.

photo img_2069

Gate 37 has it's own seating area. Staff was not enforcing any social distancing of sorts as the pandemic hasn't reached full-swing yet.

photo img_2071

9V-SHM and the blue skies. What a beautiful plane. Cargo and bags were being loaded onto the plane.

photo img_2072photo img_2074

Seeing as I had some time, I decided to take a walk around the terminal but there wasn't much to see in the satellite terminal.

photo img_2077

40 minutes before departure, boarding commenced with priority passengers.

photo img_2079

Queued up when our rows were called.

photo img_2080

Boarding the plane now.

photo img_2082

SQ leaves amenities out for economy passengers to take at the door. Various Singaporean newspapers and earpieces were avaliable to be grabbed although I must say SQ's earpieces leave much to be desired and you should bring your own pair (with a two-pin adapter).

photo img_2084


My row of seats for this flight. When I checked-in online, it was supposed to be a full flight.

photo img_2085

Getting comfortable in my seat. I do like this welcome animation.

photo img_2087

Passengers continued to board. I must thank the cabin crew as I had a large amount of figurines and they helped me store them in a separate overhead bin. 

photo img_2088-57212

The HD screen of the IFE is crisp and bright. Great for movie viewing. I'm still annoyed SQ still uses a 2-pin earpiece jack in 2020. SQ, it's time to move to a single 3.5mm jack.

photo img_2090

The cabin doors were closed after the last passengers were boarded.

photo img_2093

SQ lists their connecting flights for passengers.

photo img_2094

A shot down the aisle.

photo img_2095

Our flight route for today.

photo img_2096

The crew handed out oshibori to passengers and I received one as well. It was lighted scented and a nice welcome on-board. 

photo img_2097photo img_2098

Space under my seat for my camera bag and shoes. Not too shabby.

photo img_2099

As pushback began, the safety video began playing.

photo img_2101

The cabin is brightly lit for take-off.

photo img_2103

I also had the entire row to myself despite the "full" flight! Entire rows are the best gift you can get on any economy flight.

photo img_2104

Spent about 15 minutes taxing to the runway.

photo img_2105

An interesting flight time. I hope it really doesn't take that long.

photo img_2106

Stretched out on my sky couch for this 7 hour flight.

photo img_2109

Taking off from KIX!

photo img_2110

Ah, we're back to normal flight time.

photo img_2111

The seatback contents on this flight. Safety card, Inflight WiFi, Airsickness Bag, KrisWorld, KrisShop and SilverKris magazine.

Enjoying my time on this flight.

photo img_2118

The plane started to level off as we passed Hiroshima.

photo img_2119

Watched Joker while waiting for in-flight service.

photo img_2120

Menus for this flight. Two options for passengers, international selection or Japanese selection.

As we reached Kyushu, the crew handed out a packet of snacks and a drink. I took a cup of white wine to wash the peas & crackers down.

photo img_2128photo img_2129

Cabin crew collecting trash from passengers.

photo img_2131

More images of the flight map.

Visited the loo before meal service. Simple toilet with basic amenities like mouthwash and toothbrush.

photo img_2136photo img_2137photo img_2138

Passing my Taiwan, the cabin crew began serving meals to the passengers.

photo img_2139photo img_2140

I took the international selection for this flight. Pork Goulash, Smoked Salmon & Pesto Pasta Salad. This meal tasted good! I enjoyed it and so did my friend as we both had it for dinner. Much better than our first flight.

photo img_2141photo img_2142photo img_2144

Having my meal while passing by Taiwan.

photo img_2145

After the meal, the crew collected the trays and served Haagen-Dazs ice cream pot.

photo img_2147photo img_2148

This happened across the Philippines and the cabin lights were dimmed to match a sunset.

photo img_2149photo img_2150

Nothing much of note happens until landing when the lights change back to normal.

photo img_2155

Once we landed and parked, passengers got up to grab their stuff. I sat back as I had to get my own stuff.

photo img_2160


Arrival and immigration at Changi.

photo img_2161

We collected our bags at Belt 45.

photo img_2163
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Osaka - KIX


Singapore - SIN



A comfortable first flight on the A359. Also wonderful to get a entire row to myself. The crew and experience was great on this flight. IFE and catering was good as well. Hopefully everyone is safe during this pandemic and let's stay home so that this virus will blow over.

Information on the route Osaka (KIX) Singapore (SIN)


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    jish.b 283 Comments

    Always a delight to read a trip report on Singapore Airlines: thank you for sharing this with us! Now everything has changed unfortunately due to the pandemic :(
    Hopefully SQ can recover from it at some point.... Lucky you with the empty row to your self though!

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